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Default Re: Refresh Rate + FPS Conversions?

Originally Posted by mangeHD View Post
The main reason you have a different feeling on the 75HZ monitor compared to the 60HZ is simply the fact that you are pushing less frames than the monitor is able to display per second and hense you are actually experiencing your monitor just not displaying a new frame when it is able to do so.

this can also cause major input lag depending on how bad the desync is, when running the game at 55FPS you are looking at five refreshes the monitor simply can't make since your game doesn't have a new frame to display, on the 75hz this is instead fifteen refreshes.

also since the monitor generally isn't synced up to your hardware you should generally be aiming for the highest FPS you can consistently get stable because that way your system is able to pick the most recent frame to display which makes for less input lag, you could also use vsync but that introduces other issues since it basically makes your system wait for your monitor to refresh and that also introduces lag.

if you really want to go ahead with getting that feeling then set your FPS lock to 45FPS, i wouldn't recommend doing so but feel free to do that.

hope that helps!
hm... so what I'm gathering from this is that if I was playing at 55 FPS with 75 hz, there's 20 more refreshes so that's why it ran the way it did, and since I have 45 FPS with 60 hz now, there's still only 15? So how I'm interpreting this is 40 FPS might be better for me right?

Cuz I've completely ruled VSync out as a whole because I know for a fact coke lines run rampant with VSync so that's never happening unless I'm hella desperate. 45 FPS seems to work SOMEWHAT but there's still some issues. I'mma try adjusting to 40 and see how that works real quick.

EDIT: Yeah that worked holy shit- thanks for the explanation there. I don't think I understood it 100% correctly but it definitely restored the same feeling I had before.
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