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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Psycho Soup from the September 7th update has been accepted with a minor note PM'd to the original stepartist, and gameboy42690 has also finished his assigned Pending Fixes. In summary:

Psycho soup {Pogo} (M0nkeyz)
Dark World {GaMetal} (buta-san)
Gym Training Montage {Virt} (bmah)
Summer Colours Arch {Y.W.} (VisD)

Conditional Queue
Six Acid Strings {The Flashbulb} (DarkZtar)

gameboy42690's notes on the pending fixes can be seen in the spoiler below.

Dark World - Accepted, had some minor notes.
30.154: Missing 16th.
70.877: Missing 16th.
100.370: I get what you're going for here but the 8th jump feels very out of place when you don't step any 16ths for the other drum hits. Either change the jump into a single note or take out the last few 24ths and replace them with 16ths. (I think the latter makes more sense since the drums are pretty loud and drown out the guitar.)
119.563: This last 32nd is actually a ghost note.

Gym Training Montage - Accepted, had one minor note.
86.415: I'm a little confused, what is this jump going to? I understand 69.719 since the guitar and drum play at the same time, but here I can only hear one note.

Six Acid Strings - Not accepted, see notes.
75.191-76.091: A bit better than it was before, but still pretty uncomfortable to hit.
83.441-84.211: Still very uncomfortable to hit. I think the big issue here is that it's essentially starts off with [14][14][23][23][14][14], which is already pretty hard at 200 BPM. That in turn can also make the following jumptrill easy to screw up. Focusing less on jacking and 32nd trills would make this part more manageable.
85.091-85.541: There's a rather awkward transition between the two mini-trills, revise patterning.

Summer Colours Arch - Accepted, had one minor note.
13.386: I see one of the other judges suggested this should be stepped differently from 11.807, but personally I don't agree. The melody being played on the piano sounds identical to me. At the very least, 15.359 should be stepped different from 11.807
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