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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

Town. I believe he's genuinely trying to solve the game. Plus I don't think he's a wolf because he's been relaxed throughout the entire game. Him changing up his playstyle is letting him clear his mind and make more contributions I think.
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Null. He's usually a lot more active, maybe he's busy or something, idk what to make of him yet.
I'm not really sure how to read him. I would generally read him scum but I've heard that he's typically a more aggressive player, and I trust DBP's read on him a lot more than mine. He's had more experience playing with him and at the same time I read him very townie, so if he's thinks v's town, I'll believe it.
I expected a lot more than I'm getting from him, pretty null.
I think there's wolf in SKG/help, help's more believeable to me. Especially how he tries to pressure SKG into giving information, people call him out on it, then he retracts moments later in order to save himself face, and it leaves him scummy.
Really really null. Shows up, promises contribution, contributes nothing so far.
Town...? The problem with SKG is that he plays a character. And that's all fine and dandy, until you pika pi it to death (refer to Xel in TWG Smash Bros.). He mentions (or someone did) that Charu plays a character and no one gives him flac for it, but the problem with that is Charu's usually productive while playing the character whereas SKG has done nothing productive. I'm left to POE to give him a town lean because I think the help/SKG interaction is w/v, and I see it more often in my mind that help is the wolf rather than SKG. Also I feel like SKG's noncontributions could be attributed to the fact he's never played a game of TWG before, and I can relate to how he feels, and I think it's genuine.
Town. He was pretty hypey at the beginning of the game, excited to play. I liked his tone, thought it was very towny. However now that the game has started he's been quiet but I haven't seen him in thread at all so I'll assume IRL stuff, hopefully he'll be back for EOD.

I was making the list but I only got this far, I have to go for now because my parents want me to get rest instead of sitting at the computer. idk if I'll be back EOD because feeling pretty bad and might be sleeping by then. If I'm not dead by a reasonable time near EOD I'll try to contribute more. I wanna see what sinistro has to say, hopefully he'll be there. Other notable things that I hope will come would be SKG not just playing a character but providing input as well, and also helphelp as he's top red so far from the reads I got to actually compile.

See you guys hopefully tonight, I'm gonna medicate and rest.

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