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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
I will because you signing up and then acting like this is incredibly childish

this happened last game and it's happening again where you just express disgust at the game and then don't do anything, it's a terrible attitude and stop playing if you're going to be this way
O.K. Dad

It's pathetic you are doing this right now Ethan. I'm positive your effort is wasted continuously bitching at my attitude in this and now the last game; deal with it. You're putting work in the game, keep doing so. Enough wasting your breath trying to get me to change as I'm going to do it on my own accord. You can fuck straight the fuck out if you don't like it.
Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Getting Charu upset is like having Gandhi punching his children.

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