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IwasAsquidOnce 10-2-2019 05:44 PM

Air Edition Weird Lag
Okay so, when i boot up my computer and sign in, FFR Air Edition lags, it's unplayable. Discord also launches when I sign in. If I close discord while it is still loading (i.e. I right click the mini icon in the bottom right and click Exit Discord) before it launches, FFR does not lag.

What makes it weird is, if I relaunch Discord after I have closed it, FFR still runs fine. It makes me think it is something else other than discord, but I don't understand why this fix works or why i lag in the first place.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

p.s. I have already tried deactivating Windows Active Defender, doesn't make a difference.

justin_ator 10-2-2019 06:44 PM

Re: Air Edition Weird Lag
I get a lot of lag/choppiness when I get messages within Discord - have to do Do Not Disturb to stop it from causing me problems.

Untimely Friction 10-2-2019 10:54 PM

Re: Air Edition Weird Lag
you could try changing airs priority to be higher than discords (AVOID REALTIME K)

IwasAsquidOnce 10-4-2019 12:23 AM

Re: Air Edition Weird Lag
Could u elaborate Friction? <3

Idk what that really means or how to do it


[edit] nevermind i found how, i will see how it works

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