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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
2. Zenith's alignment (for me) is based on me assuming that his tell is true.
I'm going to try to not read that as a slip. Okay, we're going to assume town Haku. I'm going to try to make this easy for you:

Town Haku knows (not assumes) that the tell is "true" in the sense that Aryxi didn't lie about "another mislynch but whatever mang". Therefore, Aryxi didn't flop this game knowing that it was his town meta based on Turbo7.

Town Haku doesn't know Zenith's intention in initially bringing up the "Aryxi defeatist" meta, but town Haku believes him to be town, because why would a wolf declare town to be town. Town Haku then declares Zenith to be top town (somehow) for "discovering the tell" in the first place.

I then disagree with town Haku, telling him he shouldn't clear someone based on a tell that is wifom at best because Aryxi would know that he flopped last game, and could easily flop this game to try to clear the slot. I say that even if Haku was indeed town Haku, Zenith's initial tell does not clear him (because wolves will always have to say someone is town in their reads list, so him calling Aryxi town based on that tell is nothing special).

Zenith then appears, declaring my understanding of the tell to be "very wrong", despite my stated understanding of it to be nearly identical to his initial "tell" post. He then outlines a very different tell than the one he had mentioned earlier in thread, and says that AA had the same tell. He says this tell is so consistent, and so accurate, that one can safely declare your slot town.

Okay, now that we've established what happened with the assumption that Haku is town, I have a few questions.

Why would Zenith go as far in defending the tell as to declare my understanding of it to be "very wrong", and change it in the next post? (1)

Why would Zenith try to fabricate a tell in order to declare Hakulyte's slot town? (2)

Why would Zenith invoke AA's name in the fabrication of his new tell, and say that I shouldn't assume anything about the tell if I didn't ask either of the people who "know it and noticed it", despite AA being dead and unable to clarify even if I were to ask? (3)

I do want to hear your answers (and Zenith's!), but here's what I'm thinking:

Because the tell was being used to clear him and read him top town, so if the tell was thrown away, then him being townread would get thrown away. Considering he hasn't posted much else of importance, that would be a big loss. This holds true whether town or wolf, though I don't know why a town would lie about a read in an attempt to look better(1)

If Haku/Zenith are both scum, then this would obviously be to try to cover for his partner. If Haku is town, then Zenith could be trying to pocket him. If Zenith is town, then he fucked up royally by changing his read and exaggerating about Aryxi to that extent, and should be ashamed. (2)

Using AA's name on his new read while berating me for misunderstanding instantly gave his post legitimacy, considering that AA was consistently top town for most and had just flipped green. Even for me, who had commented on the tell as it was occurring (and tried to stop Aryxi from folding under pressure), his post made me think that I somehow had gotten the tell all wrong. It was only MML's mislynch of me from a few games ago (based on an easily fact-checkable claim that I was a liar) that made me realize that town often fails to factcheck simple things, so I had to go check Aryxi for the magic tell. Interestingly enough, if Zenith had never added AA to his tell, I wouldn't have gone back to check AA's version of it and wouldn't have found how drastically different Zenith's two versions of the "tell" were.

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
Feel free to push him tbh. I just have so many wolves vs town that having him as well here makes little sense.
Thanks for the permission. More importantly, who are your "so many wolves vs towns"?
Please answer this ASAP^

Originally Posted by Hakulyte
I followed the "by the book" play, but I was reading the "not to do" page.
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