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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Light Emitting Diode G [*8/10]
There's still a few glaring errors/inconsistencies that need to be fixed, but this is much improved.

Red = my responses
A little bit last minute i've fixed some of the issues in LED-G that put it into the conditional queue. The changes are:
4.707: Is now a jack (10.871 is the same)
The jack usage here is still slightly inconsistent, there are a couple times where you acknowledge the 2 consecutive sets of jacks as appropriate, but other times you have one jack set followed by other patterns. Not really a huge issue and I'm not requiring you fix this, but you should be aware it might feel a bit weird to play. (ex starting with the j ump at 3.457 should play like [24]233 instead of the [24]322 you have now)

17.983 and all other instances: Jump has been removed, however a jack is still in its place.
Acceptable change, the jack matches the sort of illusion of a stutter the synth gives.

36.222: A note is now here to match the vocals
38.656: Pattern has changed from a trill to something else (44.630 is the same)
39.367: Burst patterned adjusted so the last note doesn't lead into a jack (51.505 is the same)
This plays so much better now, gj.

42.164 and all other instances: PR for the jumps has been adjusted accordingly.
42.544: Jack adjusted to the left hand side.
I'm assuming you meant right since the jack is on 4, either way it works now.

52.216: Jumps have been removed from the backing synth until later on for consistency.

71.924 missing an 8th

78.958: Hands here are now jumps aside from the last one in this pattern
mmmmmm You really should have hands on the crashes to make it consistent. tbh after playing it through a few times, you could put the hands in and just make the player eat a pretty hefty difficulty spike.
Either way though make it consistent, having hands on only a few ending crashes feels a bit odd.

84.269: Pattern no-longer contains a three note jack
96.796: Ending jack adjusted accordingly, now a two note jack.
Ehhhh, the ending pattern kinda just sticks out like a sore thumb (the [23][12] thing) now compared to your patterning leading up to it (with the alternating jump patterns). I guess I can see your intention of calling back to the jack motif in the intro but I'd personally just have it follow the patterns youve been doing in this section.

The only thing you absolutely need to fix is the hand consistency in the section around 78.958, I'll go ahead and recommend you add hands in to the rest of the crashes.
Edit: looking at my prior notes I told you to tone it down, oops. Well either way works, just make it consistent


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