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Default Re: Queue/Batch Discussion Thread v2 [Regular batch: OPEN]

After doing some planning, this is what Sprint 3 looks like:

Sprint 3

9/16/15 - 9/30/15

Dates in parentheses indicate the expected date to finish by. Completion could be earlier or slightly later.

9/22/15 Song Release
* This is basically predetermined with the 2 remaining songs; with the completion of Set 3 we have more files coming in. Silvuh informed me there are 15 accepted files out of 22, most with CQ status and 4 currently accepted.
- Prepare song release (song info, thread, FPP) - Dossar (9/21/15)
- Determine difficulties for the release - One Winged Angel (9/21/15)

Batch Search Engine
* Additions to this are currently low priority
- Define Acceptance Criteria - hi19hi19 (TBD)
- Put in years for Latest Update Field - Unassigned (TBD)
- Get notes and length for Special Batch Files - Unassigned (TBD)
- Add notes and length fields to JSONs - Dossar (TBD)

Judge Hard Song Batch
* This relies on the finalization of the judgment system. Current judges listed are tentative, and judgment should start next week
- Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 1 (Lead) - One Winged Angel (TBD)
- Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 1 (Reviewer) - Dossar (TBD)

Passed Files
* Set 2 Passed files might be assigned to Silvuh
- Judge Passed Files - Set 2 - Unassigned (TBD)
- Judge Passed Files - Set 3 - Dossar (9/19/15)

Rework Judgment System
* A rough draft of this is done and needs to be polished up. Both Silvuh and Dossar have been working on this and it will be available within the next few days
- Finalize new judgment system method - Silvuh (9/21/15)

Set 1
- Set 1 Full Notes (3rd notes) - TC_Halogen (TBD)

Set 2
- Set 2 First Half Notes (1st notes) - lurker (TBD)
- Set 2 Second Half Notes (1st notes) - psychoangel691 (TBD)

Set 3
* All Set 3 Notes are done putting aside one passed file
- Put together post for Set 3 Notes - Dossar (9/19/15)
- Determine accepted and conditionally queued files - Silvuh (9/19/15)

Web Development Opportunities
* Not related to the batch, although it might spark up some more ideas for the Batch Search Engine. Thread should be created ASAP, the scenarios given will be determined a few days after
- Create Thread Post for User Applications - Dossar (9/21/15)
- End applications - Dossar (9/25/15)
- Put together web development tasks - Dossar (9/25/15)
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