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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

have another exam in 40 min but here's where I'm at atm

1) AragakiAyase
2) storn42 - town lean, storn pushing on me is usually a sign he's town and he actually addressed his unvote (thought he wasn't going to, would've been a red flag) and made another push onto freezin that seems reasonable
3) Yoshl - town lean, aggression seems pretty standard, from what I've seen of his wolf game he struggles more to create coherent arguments and I haven't had problems with what he's said so far
4) juckter1 wineandbread - lol
5) roundbox - null, maybe slight town lean, his alignment feels heavily linked to xel atm
6) MixMasterLar - town lean, posts are ok for now and he did his town tell
7) XelNya - ??? no idea, he had one angry post when roundbox scumread him but eh
8) psychoangel691 Precarious - lol. also noteworthy is that wolf precarious loves mechanics even more than normal, I guess we'll see if that comes out
9) Vendetta21 - idk how to read this guy tbh
10) R.E. Aryxi Hakulyte - null
11) FreezinIce - null, read could go either way, need to look more closely at big post
12) ShadoWolfe - null
13) Pazzaz - lmao
14) Charu - no bad vibes, maybe the slightest of town leans
15) Andy-o24 - town lean, push on me seems rather risky for scum
16) gold stinger - town lean because dicks of all things (yes I'm serious)
17) botchi246 - lol
18) danceflashrevo - null, his tone is *very* weird, but he doesn't feel too off his game. he does feel less inquisitive than usual but I think I have an idea of what's going on with dfr so I'd rather not touch today
19) _Zenith_ - null, he's been very lame this game but he did this last game as town, not going to give a pass for bad behavior though
20) Tokzic - *slight* town lean, I thought his push onto storn and a few of his posts were solid, since then he's poofed

wow that's a lot of nulls and not very many scum leans

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