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Default Re: Death Piano and RATO difficulty discussion

*All of this is my personal opinion, obviously*

What makes RATO hard in addition to its bad conversion would be the few jacks in the chart that require good wristjack control as well as being able to easily transition from a burst to jumpstream. The beginning jack has a 4 arrow 16th note jack followed by two jumps (4th/8th) so that one's not too bad, however the triplet jack later on is significantly harder as it is badly converted and then it is followed by a 48th note burst starting on that same hand. Everything else really depends on a player's ability to feel comfortable with 240 BPM jumpstream/handstream and proper transitioning of bursts and rolls which in retrospect are very simple patterns. The issue lies mainly with how the rolls converted which as a result requires very precise timing in order to avoid "non-perfects". Despite the anchor patterns, you don't really have to be good at one-hand trilling or even the best at speed to manage most of the chart.

Death Piano on the other hand is like the polar opposite. The music's mainly at 170 BPM (?) so the jumpstream is super easy. The challenge comes with slower but more persistent 12th note jacks, long trills (both one-hand and two-hand) with bursts in between, 16th note jumpjacks which are also converted badly in some specific areas, and really the part that makes this incredibly challenging to AAA (let alone SDG) would be the entire speed-up section in the last 30-40 seconds of the chart. In other words, this challenges more skill areas than just bursts/jumpstream. Not only do you need consistency with jacks, but you need to have control on two different speeds of jacks (first being 170 BPM 12th notes or 127.5 BPM 16ths, and second being 170 BPM 16th notes for the end trill) in addition to doing one hand trills with bursts in between (170 BPM 24ths or 255 BPM 16ths). I had an irl conversation with Dossar on how he manages the awkward BPM of 170 where it's almost like too fast to wristjack but too slow to vibrate, but I unfortunately forgot his answer.

I would like more samples from players that may have also done isolations/practice runs of certain sections from both charts (and I wish I still had my screenshots saved), but the tl;dr is that I was, in theory, more capable of SDG'ing RATO than I was with Death Piano. RATO I feel allows more room for pattern manipulation or in other words getting away with hitting certain patterns as jumps while Death Piano does not...except maybe the one hand trill section but that requires extremely precise keytaps.

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