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Default Re: 2015 May/June Set 2

Gradiant finished the primary judge task for May/June 2015 Set 2. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the May/June 2015 thread.

[4/10] Pizza Rolls {Shawn Wasabi} (A Cheap Lemon)
• No permission?
• 3.209, 4.300, 5.391: Ghost notes
• 6.209: (2) should be on (3) to match what you have going on with the yellow notes here
• 7.572, 8.663, 9.754: Ghost notes
• 10.368: Missing 32nd
• 12.072: Hand not warranted, repeats several times in intro
• 12.345: Sound here same prominence as what you have the hand to, but this is a single note. This repeats several times in the intro
• 13.709: This and the 16th after are different pitches so a jack doesn’t match. This repeats several times in the intro
• 20.254 - 27.209: Super empty compared to section before even though same sounds are going on. You can still step what you were doing beforehand while also paying attention to the guitar here.
• 22.981 & 25.163: Different pitches for guitar here, shouldn’t be jacks
• 28.981 - 35.527: Could switch up the columns halfway through this build up so it’s not entirely (34) jumps with singles on (1)
• 40.163: This and the 16th after are descending pitches, jack doesn’t match this
• 41.390 & 41.936: Missing 16th jacks
• 42.168: Missing jump
• 44.254 - 45.890: Could either do streams to guitar-sounding synth or just a blue note to synth chords inbetween these 4th jumps so it’s not an empty section
• 46.436 - 52.981: Same notes as above points about missing 16th jacks, the descending guitar pitches not being jacks, and missing jump at 51.345
• 52.981 - 55.163: Song has no breaks in the 32nd stream, your patterning also forces really awkward minijacks at 54.004 and 55.095
• 56.390 & 56.527: Missing notes
• 57.345: Different sound here than the three 16ths after, should be different column
• 58.436: Sound you have minijack to also happens at 58.504 where you have nothing, and a minijack like that at this speed is also an unnecessary difficulty spike. A minitrill would fit the rest of the file much better
• 59.118, 59.390, 61.299: Missing 16ths
• 61.709: Same point as 58.436, there’s also suddenly jumps here?
• 65.118, 65.254: Missing notes
• 66.072: Same point as 57.345
• 73.163 - 89.527: This section suffers for the same reason as 20.254 - 27.209
• 89.936: Different sound than notes after, should be different column, missing jump at 90.072 for snare impact as well
• 90.072 - 98.799: There’s ghost notes here, same point as the ones in the intro
• 98.799 - 119.527: Not going to point out individual errors in this section, same problems as I’ve mentioned in points above
• 119.527 - 122.118: Play this at a slower music rate. Majority of stream here is actually 24ths, not 32nds. 120.072 - 120.618 is also actually just 16ths. Same with 121.709 - 122.254, they’re 16ths.
• Everything pointed out above also pertains to the rest of the file as the song repeats those sections and the same errors occur

[5/10] To The Stars {Braken} (benny58624)
• No permission?
• Either cut the intro with no notes or step it as well so player doesn’t need to wait longer than 10 seconds to play
• 15.621 & 15.964: What are these jumps to?
• 21.450: Same as above
• 26.593, 26.936, 32.421: Same as above
• 33.621: Quad absolutely not warranted here
• 33.964 - 55.221: Not sure what the jumps are to; if they’re to snares, they’re inconsistent
• 44.421: Jack is extremely jarring in this easy section, jumptrill would be nicer
• 56.936 - 56.993: 24th note difference too large for the sounds actually happening. Happens a couple more times like at 57.621.
• 55.564 - 76.136: Jump placements outside of the 12th jacks are inconsistent like 58.193, 61.050, 63.793. The jumps occurring in the 12th jacks are pretty spikey compared to the rest of the difficulty of the file and are better off ignored or maybe changed to 12th trills. Just having jumps to the loud snare and bass at spots like 57.621 and 69.279 would be fine.
• 76.136 - 99.450: I can't figure out what the jumps are going to, you have them to bass hits, snare hits, the synth, or neither of the three
• 99.450 - 121.393: Not any sounds in here loud enough to warrant a hand. Also several spots with missing notes like 104.936, 100.821, 101.850; and ghost notes like 100.939 and 101.764
• 121.393 - 143.336: Same as points for 56.936 - 56.993 and 55.564 - 76.136
• 143.221: What is this hand to?
• 143.336 - 163.907: Inconsistent jump usage, if you’re putting them solely to the changing pitch synth, you’re missing jumps at 147.793, 148.479 - 148.707, 153.279 - 153.507, 153.964 - 154.193, etc.
• 158.764: There’s descending pitches starting here, the two (23) jumps clashes with that
• 159.164: Using 24ths here like I’ve noted in the past two jack sections not only creates too much space for the sound occurring, but is misrhythm since there’s 12ths right after it so it plays like it’s a ghost note
• 165.279 - end: Not sure what the jumps are going to here; either to snares, synth melody, or neither. When the song changes to just piano, jumps work better when they’re to the louder piano chords as they’re more prominent (like at 187.221, 188.593, 189.964, 191.336, etc.), and a hand like at 189.964 is too much for what’s going on in this section.

[6/10] {Motion} {Cornandbeans} (HeZe)
• 7.314: Could use a jump here
• 13.714: Repeated 16th snare build-up to 20.114 in the song that could be stepped to lead into the next section instead of doing another set of two patterns mirrored and copy-pasted repeatedly like 7.314 - 13.714
• 18.714: There’s 32nd bursts in the song here like you’ve stepped at 57.114, doing them here as well would be consistent and provide much needed variety to the constant 16th streams
• 20.114 - 44.114: Take advantage of the accentuated notes in this section like at 20.514, 20.814, 21.114, 21.314, 21.614. Let these notes stand out in your stream so it follows the song better. For example, 20.514 - 21.014 could be (2) 3 4 (1) 2 4; the notes in parenthesis being the accentuated sounds in the song I’ve pointed out. Having those sounds leading the patterning in the stream would make it more structured to the song rather than random monotonous 16ths. It’d also break up awkward sections of your stream like the one-hand trills with jump at 34.014 and 35.614. Your jump usage is also inconsistent as where you currently have them, the same sound occurs at every red note in this section.
• 45.114 - 45.514: These pitches are very prominent, following them from left to right would fit the song more
• 45.714 - 56.914: Could vary the patterning here instead of mirroring and copy-pasting like 7.314 - 13.714
• 57.44 & 57.814: Missing notes
• 58.314: Not the same sound as 58.114 so should be a different arrow, 2 or 3 so it’s not the same as your next section stream
• 58.514 - end: No starting jump to the crash as you have been previously doing, and actually no more jumps at all for the rest of the file which doesn’t make sense for climax of song. You’ve done trills rather than the minijacks for these streams which is fine, but it no longer feels like I’m playing to the song when you change the columns 2/3 of the way through and transition out of them into the ascending pitches between trills.

[8.5/10] Koi no Sakisaki Revolution desu yo {OSTER Project feat. hana-tan} (Silvuh)
• 12.487: What is this grace going to?
• 15.197: Missing the accented snare hits, these here and at the end of the file feel very empty. The three extra jumps to match what you have jumps to already wouldn’t add any extra difficulty
• 62.712: Ghost note
• 63.099: Can only hear on very slow rate, personally wouldn’t put note here
• 64.067 & 64.260: Ghost notes
• 102.099 - 110.808: Not sure why there’s minijacks now rather than 2 different 16ths like the rest of the file

[4.5/10] Straight to Video v2 {Mindless Self Indulgence} (Xtreme2252)
• 0 - 17.948: Patterning is cluttered when you’re trying to step both the minijacks in the guitar and the lead synth that was done in the v1 of this song. Also jumps and hands are overlayered.
• 9.736: What is this 24th to?
• 17.948 - 32.094: It’s fine to make the vocals colored if you want, but they’re all offsync
• 25.753 - 32.094: If you’re going to put hands, this would be where to do them. When the verse repeats here, there’s more a huge impact in spots like 26.240 or 28.192 you’re ignoring
• 33.557 - 49.167: This was interesting to see as it’s a completely different way to step this section than the v1
• 49.167 - 64.777: Same point as 0 - 17.948
• 64.777 - 78.436: Layering faint background here rather than vocals is awkward and spikey to play, and they’re as offsync as the vocals in the first verse
• 79.167: Missing note
• 103.801 - 118.436: Faint background cymbal you made important in 64.777 - 78.436 is ignored here, making it being layered then odd.
• Actually, everytime you use colored notes for the vocals, they’re offsync. Please either use 192nds just off of the actual note so disparity is miniscule, or learn how to use subbeats to the colored notes are exactly on the sound
• 128.761: Rhythm here isn’t a 24ths, it’s just a 16th
• 129.980: Same here, and happens several more times in this section
• 131.118 - 140.875: Repeat of spikey offsync orange jacks. If you really want to layer in that sound, a trill would work better as you can then use jumps for the percussion instead of those sounds being ignored completely
• 142.826: Jump you have here, the sound repeats several more times in this section of the song but those are ignored
• 144.289 - 144.777: Missing notes here, happens several times in this section of the song
• 156.484: Why a hand here when 157.460 is a jump?
• 182.826 - 198.436: jumps and hands here extremely overlayered compared to the section right after this
• 203.801: What are these 24ths to? The sound I think they’re going to also happens right before and after, but those parts are ignored, so it doesn’t feel like I’m playing with the song at all.
• 207.704, 211606, 215.509, rest of the time that pattern happens until end of song: Same here

[4/10] Rocket {Gabbangelion} (Xtreme2252)
• No permission
• File is offsync; there’s some sections that fit, but majority of the notes don’t line up with song. Since this song comes from a flash game where you make stuff out of a bank of couple-second sound clips chained together, the flat bpm. Open the mp3 in ddream studio so you can check if the beats line up with the waveform.
• 14.290 - 25.231: It looks like you’re putting jumps to both snare and guitar, but then you have jumps for neither of those at spots like 15.525 and 18.349
• 21.878 - 22.937: Guitar has melody here, and there’s changing pitches which aren’t followed since you’re doing jacks to the very background bass guitar
• 25.584: Shouldn’t be a jump, it’s just guitar playing here, no drums. Mirroring this jumptrill would also make the note here on (4), matching the pitch differences the guitar is playing
• 30.701 - 32.643: Doesn’t match the pitches guitar is playing
• 26.996 - 38.290: Jumps you’ve had like at 26.996 and 28.407 suddenly stop so the sections is empty compared to before and after, though song sounds the same. Snares no longer layered as jumps either
• 32.290: Missing 16th jumptrill like previously done for this sound
• 37.937: Same here
• 35.643 - 42.966: minijack on (4) is incredibly spikey compared to the difficulty of the rest of the file. Minitrills would be a better fit with the difficulty
• 40.407 & 43.231: Same sounds; first note is a hand, second one is a single?
• 43.937: Cymbal crash here like you’ve had jumps to before, but this is a single
• 43.937 - 66.525: Same point about jumps as 14.290 - 25.231
• 72.348 - 82.992: Listen to this section on a slower rate. You seem to be stepping the bass guitar here now, but the rhythms here don’t match what the bass is playing.
• 77.786 - 80.433: Same pattern here, but it repeats several times so instead of copying it, vary the columns
• 80.610: Somewhere around this point, the sync is so off that the downbeat of the song suddenly shifts to yellow notes?
• 87.580: Single note for cymbal crash when they were previously jumps
• 89.080: Guitar sound here not warranting hand usage
• 94.021: Same sound here as what I’ve pointed out right above with you using hands, but now it’s a quad?
• 94.727 - end: None of the final chords here match with those in the song
• 96.845 & 9.198: These aren’t going to anything
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