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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
Hey good morning. Can I just say, every time I think about end of day yesterday, I cannot stop laughing? I do not think I have ever hanged a wolf I was not even wolf reading before. sun fan, even though you changed your vote, I do not forgive you for almost getting me killed with 8 minutes left at the end of the day. You are on my personal shitlist. Hahah.
I was in a game recently where all three wolves had come back from hiatuses of various lengths, from months to 1 year +

was legit impossible to get them killed and I tried pretty hard on the one I was tunneled on

I know it doesn't feel good, and honestly, I'm glad to have been wrong on you, not that it really matters now

ps champs please I beg
pss if not u then freezin
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FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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