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Default Re: 2015 May/June Set 1

Gradiant finished the primary judge task for May/June 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the May/June 2015 thread.

[9/10] Valkyrie {Varien feat. Laura Brehm} (hi19hi19)
• Honestly can’t see anything bad or missing in the file. The intro when actually playing it might be hard to distinguish why the 16ths stop and start again but with the sounds they’re going to it’s fine. The few jumps from 35.848s to 40.014s seem out of place since this part of the song is so quiet, but I see what you were doing with the layering of both the vocals and then the strings on (4)

[7*/10] Oprah Shmup {The J. Arthur Keenes Band} (hi19hi19)
• Would’ve liked to see a file similar to the [oni] difficulty of this from your custom tournament. I get what you’re doing with the entire file being single notes but then the sections like 50.318 - 70.324 where there isn’t streaming are very boring to play while the percussion is extremely prominent. I could get with it if the stream patterning or speed were meant for lower level players, but that’s not the case here so it doesn’t really work. If you can add jumps to the midsection between intro and ending streams then we’re good.

[9/10] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
• 17.289s: single 24ths here threw me off since the drums here are much more prominent than what you have the 24ths to before this section. Maybe you can make these 24ths a jumptrill leaving the note at 17.606s as a single so the jump right after can stay as different notes as to not force a minijack?
• 150.203s - 162.355s: The guitar solos in here you seem to want to have 4th jumps following cymbal crashes but they don’t happen consistently. The spots where jumps aren’t stepped might end up cluttered if they’re added along with the solos, but them being missing because of the layering is noticeable especially when all of them are included in the solo from 162.355 to the end.

[8.5/10] Head Banger {AKIMO} (hi19hi19)
• File is short and to the point. Super repetitive but due to the song length that’s okay.
• 11.015 - 18.831: Your hands here feel odd because before they were going to the guitar and now it only happens when the guitar also lands on the same beat as a snare or kick. This layering wasn’t noticeable in the previous section to the constant drum rhythm so this change in layering is weird.
• 27.764 - 28.880: Guitar very hard to notice over the changing drum pattern here, so it doesn’t sound like the 16ths match. Could this section be stepped so the 16ths go to the differing drum pattern and then back to guitar once the recurring section at 28.880 starts? The guitar in the background matches your rhythm but the percussion is so much louder.
• 64.610 - 69.076: The though patterning is less rigid, I’m expecting a ton of people to screw up here due to being used to the patterning of the rest of the file haha
• 73.263s: Could be a hand, the percussion getting louder here at the end is taking priority in the song.

[8*/10] Welcome to Planet Urf {Riot Games} (hi19hi19)
• 21.838 - 44.427s: You’re missing good places to put jumps that are the same as what you were putting them to in the intro, like @23.603, 26.427, 29.250. Spots like 24.662s then also feel super empty since this is what you had jumps going to and there’s absolutely nothing here.
• Same thing with 89.603 - 100.897 as above
• 100.897s to the ending really suffers from this because it’s the climax of the song.
• File’s fine but the spots where the could be jumps really stands out since it doesn’t match the ‘oomph’ the song has in those sections, especially the ending. White notes to the vocal sounds were pretty neat. Gonna star it since I think added jumps is all it really needs, if you don’t think so after looking at it again then you can leave it as is.

[3.5/10] New Orleans {J-Den underground} (Jayden1234)
• A bit annoying players would have to wait nearly 10 seconds before the first note
• Slightly jarring to play when the sync changes to 410 bpm. There’s no real need for this, just keep it at a constant 205
• 18.759 - 37.485s: blue notes are very inconsistent with the sounds in the song. Listen to the song on a slower rate so you can catch where exactly the sounds you’re putting the 8ths to are happening
• 47.287s: If you listen to the song, the 16ths actually start immediately at this blue jump, and the 16th at 47.653 is a ghost note. This occurs several times including 48.458 - 48.750, 49.628 - 50.067, 51.969 - 52.408
• 50.067s: 16th before this jump is a ghost note, but also as it is, forces a minijack which doesn’t match the song
• 52.408: Another unnecessary minijack
• 56.212: This part of the song sounds the same as the section before it, but now it’s jumpstream (though this section of the song doesn’t lend to a straight jumpstream-patterned section) with more unnecessary minijacks like at 57.089 and 58.479
• 76.480: What are these 16ths going to?
• 84.301: Unneeded minijack
• 86.495: Missing note based on current jumps in this section of song
• 88.836: Same as above, along with 91.177 and 93.518s
• 93.810, 94.249, 94.688, etc.: More ghost notes here
• Song is extremely repetitive and doesn’t lend itself for a file with much variation at all. Any variation done like what you tried to do with the jumpstream doesn’t match the songs sounds. Make the entire file a constant 205 rather than 410, which is unnecessary, and then listen to the song on a bit slower rate so you can hear where the sounds you have 8ths and 16ths going to actually happen as well as start and end for the parts you have them close to where they actually happen. That’d free up the minijacks you have outside the jumpstream, but then you still have them littered in the jumpstream. It’s synced good minus the bpm change and there’s a bit of structure, but the rest needs a lot of work.
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