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Default Re: TWG CLVI: The Grand TWGabout - Postgame

Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Nope, made that choice before the game started lel.
That a fact? I guess gimmicks are kinda your thing, huh?

Originally Posted by Charu View Post

Ban Tokzic from the courts I say!
Naw. Can't ban shitty players from being shitty. He didn't do anything to compromise the integrity of the game's structure. Not anymore then an inactive would.


Shout outs to Roundbox for hosting the game

Shout outs to Xel and Xiz for MVP awards and the fact that they would have wrecked face had they lived.

A shout out to Charu for the most lopsided ratio of more work/less read ever.

And GG Town you &ucking suck at this.

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