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Default Refresh Rate + FPS Conversions?

I've been complaining about this on the discord for a bit and figured I'd make a thread tbh.

So what I'm wanting to know is, is there like a concrete way to determine what FPS I would use to mimic the same settings as I would on a different monitor with a different refresh rate? I currently have a 60 hz monitor that's quite a bit bigger than the monitor I always used before I got a new computer. That older monitor was 75 hz so this one's a bit "slower" than the other one, if that's how that works.

My settings were always 55 FPS 2.55x scroll speed on the 75 hz monitor and I'm wanting to know if there's a way to figure out what settings I'd use to recreate that same feel on a 60hz monitor. I've always been playing 0.0.8+1.3.0 if that also helps.

At the same time though it might be because I'm using Windows 10 now instead of Windows 7 like I always was. If that's the case that kinda sucks but I'll get used to it I guess :shrug:
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