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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
Subaru, I think you still dont understand why it is antitown to abstain from voting except in rare circumstances.

Since there is a bit of a lull, allow me to clear this up

First we have to go back to the basics: what is the point of TWG? The point of TWG is to catch wolves. As town, the only tool you have to catch wolves is your vote. This vots needs to be utilized. It is your responsibility as a town player to utilize your vote every phase to attempt to vote for someone you find suspicious. Assuming you are town, failing to vote gives more power to the wolves because they now control a slightly higher majority of the votes by virtue of your abscence. They can now swing bigger wagons and have more comfortable margins of error when stacking votes due to the absence of town voting power.

Thus by itself should be enough to explain it but let me go one step farther and come at it from another angle. Why would you be afraid to vote someone? As a town there is of course the real possiblity you are wrong. However the next day you can explain your thoughts and have a discussion with the rest of town on why you voted and by having this dialog about your vote, even if you wre dead wrong, you will help people understand you better and by extension help them town read you.

Wolves are not interest in this at all.

Wolves don't want to have a discussion about why they voted for who they did because it provides another avenue for them to be attacked and for people to make connections. If wolves could get away with it, they would rather not vote at all. Voting to them is nothing but a ticking time bomb that can be used to expose them if things go poorly. The weapon of a wolf is primarily the night kill. The day kill only exists for them to cause confusion and protect their partners.

I hope this adequately explained why not voting is antitown
suarbu can you talk about how you feel about this post, just mechanics-wise?
does it make sense to you?
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