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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

looking at curry's voting progression (it's not much better than mine, but look at how he shifts from reads list to a xel vote

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
That reminds me. You know who else hasn't done much either?


Occasional presence but minimal substance. Stalling the game isn't what we want, but you know who does? WOLVES.
fresh vote on raeko, distancing possibly?

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
I mean, I've given my thoughts in bits and pieces, but doesn't hurt to say more:

roundbox: Current vote; pleased with the thoughts he's given, but I don't know if he's just trying to save himself or genuinely getting into gear.

raeko: Past vote; still not sure about her, could be a vote in the future if I still have a bad feeling on her.

Xel: Could probably be a wolf? Maybe serial killer? Some things like roundbox's "xel is hottest mislynch 2018 for the 6th game in a row" and inD's "derp clearing xel" give me a little more hesitation but I could still vote for him.

Funny: I'd be ok with this lynch, but don't know if I'd change my vote to support it. idk; would be a helpful cardflip probably i guess and there's a "better than most" chance she's actually a wolf/third party
he posts this reads list after voting for me because I hadn't come back to vote

he reaffirms his read later in some hot confirmation bias style

I also don't get lynched because funny died over me yet we see a very muted response from him the next day, immediately dropping suspicion of me. see later.

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
is it vain if i put myself as most town
Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
post-posting, i title my previous post "how i would organize the living players in this game from most lunchable to least lunchable"

i mean lynchable
here's his reads list at the start of the next game
watch this

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post
what the hell xel

it's like you've just given up and are just trying to mess with everyone
or are acting completely nonsensical in an attempt to get everyone to think that there's no way you could be acting this dumb as a wolf/third party

I guess "making some fair guesses on game state" and "trying to stimulate activity with a reads list" isn't worth anything then? I suppose you're still salty from me having my eye on you; if Xel wasn't going completely crazy, I'd probably still want to vote for you.

Speaking of reads, reads list is pretty much the same but with Xel instead of Olimar.
xel makes one angry and annoying post or two and he conveniently forgets the fact I'm his top wolf, even after he swaps out xel for olimar

Originally Posted by Curry and Rice View Post

I'm not a viable lynch? eh, fuck it, let's go with this guy
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
I'd be too tiny to be a bouncer

watch my rad gameplay
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