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Default Re: Refresh Rate + FPS Conversions?

Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart View Post
hm... so what I'm gathering from this is that if I was playing at 55 FPS with 75 hz, there's 20 more refreshes so that's why it ran the way it did, and since I have 45 FPS with 60 hz now, there's still only 15? So how I'm interpreting this is 40 FPS might be better for me right?

Cuz I've completely ruled VSync out as a whole because I know for a fact coke lines run rampant with VSync so that's never happening unless I'm hella desperate. 45 FPS seems to work SOMEWHAT but there's still some issues. I'mma try adjusting to 40 and see how that works real quick.

EDIT: Yeah that worked holy shit- thanks for the explanation there. I don't think I understood it 100% correctly but it definitely restored the same feeling I had before.
you understood it basically totally correctly yes, pretty much what you are feeling is lag that derives from there not being enough frames for it to display a new frame every single time the monitor refreshes so basically you just have insanely high frame times, how you can play like that is beyond me but i commend you for it, with the amount of lag that should cause you are basically stepping one judge up in difficulty
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