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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Game Thread]

Well I'm caught up now, but god damn is there a lot of shit posting going on, is this what the current meta of TWG is like on day 1? : \ This will be a longer post because it's easier for me to get everything out that way and will probably be how I post for the most part this game.

I'm guessing that people treat day 0/1's now as a crapshoot to lynch almost anyone and then analyze the card flip and review how people interacted with that person?

I'm used to games where the the most productive early game discussion dealt with the role mechanics and what optimal strats were surrounding them, but maybe this format has been played to death so much with the current group that it's not necessary anymore?

What I currently see are a lot of people analyzing current behavior as compared to previous games and established meta of fellow players. I obviously can't use an analysis of how far anyone has strayed from that past meta, so I'm going to go off people who are seizing easy opportunities to call out strange behavior for now.

With that mind, Sunfan calling me out multiple times was weird, but indheart and xiz were the first ones to call him out on that, after his 4th of 5th post doing so. They both posted pretty safe/neutral takes on it initially though, which doesn't really accomplish much in my mind other than just bringing attention to the fact that they're suspicious of Sunfan. That created an opening for Gradiant to submit a counter-opinion, and then there's some back and forth that doesn't accomplish much until it shifts into another subject.

In my mind one of those 3 are likely a wolf then, it just seems like an opportunity for someone to gain townie points without putting themselves at risk. I'll be curious to see how they react here and probably base my vote off of what I see from that.
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