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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

I've finished my assigned Pending Fixes, and took another look at Creamy Sky (originally assigned to bmah, although another judge was requested to take a look at the most recent pending fix).

I'm Getting Serious!
Six Acid Strings

Conditional Queue
Creamy Sky

[8/10] I'm Getting Serious! {Furries in a Blender} (YoshL)

> means the point in question was addressed.
>>> is responses from me.
== is responses from the stepartist.

> 11.953s - can't tell if this is going to the laughing or the fading out synth, either way it's not synced well with anything
==fixed this==
> 21.792s - jump [?], the rest of the 4th jumps seem to be following the background bass synth, this one is hard to follow
==the jump is because the kick drum and melody coincide there (Actually missed the one at 27.277)
> 32.6s - the descending triplets are well used here, but at this point the pitch changes yet you keep 421 as the main pattern (when you could use 321). you could literally go 432 432, 431 431, 421 421, 321 321 repeat & add on jumps for this part and it would fit perfectly
==i changed these to 431, 432, 421, 321 because of the way the chords are (given their inversions and the actual harmonic distance between the pitches fits better)
> 45.792s, etc - watch the minijacks after jumps, there are 2 free columns to put the note so you don't force it to be a minijack--not that it's an issue of difficulty, but of better pr & flow of the stream, unless the note repeats
> 60.65: Up arrows leading into the 16th minijack with the hand should be separated. Specifically, 60.82 doesn’t go with the synth and should be moved.
==i think you're talking about the up arrow that's before the minijack, and not the minijack itself (fixed)
> 70.85, 73.59, 76.34, 79.08: Missing jump (synth and bass kick)
==i'm only layering in snares and crashes
> 80.334s - the main melody follows a pattern of xxx_xx_xx_xx_xx_ (where x is a note and _ is an empty 16th space), rather than constant 16ths, and you have no note here which marks that, but then the rest of the stream is continuous, better would either be to make the whole thing continuous and ignore the actual pattern of the melody, or to follow it completely & not have a continuous jumpstream
==the arp is continuous, so it might sound like the rhythm is as such, but there's still the lower note in the arp that exist. I cut some of them out that were the least audible
> Also the dense hand/jumpstream at the end with the minijacks wasn’t a good addition to the file, toning the minijack usage down there would be better.
==aye, they're split jumps instead now

[8*/10] Creamy Sky {BTB} (DarkZtar)

>>> is responses from me.

Should also note that Creamy Sky is also still sitting in the conditional queue with bmah stating a note needs to be added at 66.04, but I'm simply not hearing it and that is the only comment preventing the file from being added to the accepted queue.
>>> The 8th note is there and it's the same element that is being stepped as 8ths in this section. It is just a lower pitch. There are technically some missing 16th triplets here, although leaving them out looked intentional -- although the 8th note is definitely missing when taking into account how this part is stepped.

[7.5/10] Six Acid Strings {The Flashbulb} (DarkZtar)

> means the point in question was addressed.
>>> is responses from me.

> 9.455: This is a bass kick separate from the synth, there shouldn’t be a 32nd minijack on the left note here.
> 11.780: This 16th is separate from the bass kick on the 32nd after. There shouldn’t be a minijack here.
In fact, I think the above two problems about minijacks for two different sounds occurs throughout this beginning section.
> 21.435, 21.885, 22.185: Ghost 16th notes.
> 23.916: Interesting color note theory!
> 30.830: What’s going on here is a 3-note down 16th jack, with a [12] on the 3rd note. The 64th burst that comes after should be mirrored.
> 37.595: Missing 32nd note.
> 51.335: There's actually 24ths (or roughly that at least) playing here. This should actually be three notes just before the jump instead of a 16th(ish) minijack.
> 56.232: Ghost 16th.
> 56.532: Missing 16th.
> 62.311, 63.511, 64.711, 65.911: What are these 4th jumps going to? If it's for the synth, there needs to be 16th jumps at 62.761 and 63.061 (repeat for each synth). Although personally I'd remove the four jumps and keep the ones from 67.111 onward; that way you get some nice progression once the jumps for the cymbal kick in.
> 75.231: This section is very messy; revise patterning (it may be a good idea to remove the jumps in these 32nds)
> 75.831: The bursts here are erratically stepped and there’s also a hidden up jack that makes it worse. The 64th burst starts on the 16th at 75.906 and goes to the 8th, and the 48th burst is cut short. This part needs revising.
> 81.661: Missing 8th.
> 82.336: Missing 16th.
> 83.461-84.361: The 32 trills and 16th mini jumpjacks make this part brutal! I'd like to see this part toned down a bit.
> 85.036: The transition into the left-handed 32nds is pretty rough, especially when the player is already trying to recover from the previous bit.
> To the above point, please change the one handed 200 BPM 32nd trills. Also, what are the jumps at 84.906 and 85.056 for? >>> It may be to accent the 16th kicks here, although it might be a better idea to remove those jumps as it's just that element.
After 90 seconds into the file, the overlap of the color sounds and all the buzzes are interfering to the point where the color theory actually becomes more detrimental – especially when it comes to the 64th bursts.
> 95.891-105.487: Why all the missing 16ths? A handful of them are step, but most are ignored, and I can't find any real consistency in when they're stepped and when they're not.
107.585: Oh boy. It becomes problematic when other fast elements interfere with the colors you use for certain sounds (the 48th jumps are a recurring structure, and then in this section there are 48ths right next to them).
109.248: This burst ends early. The drum actually plays all the way to 109.398 (although it's rather faint by that point). >>> There's one more 32nd that can be put in here. The 3 note up-jack is a bit problematic in this section.
> 112.321: Missing 16th.
> 115.079-124.674: Again, there's a lot of random 16ths that are omitted for no clear reason. >>> 123.28 is a ghost 16th note
There comes a point where color theory detracts from the original contribution to the file. Considering this is a technical file with other color notes when the burst sections come into play, they interfere with the colors.
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