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Default Re: 2015 January/February Set 6

January 2015 Set 6 was reassigned to Gradiant and he finished the primary judge task. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the January/February 2015 thread. In addition, this closes out the January/February 2015 Batch and we should focus on the March/April 2015 Batch.

[9*/10] Aragami {xi} (bmah)
Should’ve been in the hard songs batch but let’s see...
39.913 - 43.587: Think layering would work better if jumps/hands were put to the heavy drums rather than the faint synth. Really feels like there needs to be jumps in spots like 41.903 and 42.209
45.117s: 32nd burst coming out of the (14)(23) trill is really awkward
47.566 - 50.934: Can’t tell if the jumps are layered to the bass drum or synth as it’s not consistent
53.612: Sound doesn’t warrant a minijack, the jump shouldn’t have any of the notes as that 16th
74.046: burst forces awkward minijack on 3
81.852: white note could be a hand, pretty impactful sound
94.174: I can hear where the minijack at 90.806 is from, but I can’t tell why this one is here
Last half is extremely tough, but the file as a whole is really well done

[9*/10] Concussive {Bassnectar} (M0nkeyz)
68.993: Single instead of jump
79.994: At this section there’s heavy descending synth which you have as jacks which probably should be descending along with the pitch of the synth.
131.994 and 135.194 are the same pitch, so same note
138.394: to follow pitches, this would be better as a 4, and then 141.194 would be a 3
Pretty straightforward file with smooth jumpstream, only gripe I had was that the hands in the file seemed random to me because the heavy synth covered up whether there was percussion or not on that note as well until I listened to it repeatedly

[5/10] Don't Think Feel {LeaF} (Destroy2777)
Slightly offsync, not a whole lot but it’s noticeable
5.241s: Awkward transition going from this trill into the burst. Changing the burst into a 21432143 would smoother to hit.
6.285s: Every burst in this intro is right to left, maybe instead of starting on 3 for this right to left pattern, you could switch it to left to right for variation?
8.502s: Why do the 8th notes start here rather than at 7.459?
21.415 : Shifting the roll down to color them as green rather than using sub-beats might lead to bad frame conversion along with the last green note being spaced close to the jump and forcing a weird minijack on 2 with the 16th right after the jump
23.241: forced left-hand minitrill is awkward, changing the 24ths to go right to left instead would be smoother
23.491: colored notes to descending notes in this empty part would be cool
36.534: think the sounds other than what you’ve been layering before are more prominent, and stepping the bursts here like how you’ve been before would make this section less empty.
38.621 - 40.186: jumps on the reds?
40.251: missing note
40.447: If you do jumps in 38.621 - 40.186, put a jump here as well
40.708: jump or hand here based off of previous layering
40.708 - 5.447: Check note placement here to make sure you don’t have long chains of reds on the same note like the chain on 1 happening at 48.534s or making sure that any jacks are followed like that three same-pitch pattern at 47.230s not being a jack.
53.230: Sections similar to this point in the rest of the file are jumpstream while this is not
54.795: Same as 21.415s
56.621: Note here along with next two jumps could be hands due to cymbal crashes
57.404 - 58.708s: Doesn’t need to be empty with just jumps, there’s sounds happening between what you’ve stepped
59.490 - 59.621: these are also jumps like what you’ve done right after
61.577: Coming out of 32nd left to right roll with a 432 pattern is slightly awkward to hit since at this speed players are most likely going to be jumptrilling and this pattern forces a minijack
61.577 - 787.273: This section also feels empty. It switches between the part with the jack which could have jumps layered like you’ve previously done, parts like 63.143 - 63.664 with no notes but there’s a sound in there that you’ve previously had as jumps, and the stream section like at 63.664, where you have a nasty anchor on 3 and then on 2 which at this speed is nasty. Also 2 parts where I hear the same sounds you put the 32nd rolls to but they’re ignored with no notes there at all like 77.751 - 78.273
86.099 - 89.751: Why is there a quad? And then even though the hands are going to sounds, it doesn’t feel like I’m playing exactly with the song due to the other sounds happening inbetween your hands. Makes it messy.
91.838 - 108.534s: How do you differentiate between what’s a jump or hand in this section? They both go the sounds of the same intensity. Since the notes are also mostly hands with nothing else, have greater attention to pitch changes and what notes are in your hands.
108.534: I see where your red jumps are coming from but what you layer the blue jumps to is inconsistent. Patterning is fine though, just check what you have as jumps or not.
The jumpstream section is patterned fine for this speed, but it’s difficulty is super spikey compared to how empty the rest of the file is. There’s also a ton of inconsistencies between what’s layered as jumps and which burst sounds are stepped or completely ignored, as well as transitions out of the walls.

[6/10] Freedom Dive V2 {Xi} (XelNya)
A note replying to Rushy that this isn’t a remix, it’s the full version of the song, hi19 cut his file. Is ‘v2’ correct though even if 2nd version isn’t a cut?
Have to agree with MN that the hand usage is iffy. I don’t think there’s enough of an impact with the sounds at 25.946s to warrant hands over the section before-hand. Only hands here also ignores any sounds in-between which you were previously stepping. At 98.306s, there’s hands again to the chimes which feels weird when there’s a driving bass percussion throughout this build-up, and then at 103.706s, there’s only hands again, same issue as 25.946s.
41.066, 43.226s: When this section repeats with the same sounds throughout the rest of the song, the sounds are stepped with a 3 note roll, but here it’s a harder to hit regular stream
81.026s: At this speed, the left hand trill because of the anchored jack on 2 and 16ths on 1 is awkward to play compared to the rest of the file, a bit of a difficulty spike.
82.106s: There’s a prominent piano melody going on here with nothing else until 90.746s, so pitch relevancy would be cool. 83.726 to 83.861 and 87.776 to 87.911 for example: it’s the top of an ascending note pattern but your steps are descending
145.556s: Left to right roll would be nicer if it started at 145.826s, ending roll section is 8 bars so the split roll would be 4 bars and then the left to right roll would be the last 4 bars.
I’m not sure about overall layering of the file. As the community reviews pointed out, the difficulty of the file comes from little bursts of jumpstream, and then the actual ‘meat’ is fairly simple, which really skews difficulty. I understand the layering choice for the simpler sections as going further would be similar to what hi19 did with his version, but with the little bursts of 222bpm jumpstream being harder than the actual main sections of the file, it doesn’t really feel right
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file
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