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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Game Thread]

Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
This series is loved by adults and not by kids enough via character development. Character development expands into the “mobile game” version of the series and if one person is a sicko enough to do that to a childrens show for the sake of appealing to fire emblem through featured art and dialogue in a children’s show, then it should still be concerning if the support people have funded towards it.

Countries like TWG Canada have been boycotted enough for change their impact through child labour thanks to the little bits of community activism to get them to change positively.

If there’s a way to boycott the fire emblem community in order for thesunfan to reboot another TWG game again then yeah. Also he was a lead artist and “character builder” character builders help create dialogue by keeping a consistent personality. Those personalities fuelled the love fire emblem have for characters thus creating a captivated audience, hense fandoms arise (does no one know what a husbando is all of a sudden, it’s basically the same captivating concept) I don’t see what I misspoke of?

And fire emblem characters are furries.
Furries like animal.
Shall we get into that kind of perversion?
Because they satisfied the furries well by creating HUMANOID FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS

Don’t even try to defend this.

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Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
is funny eaman?
Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
(eaman is her name irl, friend)

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