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Default Re: Token Special Batch

Accepted Files:
Andrew Huang - Mario Trap [9.5/10]
Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Canblaster Remix) [9/10]
Psychostick - Reading Rainbow [9/10]
LeaF - Alice in misanthrope [8.5/10]
Venetian Snares - Cruel Whole v2 [8.5/10]
hino isuika - Dreamin' attraction!! (Extended) [8/10]
LEAF XCEED Music Division - Happy Birthday [8/10]
Machinae Supremacy - Gerudo Valley [8/10]
Machinae Supremacy - Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat [8/10]
Sanxion7 - V1 v2 [8/10]
t+pazolite - Reckless, but Spotless [8/10]
xi - Parousia-LAST JUDGMENT- [7.5/10]
Strangeprogram v0 {DJ Sharpnel} [Unconditional Acceptance]

Conditional Queue to Immediate Acceptance:
Lime - Smiling [8.5/10] (reduce burst at 292.980, it's basically a 32nd note jumptrill)
Cat333Pokemon - Before Cynthia [8/10] (Create a better fade so that the ending isn't so abrupt.)
Kurorak - Iggy [7.5/10] (Resolve missing jumps; there are a large amount of them.)

Conditional Queue - Tier 2
chelmico - Love Is Over [7/10]
The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black [6.5/10]

Not Accepted
Father-of-Death - Raise the Riff [6/10]
Shurk - Haunted [6/10]
tarolabo - Fireball [6/10]
goreshit - How Things Went Wrong [5.5/10]
Renard - Destination Helios [5.5/10]
Kurorak - Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips [5.5/10]
ICE - Entrance [5/10]
cybermiso - OppIrish [4.5/10]
DanJohansen - Edge of the Sword [4.5/10]


Before Cynthia {Cat333Pokemon}
Rating: 8*/10

- Structure is pretty clear from start to finish
- 4th notes in the melody being singles instead of jumps is slightly strange given that their accenting is pretty prominent even at 100% speed
- 24.236: these notes before the jumpjacks should be jumps for the sake of continuity within the section; check this throughout the file as there are some instances of you doing this correctly (see: 28.415)
- 28.514: for the purpose of PR, having a [23] jump at the end of this first jack sequence is a bit strange since the set immediately following it also begins with a [23]
- 38.961: move this to [34], as it is the same pitch as the two [34] jumps that come afterward
- file is solid overall, however - the continuity of the chart past a certain point leads to an extremely abrupt ending; fade the song a bit more aggressively at 1:18.657 and just follow the chords (the jumps) until the song is over
- conditionally queue'd with a better ending!

Entrance {ICE}
Rating: 5/10

- Chart seems a bit unpolished in some areas
- 27.799 seems to indicate a desire to have pitch relevance, but the placement of the mini-jack here is incorrect (should be a 12th earlier), 29.354 shouldn't have a mini-jack at all, 26.799 should have a mini-jack into the jump, etc.
- the jump spams are actually nicely done - you attempt to have some pitch relevance with the usage of the jumps themselves and it’s noticeable, so no issues there, however…
- the section after that, despite having multiple musical elements to introduce something different, you stick with the same jump to piano chord structure, which makes your structure a bit more draggy, since you don’t really introduce the new element (you add the kick a bit later, but by that point the file’s kinda felt like it’s dragged on a little bit). Perhaps you could add jumps for the synth that comes in (or add colored accenting? Something to keep it busier).
- 73.460: triple for cymbal crash? You ended earlier jump-spams with triple, so you’re certainly not afraid for pattern-sake
- 78.682: because you add jumps for the distorted kicks (67.683/.794/68.017, etc), the lack of them here is strange; also, add the triple at 78.793
- 83.459: pitch relevance for triples could be improved (it seems clear that you’re trying to go for it with the repetition of the triples at 83.904/84.126)
- 101.124: missing jumps for distorted kick that you followed previously in every other instance
- 101.457: missing triple for crash
- interesting concept for the token batch with the jump-gluts, but the file doesn’t seem polished enough as a whole to be interesting, since the extraneous parts are a lot of the same thing and those same things go against the general concept of the file you have

How Things Went Wrong {goreshit}
Rating: 5.5/10

- still some rhythms dispersed throughout the file that need to have a look at, particularly in bursts; give the file a combover and make sure that all of these rhythms are properly addressed
- to give this file a bit better of a structure, try to figure out how to better separate your jumps so that they are opposites when different sounds come into play: for example, the anchor at 12.679 on the down arrow is fair game considering all of the kicks, but the jump at 13.256 could be a [14] to serve as the terminator for that sequence since it’s a different percussion sample. This concept could be applied for the whole chart and would allow you to have the same amount of jumps, but would improve relevance as a whole
- additionally, you should try to give your chart a bit better of a jump structure, as there are instances where fuller percussion collides with lighter percussion in an area worth accenting and you can’t do well with it (see: 13.833 - where 14.064 is missing a jump and actually causes an anchor if you do handle it properly)
- 7.372/7.843: missing jumps for distorted clap + kick respectively
- 11.756: this is a pretty prominent sound, and yet it’s a single tap
- 19.708: another place where you have a pretty loud and different sound, but your structure doesn’t give you a lot of room to work with - don’t be afraid to mix it up and throw something nuts here, like a memorable sequence of color notes, triples, etc!
- 19.948: this is a spot as a whole where it looks poorly designed on an aesthetic level, because you have so many different sounds of varying lengths, rigidities, frequencies, and yet - it’s all just straight jumps. The patterns don’t deviate enough, unfortunately (20.295 could have repeated jumps for the repeating kicks, 20.872 could be repeated jumps for the clap, etc) - and rely too much on implied understanding of structure -- that is, it’s not very intuitively structured.
- 33.218/36.679: missing [34] jumps (I love this idea, by the way! The anchoring of that sound to the [34] jump gives you percussive relevance and it actually feels good on the hands); once you complete this four measure sequence, switch the dominating jump here to [12] so that players can’t get away with mirroring your structure!
- 42.218: haha, that’s so rude, my god
- 43.372: various hi-hats missing here when they were accented in their first instances
- 44.295: 64ths here
- 57.449: with the percussion fading down, jumps seem a bit strange here, single taps will be better in appearance
- 59.064: with the bass being extremely loud and coming before the 4th note, the triple would be better placed a bit earlier (particularly at 59.083, or 1/96 later).
- 88.718: doing what you can with 4 keys here, I can see that with the kicks mostly assigned to [12] (and [23] on 3-note hits) with the clap being continued on [34], but the patterns get constrained relatively quickly.
- 94.141: missing burst here (listen closely)
- 104.295: a proper opportunity to have a 5-note anchor that is appropriate by moving this note to [3], since the kicks are taking doubles but the lighter percussion seems to be kept tame here
- 145.795: remove this jump; check your jump placement just after this, as you seem to break away from the harsher percussion here
- this file really has some serious potential with proper refinement, and it looks a touch better than the one you sent during the OT batch, but it’s still not quite there yet

Iggy {Kurorak}
Rating: 7.5*/10

- 23.376: if you’re going to roll with triples here, then 12.103/12.376 should also be triples, since they are the same cutoff sample
- 24.013: should at least be a jump, since it’s another note for that cutoff sound
- 24.831 to 47.376: seems like there are numerous notes missing here that should be represented for percussion (25.467, 26.376, 28.013, 30.922, 33.831, etc - check and see)
- 33.194: if these 12th notes are here, then 27.376/30.285 should have some notes for that same melodic element
- 39.194/45.013: should be 32nds
- 46.922: missing 32nds
- 49.831: these jacks are pushing it a bit with regards to structure; flow-wise it’s acceptable, but you have better usage of this at 55.467 (both are kicks, so the jack is much more fair game)
- 52.285/57.013: missing jumps for kick
- 59.467/59.649: missing notes for percussion
- 61.740: cute color theory! However, the note at 62.558 doesn’t exist, and you need another 48th-colored note at 65.285 as well.
- 64.285/64.649: missing jumps, etc! Check for all of these to clean up your structure a bit more.
- this chart’s actually got a pretty solid structure overall, and it’s pretty enjoyable from a play perspective
- conditional queue on addition of missing jumps, as there are quite a few

In the Summer (Canblaster Remix) {Crystal Fighters}
Rating: 9/10

- offset changed to -0.238, your sync was a bit early
- pattern intricacies in the streams are quite nice, I like the trills for percussion and the end of the stream at 48.238 is really nicely done both on a visual level and on a playability level as well
- 53.738: a couple of percussion notes that differ from your structure here; not necessary to fill in, but they’re pretty glaring in headphones so I figured I’d point it out
- really good detail in patterns even in slower sections
- file’s really well done overall and plays nicely; feels old-school in structure (and I mean that in a good way)

Gerudo Valley {Machinae Supremacy)
Rating: 8/10

- 4.326: you’d have better pattern relevancy using something like 1234 1324 into the jump, or basically something that actually implies a repeated sequence of four notes (minor issue)
- 5.451: nice little 96th note flam here to give a tiny bit more flare
- 12.326: man, I wish there were a way for you to accent these rides; they’re such a nice addition to this section
- 16.451: these aren’t quite the same as the previous section in terms of pitch relevance (first jump should be different)
- 20.451: your pattern very clearly suggests fully descending PR, but it actually goes up on the second note before dropping again
- 24.451: same as 16.451
- 32.951: because you’re accenting the guitar chugs with slow trills, this three note jack feels a bit abrupt; i’m alright with leaving the [12] jump to give a bit more feeling to the last note of this melody, but the best choice in pattern might be [14] [23] [14] [12] to keep it relatively smooth
- 36.826: ^
- 40.826: ^
- 42.951: missing jump for melody
- 45.138: missing note for drum fill; also, if you want to make this transition a bit more intense, there is actually a 24th note guitar fill that occurs behind the drum fill as well
- 94.138: missing note for drum fill
- 97.326: missing note for guitar (put it on the down arrow, it’s a repeated note)
- 97.909: somewhat sharp pitch bend that could stand to be a separate note, this is a 24th after 97.826
- 102.326: you broke a cardinal rule of charting guitar solos here… only kidding. This combination works really well as the climax, I think the combination of the melody accenting and the guitar shredding going back and battling is a great touch
- 113.576: the higher guitar that you are following with trills appears to keep going through here, but it’s admittedly difficult to tell because it does get quite muddled - what you have is fine if you really are undecided, but I do feel like it should be moving a bit more
- 125.076: 124.076 is correct as a mini-jack for two kicks, but this one and the one at 125.701 are incorrect (125.701 is less incorrect in that a mini-jack would be appropriate for the repeating snares, but you would have to place it a 16th note later).
- 135.201: oooo, the melody plays a trick on you here! There’s actually a note here, but I’d honestly say you should keep it out - just a funny little situation there
- good file overall, just needs a bit of cleaning up.

Loot Burn Rape Kill Repeat {Machinae Supremacy}
Rating: 8/10

- intro is a bit strange in terms of patterning, it’s actually quite difficult to hear the pitch of it all though, so I can’t blame you for putting it together the way that you did
- color association tricks are neat, I do like that
- the biggest issue I have with this file is the fact that you use 12th notes to keep the pace of the lower guitar, but there are actually many instances of quick 24th notes that are ignored
- 107.420: these jumps seem to follow the guitar in terms of pitch relevance, but the guitar is delayed substantially here, and these 8ths don’t work
- 124.750: add some attitude to these notes! You’ve got jumps for the kicks beforehand, but these guitars have got some wailing that allow you to take advantage of them for differentiation.
- 138.334/etc: You could use some sequences of three repeated 12th notes to accommodate for the longer held guitar notes to give you some nice separation in patterns
- 141.027: missing note for snare
- 145.984: numerous missing notes for guitar here, and the note at 146.530 is arguably ghosted
- structure is interesting for sure, but it works overall.

OppIrish {cybermiso}
Rating: 4.5/10

- 0.692/0.950: why are these notes jumps? Also, 8th notes in the intro are incorrect, they should be three 32nds away from the 4th note, including the 12th note before the triple
- 10.871: either this song has some bad sampling or this was a bad cut, because the chart becomes extremely early after this point (roughly 20ms), until 36.585
- 26.205/26.741: missing notes
- 41.585, 42.656, (etc): quite a few missing notes to obvious bass notes, but also a few missed opportunities as well (see: 43.014, which is seven consecutive 24th notes for a low but obvious bass)
- 45.156: incorrect rhythm that keeps an extended period of the chart synced to an 8th note when it doesn’t need to be
- 45.826: incorrect rhythm, should be 3/64 away from the next 4th (numerous 24ths into 4ths should be 64ths as well)
- 47.701: ghost note
- 50.380/50.647: ghost notes, etc - fix these
- 58.784: trill is mistimed (listen carefully by ear, there are five notes that play -before- the bass speeds up, you show it as four)
- 59.353: misrhythm - this blip is actually timed to the 16th at 59.219
- 67.031: move up to 16th at 66.987, move 16th at 67.790 down to 64th at 67.824, move the 12th at 68.013 down to the 16th at 68.058, remove 24th at 68.103… reiterating, there are many misrhythms in this chart, particularly in this section.
- 69.621: this 24th note mini-jack doesn’t really follow anything
- 83.728: another section where straight 16ths does not work
- 96.864/etc: these should not be unbroken 16ths
- 101.552/etc: what’s with these collisions of three 8th notes at 224? They’re not really accenting anything clear
- 105.168: unnecessary BPM reduction, there’s no reason for this to be colored all they down to producing 192nds; it’s arbitrary and almost hints at a lack of rhythmic structure, which isn’t the case
- numerous rhythm issues, inconsistent structure at points - some parts seem empty while others seem quite a bit more full

Raise the Riff {Father-of-Death}
Rating: 6/10

- The sync is well done, and your layering does generally make sense (with a few errors listed below) -- however, the structure is very boring. You don’t take advantage of pitch relevance for the earlier parts of the file, and the song itself repeats over and over and over again in the beginning, which makes it drag along painfully. That’s not a fault of your own, that’s the fault of the song.

- The mini-jack usage in the end of the file is actually well done overall; you change the pitch in appropriate areas. The only qualm I have with it is when your structure creates anchors, because the general structure of the streams avoid them: make some changes to your patterns in places like 91.905.

- I personally cannot accept this file based off the song choice and the chart supplied. Your chart is ok, but I don’t know if it is something that will produce an enjoyable experience for players because of how long the song takes to get going, and how little is really played at a respectable pace before dwindling down. If you are not happy with this rating, please seek out an appeal with another game manager - as a veteran judge, I will say that this is a very appropriate time to do so. I can very much understanding a situation where another judge might think that this is appropriate and unique enough for the constraints of a special batch, it’s just one that I struggle with personally.

Reading Rainbow {Psychostick}
Rating: 9/10


- Structure is solid, makes complete sense overall.
- Short, and silly. Color-relevant gimmick to the title is a nice touch.

Destination Helios {Renard}
Rating: 5.5/10

- 4.995: since you’re using 32nds in the intro, it seems like you’re trying to get a decent representation of the proper rhythm; you’re gonna need some finer coloring than that to get it right - it’s noticeably mistimed at normal rate to me personally
- 6.139 to 24.442: are you trying to follow the percussion here? It seems like you are, but there are numerous missing steps, even for things that are a bit more prominent (see: 7.212, 9.786, 10.930, 12.860, 14.647, 15.219, etc).
- 21.011: this is fine, but 14.361 has similar crashes (albeit different spots) with no special attention
- 24.156: carrying this 32nd roll all the way to the next beat prevents you from utilizing a triple for the cymbal crash at 24.442 - all of which were previously triples (making this implicitly important).
- 25.088: missing note for melody
- 28.605: missing jump for kick
- 31.332: I understand the u/d trill for the prominent snares, but accenting the next five notes here goes against your structure and implies that you should also be accommodating for notes like 28.103, 28.390, etc (which you really shouldn’t do, to be honest)
- 34.777: don’t be afraid to add this jump here
- whether or not it was intentional, the streams seem to have some light pitch relevance to the streams; it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either
- 56.595 to 74.969: very unclear structure here; some jumps follow the melody in the second half, other jumps attempt to follow percussive accents in the first half; a few jumps are strangely placed (59.753, 74.610/.753/.897), melodic elements missing on occasion (missing jumps in first half, note missing at 68.007)
- 83.725: avoiding a pattern collision is alright, but when you have 100% of the notes on 4ths and 8ths being jumps before this gap, it looks -very- strange (same with 84.012)
- 91.045: sectional conflict: earlier in this same bass rush, you used triples for the cymbal crashes, here you avoid them - I understand omitting the first one because of the burst, but why the others?
- 92.194: what you do here on the 4th jumps is actually kinda clever and an interesting structure that you could try to carry a bit earlier on in this stream as opposed to arbitrarily keeping the jumps to one spot from this point forward
- 101.380/103.677/105.973: missing jump for layering between percussion and melody (104.251/104.825 seems to indicate this direct layering)
- 107.122: misrhythm, should be 3/32, not 1/12
- structure isn’t the most clear in some areas, and the chart as a whole could use some polishing

Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips {Kurorak}
Rating: 5.5/10

- 6.597: given all of the harder accents, definitely not worthy of a triple here
- 7.041: add a triple here to separate this particular crash from the other heavy layering
- 7.597: either add a jump here, or remove the jump before and the next two jumps after
- 10.374: again, no need for a triple here
- 12.374: removing one of the notes out of the jump before this will allow you to make this particular note a triple, which gives a bit more relevance
- 12.486: since you’ve got some intense percussion here that also goes in and out of accents, notes like this that have no percussion element behind them can actually stand out better as single notes
- 13.930: not gonna happen, make it a one-handed trill if you want that same jarring feel
- 14.263: nothing separates this note from the next in terms of accenting, make a jump
- 15.319: missing note
- 16.541: layered mini-jacks at 270 simply aren’t gonna fly
- 17.152/etc: I am ok with these, though
- 18.597: nope - the most you’ll get away with is putting those jumps on one-hand and even that’s pushing it at 270; you’re better off using opposite jumps to make your point, but if you do that, make sure the mini-jacks flow cleanly; the odds of them staying clean in terms of flow will be better if you use up or down arrows most likely
- 20.597: at this speed, this pattern is exceptionally jarring and it’s not following anything that is easily defined, remove
- 24.874: missing note
- 27.097: move to up for increased relevance via repetition
- 30.152: add triple here; this is arguably the most solid cymbal crash in the song thus far
- 30.819/31.263: turn to jumps; you’re gonna likely want to give the triple usage for either special accented sounds within this chaotic structure, or for the purpose of extremely filling cymbal crashes like the one at 30.152
- 31.874: missing note
- 31.986: remove note
- 32.430: nope
- 33.819: very clear missing note here
- 33.930: this one-handed trill is not really necessary; nothing particularly stands out as worth accenting with that strong of a pattern
- 34.819: switching accenting to 16ths here is strange given that the bass kicks are just as prominent as before
- 35.152: gonna stop listing this from here on out, but not gonna fly
- 35.374/35.819: missing jump?
- 40.458: technically the burst ends before this point, so this 32nd is a ghost note
- 41.597: remove triple here
- at this point, gonna stop focusing on tiny things and point out extremely glaring things, because this is definitely exhausting
- as a whole: try to clean up your consistency in layering/accenting; you’ve clearly put a lot of effort in making sure that the rhythms are detailed and I will credit that…
- fact, i’d also consider it a detriment as well; there are numerous situations of questionable/ghost notes where, for a song like this, you absolutely don’t need them.
- 60.374 to 61.486: this is so incredibly brutal
- 64.486: split-handed 16th jump jacks at 270… these will more often than not create one framers and will look absolutely disgusting. You’re really pushing it at this speed.
- 66.486: the split-handed jumptrill is already ungodly hard at that speed, but adding a mini-jack at the end of it, gah.
- 69.319: accidental mini-jack
- 80.708: this will undoubtedly create frame hell, and the execution of that is basically akin to [34][12][24] at 16th notes (and the first four notes are extremely tight; the next burst isn’t much better), so you’re playing with mini-jacks again
- 105.486: this patterning is ludicrous; two sets of mini-jacks, one of which is a pair of jumps that creates a set of three-note mini-jacks into a triple
- 111.041 to 114.152: holy hell
- 117.041: mini-jack into the burst, eek
- 124.152: right arrow mini-jack that’s quite difficult to discern musically
- 125.063/(etc): completely understand the intent, and this would be cool to have, if your chart were about 50 BPM slower…
- 181.930: ew
- this is tough to judge within the constraints of the token batch simply because I can clearly see that there was a huge amount of effort put into making this file the way that it is; the problem is that there is a severe lack of constraint that creates elements that are simply unplayable -- to the point where I expect the best players in the game to score worse on this than the already unfathomably difficult Undici (not to mention there’s a ton of patterns that are not really conducive for play).

Haunted {Shurk}
Rating: 6/10

- 13.918: missing jump
- 15.918: what’s dictating the melody being followed as a jump here as opposed to earlier in the section?
- 19.252: missing jump
- 25.363/26.030: try to make these jumps different since one follows the kick and the other follows the snare; this happens a few times
- 26.585: see 15.918
- 36.585: missing jump? (low bass + kick)
- 40.030: jumps here, but you utilize triples earlier on (34.696/35.030)
- 41.918: see 36.585
- 51.252/51.585: similarly to how a note was put to indicate that you should watch your jump placement, you have a similar issue with regards to your single taps with instances like this: the first down arrow indicates a kick, the second, a melody -- you’d want to do your best to maintain pitch relevance the best that you could while separating those things out for the best structure
- 56.363: missing jump for layering
- 57.030: remove jump, since single instrument? It’s a bit difficult to see what the purpose of your jumps are in this case
- 57.363 to 68.030: for this part of the drop, your structure is inconsistent: 59.363 and 64.696 are both empty for when you have snares playing in the song, yet 66.030/(etc) indicates that you clearly are placing some precedence on that instrument - this is a bit glaring
- 66.196/(etc): missing note for the bass, this happens in every section and should be resolved because it’s strange to not have that accented
- 66.918/(etc): missing note for the higher synth, also happens in every section and should be resolved because the presence of that note is rather obvious
- 72.696: the concept of a staircase is not inherently bad here, but the starting pitch of this blip actually
- 76.863:
- 82.030: should be 32nds, but I’m ok with it being 24ths in this case because your file’s a bit easier and because it stays visually accurate with the structure of the song, since it is kinda swing-oriented
- 89.363/90.585/92.696/95.585(etc): according to your earlier structure, these should be white notes; pay attention and listen for those higher synths carefully
- 91.696: same sounds as 81.030
- 96.696: strange to have numerous [12] jumps here when the pitch clearly changes; you can craft your white notes around the notes for the main melody so that the first one is still further to the right
- 110.252: I understand why you have this as a right arrow, but when you have the focus of the layering so heavily fixated on the fact that there is a repeating note on that same right arrow for the duration of the section, it makes the implication that the sound you were following with that right arrow has some sort of repeat, which it doesn’t -- this is where you need to break PR ever so slightly at 108.363: if you shift this to a left arrow, you avoid the mini-jack on the right arrow and keep your structure very stringent/specific
- 113.363: switch the focus to a different column with regards to that repetition: by this point, the player has been hitting the right arrow every 4th note for 11 seconds or so
- 126.696: shouldn’t this also be a white note?
- 127.377: remove this white note, the second note that you’re implying does not exist
- actually, on that note: the white note gimmick doesn’t seem to be consistently executed - there are numerous notes that should be colored that are not
- 134.280: right around here, you could make a change to the burst in direction or appearance to accommodate for the change in the sound
- 148.363: add a note(s) here for that woosh, you do it elsewhere
- 149.030: this blip is not quite 24ths, listen closely
- 175.363: as per your earlier structure, shouldn’t these melody overlaying notes be triples (like 86.030?)
- file’s actually not too bad, but it needs some noticeable polishing before it can be queue’d up

Love Is Over {chelmico}
Rating: 7/10

- 5.522/etc: I’ve listened to this on a low rate and can’t seem here any sort of separation in the notes to merit these 32nds (no pitch bend or otherwise); the second set of three has a pitch bend that is a 64th long, so fix that (check this for all instances that it occurs)
- 8.522/11.346: remove jumps - hi-hats that are alone should be represented as single notes so that you have more room to accent the other, more prominent percussion with jumps
- 20.522: make a triple to accommodate for the snare
- 27.581 to 49.463: structure is… ok here, but it would be a lot better if you put more effort into better separating this structure from the earlier section. There’s a lot of vocal sampling in here that could be used to really change things up and make the file less redundant
- 34.728: this 32nd note is way off from where it should be if it’s following the first of those three vocal notes - the first note is basically right on the 4th
- 38.699: should be 64ths (i’d not have mentioned this before, but you use a 64th trill into a triple a bit later)
- 42.052: should just be 32nds (add a jump at the end of it to accent the chord that plays for the third note)
- 43.464: should be a 64th grace note here
- 44.346: missing jump
- 52.419: move down to the 16th immediately after
- 56.522: since there’s a clear differentiation between notes that play alone and notes that play in chords, you should probably utilize some jumps here like you do slightly earlier in the section
- 59.346: should just be 32nds here
- 65.169: three consecutive 64ths here, no gap
- 79.816: there’s actually a bit of a synth oscillation here that plays on 12th notes, it’s a good way to fill that gap because the sound is quite noticeable (you could even do a 24th note trill if you’d like to accommodate for this as well)
- 91.993: jack is unnecessary here, the vocal is barely audible - also, it’s not timed properly, should be notes on a 12th (92.052), a 48th (92.111) and another 48th (92.228)
- 98.522: move down a 64th, just like the first verse
- 110.081: missing note
- 115.111: because this is a rather smooth percussion accent, I’m gonna say that you should probably change the jump that hits at the end here to prevent the 32nd minijack (yes, I know it’s slow, but it’s the feel of it that matters)
- 120.934: this grace note is extremely fast compared to the others, it’s actually a 96th apart
- 121.287: this one, a 64th
- 127.111: should be a 64th grace note
- 129.140: missing note for the melody
- 129.581: 64th grace note
- 129.934: also missing a grace not here as well
- 130.243: missing note for the melody
- 132.449: similar to earlier, fix the note
- 134.875: check your rhythms here, the note you’re following on the 64th should just be a 16th (135.052) and the note that you’re following on the 8th should be on the next 32nd (135.317)
- as a whole: check your repeated taps, there are a lot of them in places that seem a bit strange and can be avoided (11.522, 17.522, 23.875, 31.993, 34.287, etc)
- this chart’s actually pretty enjoyable overall, but it has many (minor) technical issues that are easily removable.

V1 v2 {Sanxion7}
Rating: 8/10

- 1.655 to 14.628: this intro is strange; it seems like you’ve got some syncopation to the hi-hats to prevent from constant streaming, but it clashes with the introduction of the synth that comes in at 11.385 in your chart (in all actuality, it should be accented earlier, because it’s pretty audible when it actually shows up at 8.547)
- 55.169 to 79.493: these two sections can be improved a bit if you more consistently accent the last note of each little synth blip with the same arrow (or, even better, if you could actually work pattern repetition in your structure on top of the pitch relevance for the melody)
- 97.230: switch this jump so that it creates a mini-jack into the next one to keep consistency within your structure
- aside from that, I actually really like the execution of this file; the usage of a forced mini-jack patterning contour works very well for accenting the melody because it is generally choppy, and it feels awesome to take on for the second half of the song where everything just layers up; risky structure, but I definitely dig it - I would have done it the exact same way.
- file’s fun, really aggressive take on the song

Alice in misanthrope {LeaF}
Rating: 8.5/10

- 29.435/30.831: missing note for the melody (strange, because you do follow this a bit later on)
- 61.964: ayyy, jerk >
- 67.887: keep the 16ths running through here, the notes not accommodated for in the cart are the same instrument
- 80.852/etc: opportunity for some grace notes here for the background string (you do this earlier on in the chart) - happens a few times in this section
- 92.974: missing note for the chime (you pick this up on the next repetition)
- 100.038: if the chimes being reversed is dictating your color trick, shouldn’t there also be notes here and at 100.736/101.462 as well?
- 130.054: this note could be a colored note or a really tight grace note, since it’s a very dissonant chord that sounds very separated from the melody
- 133.456: if this jump is for the piano, move it up a 32nd; also, watch yourself at 134.415, the piano does get quite messy in rhythm and you certainly don’t have anything remotely messy in the chart, haha
- enjoyable overall - I knew this song before playing it and when I got to the jacks at 61.964, I was very very scared for the ending… thankfully, you didn’t go beyond the realm of common sense -phew-

Dreamin’ attraction {翡乃イスカ}
Rating: 8/10

- 51.125: could just be me personally, but this jump sequence is rather nasty (then again I’m pretty bad at outer mini-jacks so whatever lol)
- 53.320: this note being a single feels strange with all other 4ths having jumps
- 53.832: seeing as how this note is part of a four note repetition, wouldn’t it be sensible to have this create a mini-jack as well?
- 56.247: if you can find a way to flip the order of this mini-jack, you’ll gain even stronger relevance because of the two right arrows at 56.613/56.759, optional, but just a thought
- 60.418: jump just feels out of place at 100% speed, dunno
- 61.076: intentional mini-jack for the cut-off scream? Seems a bit rough but the accent does feel right…
- 65.174: the five 16th notes that play here could use some accenting - if you give it a left-handed trill, it’ll contrast against the five higher notes that play a bit later
- 72.052: not really fond of four-note 16th jacks at this tempo, but it is passable
- 74.393: nearly called this 24th note mini-trill out as a misrhythm until I realized that the synth is actually 32nds - well played
- 102.637: this pattern started off well with the opposing pairings, but right about here it gets unnecessarily rough only because it continues on a few notes past it
- 106.588: change this to a [124] to make the exit a bit cleaner looking/feeling
- 124.686: similar to the note above, basically make it so that it’s only a single set of mini-jacks (it’s a bit more important since the pattern actually continues moving after this note in this case)
- 140.540: fill in this empty gap, there are notes here, don’t keep the player waiting
- 197.808/224.832: see 106.588/124.686
- 234.418: break this one-handed trill up; it’s technically incorrect in terms of PR anyway
- top-tier new-gen hard file, this file is brutal but it does many things right and will definitely push even the best of players around in a way where it’s fair: lots of places to learn and master, particularly with jumpgluts and pattern manipulation, but it’s all done pretty well

Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT- {xi}
Rating: 7.5/10

- 16.799/16.958/(etc): i know that the audio here is relatively cluttered, but there are some missing kicks here that i feel should be accented in, particularly in situations at 19.358 where there are multiple kicks in a row into a snare where there’s partial accenting
- 35.070: missing note here
- 37.304: not sure what makes this special compared to other percussion sequences
- 50.575: not sure what these 12th notes go to; the wubs are 8th notes here
- 51.387: missing note for wobble bass
- 52.384: this rhythmic sequence is a bit strange; i’m not quite sure what creates the polyrhythm here as the wobble is 12th notes and the piano actually plays a 24th note melody starting at 52.544
- 53.501: not a requirement, but an opportunity to utilize a 32nd burst for that rising sound effect
- 56.852: 24ths don’t quite sound like they start here, they arguably begin at 57.012
- 61.539: if these 32nds are to the wobble, they should be reduced to 24ths
- 63.514: missing 32nd for wobble
- 67.783: jump seems like it’s an added layer on top of the percussion, but the string actually creates a polyrhythm here, so there should be a 12th note
- 74.724: based off of this group of 16ths, it seems like you’re trying to accent some percussion, but if that’s the case, you are missing a number of instances of them in this particular section
- 92.597 to 94.831: beef up the chart here! You’re missing some piano notes and there’s also a string playing on 16th notes as well (hard to believe you’re being told to boost things up a bit, eh?)
- 103.448: I hear the first 12th notes, but not these three. I’m all for polys, but they need to at least have their place and not be completely inaudible.
- 133.980/134.033/136.746/136.852/140.575/140.682: remove
- 136.879: add note
- 152.065: not quite sure what’s up with the 12th notes here; i thought it might have been the string - if that’s the case, it’s the wrong rhythm, otherwise the 16th mini-jacks are strangely placed
- top-tier players will enjoy this challenge - very technical, but pretty fair overall
- lots of little things, still fun as a whole, though

Smiling {櫟井唯}
Rating: 8.5*/10

- 29.782/30.480: *triggered* (PR angery etc)
- 56.468 to 76.003: weeeeeeeeeeee (nice touch on the 32nds and I appreciate that there was at least a minimal effort to get some PR in there)
- 89.957: cut off the last 48th note of this burst and make the triple a [234] to avoid the 24th note mini-jack here
- 96.585: three right arrows look really strange here, aha
- 134.957: loving the pattern symmetry here
- 146.120: it seems like a burst should start right around here for the piano, though I couldn’t quite tell you what that rhythm is, it seems a little muffled
- 156.934 to 178.910: weeeeeeeeee
- 179.259 to 201.585: generally good pattern placement, nice symmetry
- 220.335: could add a note here since the guitar pitch bends
- 221.585: polys seem a bit out of place here
- 292.980: this distribution works out to being a 32nd jump-trill at 172, those jumps need to go or this needs to be nerfed
- 304.841 to 343.910: *inhales* WEEEEEEEEEEEE
- CQ on change of that burst; file’s super fun otherwise but that little blip on its own is so rude

Strangeprogram v0 {DJ Sharpnel}
Rating: yes/10

- words go here

Cruel Whole v2 {Venetian Snares}
Rating: 8.5/10

- the approach on this file is REALLY neat, absolutely love it
- the only qualm I have with this file is the occasional jump that rests on 4th notes; some instances have jumps, some are just single taps, and I can’t quite discern why
- a couple of the longer jacks also have situations where 4th notes should be jumps based off of earlier jump placement
- overall, file plays really nicely; super-minimalistic structure, but extremely effective for this song, very well conceived

Edge of the Sword {DanJohansen}
Rating: 4.5/10

- 22.561: missing note for kick
- 27.228: jump placement is a bit arbitrary here with the initial structure assigning jumps based off of percussion
- 37.894: using jumps for the guitar here is really poor because faster blips create sequences of jumps that look like they shouldn’t really be present given that you’re using jumps for kicks as well
- 41.028: missing note for kick
- 43.628: missing triple for cymbal crash
- 44.828 to 70.428: this structure just feels counter-intuitive compared to the rest of the song; earlier sections are substantially more intense musically, and yet this part features triples for guitar notes, which creates situations of multiple 12th note triples in a row; additionally, the structure isn’t correct in entirety even with how you have it:
- 50.028: missing triple
- 53.328: arguably a missing triple, but also could be a missing accent in general for the pitch bend that happens (this also happens at 46.828, for the record)
- 55.361: missing triple
- 71.228 to 93.228: missing numerous grace notes for the guitar (you utilize them at 78.028/79.728)
- 82.378: this 32nd burst is definitely incorrect
- 83.228 to 96.028: strange structure that comes around to the fact that you’re undecidedly picking places for triples; sometimes it’s for guitar + snare (84.028, etc), sometimes it’s guitar + kick (87.428); other times guitar notes are playing alone and there’s single notes (89.228), or it’s playing alone and there’s jumps (90.828); the structure is not clear under any circumstance
- 96.028 to 115.228: one of the more interesting sections of the chart, but again, it suffers from an awkward structure.
- 97. 328: missing jump for kick drum
- 101.628/102.028: having the triples for accenting here is fine, but it looks visually strange having the second and third jumps repeating because the PR for the accenting is the first two notes being the same and the third being different
- the second half of this section is where I take issue with for the most part; the first half isn’t that bad, but the second half adds numerous triples that are not easily explained (the background sound that plays at the beginning of every two measures would explain only half of them, and I can’t quite explain any of the others), and also adds mini-jacks intro triples that feel much more jarring
- 108.028 to 108.828: first three jacks are inconsistent with the previous representation of this (a triple and two jumps), 108.328 creating a three note [34] jack is incorrect because you have a bass/snare/bass combo that should at least cause some visual separation, and the melody give an opportunity to have two sets of 3-note jacks
- 121.628: missing cymbal crash
- 124.228: remove note
- 127.961: missing note for guitar, also missing jump for the kick at 127.761
- 130.028: structure kinda deviates here similarly to how it does earlier in the song where the guitar suddenly gains precedence, but it’s even stranger here because a very clear note (130.294) doesn’t get a jump; if it’s because there’s nothing layered on it, then 130.561 is incorrect
- 132.028: missing jump for kick
- 161.828: these notes are just regular 12th notes, they’re not delayed
- 175.628: if these jumps are for the guitar, they a.) deviate from your structure being jumps and b.) are incorrect in rhythm (should be 16ths)
- 187.628: missing jump for snare
- 195.228 to end: convoluted structure once more; having the jumps for kicks and for the guitar just makes for streams of jumps that look like they’re not coherent
- file’s got a structure that is kinda there, but kinda not
- some pretty glaring errors make this hard to pass

Fireball {tarolabo}
Rating: 6/10

- this file is so incredibly hard to judge
- objectively, it is done acceptably well; rhythms are reduced to the point of being playable
- the problem moreso lies with the inaccessibility of harder files due to FFR’s engine/timing being absolutely ass-backwards compared to what it should be - the unfortunate reality is that, even though you did your absolute best to tame these patterns down, you’re introducing controlled (not always cheatable) 16th bursts at 480 BPM, which is 32 NPS - you are very literally creating potentially uncontrollable 0 framers in patterns that are not easily manipulable, not withstanding the fact that there are some sequences 8th jumps at 480 (16th jumps at 240) that force mini-jacks as well (potential 1-framers)
- that being said, most of the file is cheatable, but the song itself doesn’t lend itself to much outside of single-note blasting
- 76.932: nice jump haha
- 82.117: not a fan of this trill considering there’s nothing all that abrasive sounding to make a 12th note trill at 488 (24.4 NPS - 12.2 NPS per hand)
- not a bad file, but FFR absolutely destroys it

Happy Birthday {LEAF XCEED Music Division}
Rating: 8/10

- my birthday’s in August, 1/10
- file’s fine, has PR, utilizes good patterns, basically another Excite Bike, just harder

Mario Trap {Andrew Huang}
Rating: 9.5/10

- loved this file back in BOAT
- still love it now
- chart is very technically sound, great attention paid to detail
- layering is very solid as well

Reckless, but Spotless {t+pazolite}
Rating: 8/10

- 6.137: commence PTSD from Necropotence here
- 38.098: if we’re dropping 192nds to be that rhythmically precise, this should be as well
- 43.511: 8th into three 32nds, not four 24ths
- 46.837: missing note
- 74.163 to 86.685: love the pattern symmetry, makes for a great call and response section - one thing, though: change the jumps at 77.033/83.299 to [13]; the fact that the sections immediately after start on [12] jumps don’t matter because they’re less important for the purpose of PR and more important to have that effective pattern mirroring
- 86.685: more call/response play, I like it
- 100.641: really like the choice of putting a trill here, especially with the abrupt ending, it works well
- 118.772: lazy
- 139.772: see 43.511
- 143.099: missing note
- 146.686: pretty noticeable delay in the samples here, these 16ths don’t quite feel right
- jump placement seems overaggressive to me personally
- however, the file plays pretty well; some nice detail in patterns and burst; the spin inversions for the buzz intensity changes happened to be a nice touch

The Big Black {The Quick Brown Fox}
Rating: 6.5/10

- as a whole, not a fan of the split-handed 24ths during the kicks since they basically create short one-handed 270 BPM 16th mini-trills after a player has basically thrown themselves through long extended 180 BPM streams of jumps
- 40.349: very lazy patterning that could easily be improved; they’re somewhat correct PR-wise, but they feel very bland just being only staircases - if this was intentional, it was not a good decision
- burst section has good rhythmic reduction, but some of the patterns that could have been normalized bursts are extremely difficult because they end in jumps that create 8th note mini-jacks (these are in theory, barrages of 48th note mini-bursts with jump tails at 180, not very fun)
- structure is there in the most aggressive part, but the break before the assault of bursts coupled with the not so great considerations in pattern play don’t make this an easily acceptable file, unfortunately.
- could be passable with fixes and certainly with improved PR in the break.

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