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Originally Posted by evanescence_death4ever View Post
Hey there~ Yep, lots of pre-2010 folk, I find.

Don't know that we've met. HI!
i remember seeing you in forums back then but don't think we ever chatted. Does Tass still come here or does he just do other stuff now? I really do miss everyone and the chat is just so dead these days =/

Originally Posted by cedolad View Post
wow you're pretty new I never seen you post before welcome to ffr wanna be my friend lol

Welcome back op
thanks, i visited back in 2014 but wasn't feeling it then, was in a depressive state. Feel a lot better now though.

Actually kinda weird, it was july 2014 when I last visited. It must be like wired in my brain to come every july now xD

Quick break to say goodnight to my wife and then I am back on this like Tass on Noobs.



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