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Default Re: TWG Turbo XXIIIIIIII 10 AM/10 PM

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
No where does it state the hider's role proper where the hider and the target dies as normal.
You're absolutely right, and I had the same dilemma at start of day until sunfan corrected us both. I don't think being confused over hider mechanics is necessarily towny though.

Reason being, wolves are pretty much mandated to roleblock every kill in this game. There's no point of doing anything else unless they want to gamble on maybe losing a NK for the chance of a double kill.

There's like, a tiny possibility that a wolf would want to roleblock the hider he knows is going to hide behind that same wolf in order to get what would effectively be an investigative clear for the wolf, but that possibility requires the roleblocker to know for certain both who the hider is, and that the hider's target is one of the wolves for

but in like 99.9% of cases, wolves roleblock every kill

so confusion over hider mechanics isn't really AI, and could easily be faked given the real mechanical knowledge that you just roleblock+killed the hider

Originally Posted by Hakulyte
I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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