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Originally Posted by _Zenith_ View Post
Nice touches so far

Just an update since I'm still playing and gaining skill, my Skill Rating now is 9,000 (or 8,999 on ranking page) and my highest SDG now is still 94 but it's Husigi Usagi Milk Tei and it's also my Highest FC now~
This goes for all players: It takes me about 15 minutes to make each player card. I have to download the profile pic, search lvl rank and token rank for highest fc, leaderboards for the other stuff, type it all in, align the image, download, then upload to imgur, and then to here. I really don't have the time to constantly update the player cards. I will check before the first round starts to make certain that nobody has moved up a division. If you want to update your card, here is the Link. Just make sure it is Identical to your original except for the skill changes and send me the imgur link. (I used M15 Portrait for all)

Also, the cards are a neat thing, but in a tournament that completely disregards accuracy, it really shouldn't do much other than show yourself off.
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