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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

I think Xel's state of mind is due to his previous games with me so, I don't feel like voting him yet. Null
Roundbox has a point, but he's still Null to me so, I won't vote him and I won't vote "for" him either.
Roundbox and Xel don't feel like they would be in the same faction. (if in different faction than town)

I'm trying to convince myself that FreezinIce wanted to project wolf as town this game on purpose in order to attract wolves and possibly get somewhere. There's also the possibility of a wolf pretending to look wolfy, but isn't that a little suicidal for D0? I mean, if you really rolled wolf, you're definitely on the path of self-destruction. #wifom Null.

AA has great effort in this game and I'm kind of confused as to why you left FreezinIce alone after telling him how wolfy he was.
Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post

you're wolfy as fuck, let's take a look at what you've done this game

post 134: shitpost/expressing dislike towards the game

135/141/183: shitpost

184: mostly shitpost, maybe a tiny bit of sympathy for andy

221: votes andy

221: justifies vote saying sick of dumbtells, but then admits they may have read it wrong, yet leaves the vote

226: sides with andy by saying choreographed play is unlikely, should contribute to thinking andy is more town, but the vote still stays

388: shitpost

489: comes back conveniently after being pressured, votes me, wouldn't be a stretch to call it omgus

491: shitpost

504: expresses complete disinterest in solving d0, from what I saw in the last real game freezin played as town this is not the same mindset, he was willing to go in and fight people and dig. wants other people to do work for him by saying he'll return at eod and make a choice with information available, notably information that won't be generated by him

vote stays

I'm going to assume it's because you think this is a TvT. If you really think this is a TvT, you should be concerned about the FreezinIce wagon atm.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
have another exam in 40 min but here's where I'm at atm

1) AragakiAyase
2) storn42 - town lean, storn pushing on me is usually a sign he's town and he actually addressed his unvote (thought he wasn't going to, would've been a red flag) and made another push onto freezin that seems reasonable
3) Yoshl - town lean, aggression seems pretty standard, from what I've seen of his wolf game he struggles more to create coherent arguments and I haven't had problems with what he's said so far
4) juckter1 wineandbread - lol
5) roundbox - null, maybe slight town lean, his alignment feels heavily linked to xel atm
6) MixMasterLar - town lean, posts are ok for now and he did his town tell
7) XelNya - ??? no idea, he had one angry post when roundbox scumread him but eh
8) psychoangel691 Precarious - lol. also noteworthy is that wolf precarious loves mechanics even more than normal, I guess we'll see if that comes out
9) Vendetta21 - idk how to read this guy tbh
10) R.E. Aryxi Hakulyte - null
11) FreezinIce - null, read could go either way, need to look more closely at big post
12) ShadoWolfe - null
13) Pazzaz - lmao
14) Charu - no bad vibes, maybe the slightest of town leans
15) Andy-o24 - town lean, push on me seems rather risky for scum
16) gold stinger - town lean because dicks of all things (yes I'm serious)
17) botchi246 - lol
18) danceflashrevo - null, his tone is *very* weird, but he doesn't feel too off his game. he does feel less inquisitive than usual but I think I have an idea of what's going on with dfr so I'd rather not touch today
19) _Zenith_ - null, he's been very lame this game but he did this last game as town, not going to give a pass for bad behavior though
20) Tokzic - *slight* town lean, I thought his push onto storn and a few of his posts were solid, since then he's poofed

wow that's a lot of nulls and not very many scum leans

That's fairly genuine to me in terms of where I am as well except that I still have Storn/GS/MML as Null. (note that I don't know gold stinger's meta at all and never played with him before)

I'd prefer to vote an active player if possible due to information accessibility. @ if you kill someone with 0-5 posts blindly and he/she flips town, there's no much to do about it.
(if there's reasons to believe the 0-5 poster really is wolf, go for it, but I'm a little upset about considering inactives D0 in a 20 players game.)
It makes more sense to me to lynch the active player who is the most wolfy, but also have a lot of potential for making the next day easier in terms of information.

@ Xel recent post; that's still wifom at best, but I get where you're going.
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