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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

2) storn42 - Town.
3) Yoshl - The argument that I had with him was purely play style. I don't think he's indicative of anything from that. His actions in this game have seemed very townie because of the intent in the posts. He projects it very well.
4) wineandbread - I've liked his tone and his posts #901 and #1239. They seem pretty good, especially the second one. However he's been quieter than I would've expected but I'd still give him a pass. Town.
5) roundbox - Null. Quiet.
6) MixMasterLar - I feel like you might be scummy because of #1269. Your interactions with both andy and haku were poor in my opinion. The one to haku because you jumped so quickly to "is the gamble that you're voting for your partner?" and to andy because I feel like he's fishing for a newer player to say something that he might not perceive as scummy and then everyone jumps on his ass for it. Plus I feel like your reaction was a little exaggerated to the fact that AA died. Then I think about aggression but I feel like you're pretty outgoing in general so I wouldn't be shocked if this was your wolf game.
7) XelNya - His EoD was pretty good, he definitely gets a pass for now.
8) Precarious - Null. Quiet.
9) Vendetta21 - Null. Quiet.
10) Hakulyte - Null because I can't read you. Initially I town read you but your most recent interactions and posts have been kinda awkward in my opinion. One thing sticking out to me being the Pazzaz thing, but I could understand why you might perceive the roll to be potentially scum.
12) ShadoWolfe - Voices initial concern on haku on #1167 but brushes it off as a sleepy haku. I really don't like the progression here though. Then the tipping point for him to finally vote comes on when Haku said nice timing. I feel like there must've been a better post to do that on? Idk it just reads very weird and not town to me.
13) Pazzaz - Town. I believe his claim, and I believe he's town sided.
15) Andy-o24 - Was town for d0, then now he's posting kinda strangely, such as the WIFOM post #1169. However, through his and MML's interactions I don't think it's w/w and it's more probable in my mind for mml to be the wolf.
16) gold stinger - Town, I liked his reads list, nothing has made me change my initial belief of him being town.
17) inDheart - Null because he's still catching up. I don't really think any of his interactions have been indicative of anything but once he catches up I'm sure I'll have a better impression.
19) _Zenith_ - Null. Haven't seen to much to decide yet.
20) Tokzic - Null. Quiet.

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