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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
Okay, time to state my case on Xelnya.

he's a wolf

Xelnya had a decently long shitposting phase, but his shift to game playing was very minimal at the start. I know for a fact Xelnya's wolf game has improved, but I feel like he's slipping a bit. One of these tell take signs of his wolfiness is reactions to a case. I'm not sure how I feel about AA and V jumping on so fast, as I was being a literal idiot in regards to presenting his case. The fun part is my case is actually a serious one. When I initially presented it, he was very angry and heated about being a "mislynch." Last game and some previous instances of his wolfing, he followed a similar pattern. I would like to see this out. I have some other potential candidates in mind, but this one stood out the most.
Obviously I was angry right guys?

Right guys?

I spent the first section of the game doing nothing but shit posting and get really mad when people think I'm scummy for it

it's the only response obviously.


well, maybe that's not true because the pikachu thing was done in an anon game where no one knew who was who.

Oh but hey he stood out the most

must have been that good ol' shit posting and you're actually just trying to push me to take the game seriously in thread aren't you

you don't think i'm scummy af do you

because what idiot kind of a scum role would intentionally shit post that hard except xiz

well except that xel guy
he did it before he did

PS: if the above doesn't make sense to you: you are having the correct reaction.
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