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Originally Posted by Charu View Post
Okay, looking back at poptart's reads.

I'mm-a gonna call it a hunch and say he hid behind me, because he didn't put anyone else at "strong town" like me. If that's the case, I'm gonna also assume wolves didn't like Poptart (for... some reason?) and decided to get him out of here.
So what even started the thing, is he essentially admits it looks like Subaru hid behind him, under the assumption that because there is a roleblocker the hider role must not die if hiding behind dead town

Reasons I imagine the roleblocker is important is being able to better counter a claimed hider, and also it could make a town think you are confirmed if they hid behind you and do not die. It introduces more confusion and weakens the hider role. Is that really that counterintuitive? This is stuff I am literally spitballing
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Don't look forward to her long posts, but 'eeeeeeey! (This is not trash talk! You do you, star!)
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