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Default Re: TWG CLXXXVI - Anime North 2019 [GAME THREAD]

The door to the room unlocked. It had been a long day of travel, and all Antori wanted to do was drop their bags, flop onto the bed, and kick their feet up for a bit.

Instead, they were met by 13 other con-goers. Any excitement that was in the room evaporated immediately - and in its place, apprehension; anger; aggression.

Glares shot out towards the doorway, whispers flew from ear to ear.
"They're here."
"Who's going to do it?"
"I can't believe they'd rat on us.."

"W-What's going on everyone?" Antori stuttered.

"As if you don't know!" the reply shot out. "You're on staff this year! We're mostly passless, and you're going to rat us out!"

"I. Wha? What are you-" was all Antori could muster before hands swarmed on all sides pushing, clawing, and forcing the bewildered Antori back into the hallway from where he had emerged not a minute prior.

Looks like Antori's convention is over.

Antori has been lynched. They were a Passless Otaku.


NIGHT 1 HAS BEGUN. Phase will end at 09:59:59 PM server time on Wednesday, June 5th.
You may now post again.

Please PM here/DM on Discord with where you would like to go tonight. Please have your requests in by 7:30 PM server time tomorrow. The options are:
DDR Room
The Rave
Sheraton Room 645
Dealer's Room
Artist's Alley
Manga Library
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