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rayword45 07-1-2021 10:19 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 853: "Disco!" by MIKE

I always confuse this guy with Mike WiLL Made-It which is kinda unfair considering they have totally different sounds and this guy, err, sucks a lot less in my opinion.

The inner contrarian in me wants to find the albums that the internet hipster nerds love and hate on them, but I can't hate on this. There's not too much in the way of direct stand-out tracks, but this thing has atmosphere DOWN. It's very similar to what I love about Earl Sweatshirt (no duh, they work together a lot) but this feels significantly more upbeat while still maintaining that hazy, lo-fi vibe to it. Not a single second feels wasted to me here, and all the songs sort of mesh together but in a good way instead of in a "why am I wasting my time here" kind of way.

I can't wait for this long weekend.

Best Track: Big Love or the closer
Rating: 8/10

rayword45 07-2-2021 12:15 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 854: Exodus by DMX

Rest in peace to this guy, many hazy memories wander in my mind from partying on boats to partying in sketchy houses to raving to going to weddings, all where one of his big hits played. The impact he had on social events will never be forgotten. I'm not gonna talk about his past and future influence on hip-hop as a whole because I'm not qualified to talk about it. What I do know is that some of the best moments in my life, and in many people's lives, had one of his big hits playing in the background, and for that I doubt he'll ever be forgotten.

Posthumous albums often feel like a cashgrab, a nihilistic attempt at capitalizing on increased relevance after an artist's untimely death. Does this feel like one? Well... No, I can't really say it feels like that, but there's this plaguing sense that DMX is a guest star on his own album, as many of the other rappers seem to take heavy precedence over him whenever they appear. The beats? They're a mixed bag. Lyrically? Not much to speak of, and you can often tell that his best days were past him. This album in general is fairly mediocre, but I have to say two good things:

1. When the beats hit, they hit, and there's some genuinely enjoyable stuff in here that feels like it's from a different era yet doesn't make me scream "boomer"
2. The ending two tracks are legitimately heavily emotionally affecting and I think a wonderful send off to his life and his career, and a touching tribute to his son.

Overall though, this is just mid. Not great, but at least it doesn't feel like a cheap attempt at utilizing death for profit.

Best Track: Hood Blues
Rating: 5.5/10

rayword45 07-2-2021 06:05 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 855: BLACK METAL 2 by Dean Blunt

What the fuck is this this ain't that guy that Weird Al parodied

It's just as boring tho

Rating: 4/10

rayword45 07-7-2021 01:58 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 856: Fishmonger by Underscores (Album Choice: freedg)

I thought that the band and album names were swapped at first. I came into this completely blind, and enjoyed the first track but in a way where I thought "damn I can't tell if this is going to be annoying or enjoyably kooky."

And it's both! I have to give a point for eclecticism here, as you really never know what's coming next on this album. Some of it is really, shockingly good, and then a lot of it is annoying. To this day, I still don't understand hyperpop or its appeal for the most part, even if I've liked a few albums I've heard by some artists in that movement like Dorian Electra (did I like that at first? I forget, but I like it now). Those are mostly the annoying parts. The rest jumps from sound, mood and genre to... I'm not finishing that sentence. Anyways, this is yet again mid to me because of how hit-or-miss it is, but I can at least say it's worth trying because it's truly something new.

Also I avoided naming that one hyperpop band that I really hate.

Best Track: the longest one
Rating: 6.5/10

rayword45 07-10-2021 02:27 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 857: Michael Harrison: Seven Sacred Names by Michael Harrison (Album Choice: you can just look back in the thread)

Okay boomer I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take this all in in one piece or if I'm supposed to take them individually but you caught me at a rare moment where I decided to super-actively listen and focus on an album THRICE. And you win because I really liked all of these pieces except for Sami.

I think my bad mental health state is part of why I devoted complete attention to this release so many times in such a short timeframe. That or I just don't know or feel like knowing how to write about stuff like this.

Best Track: Qadr
Rating: 8/10

aperson 07-11-2021 01:23 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
LCY - Pulling Teeth

a more fair rec for your attention span

aperson 07-11-2021 01:24 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Also you're definitely supposed to take it all in one piece I'm glad you liked it :)

rayword45 07-12-2021 10:27 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 858: Times by SG Lewis

I found this one because my friend was playing one of his songs on our way to rave and I really, really liked it so I decided to check it out.

This one I'm going to have to relisten to a bunch, it reminds me a lot of my now old favorite Prom King but some of these tracks were pretty boring, while others captured some of that same weird nostalgic "god I want to go out and party to this" vibe that that aforementioned Skylar Spence project or, like, Jessie Ware captured. A real mixed bag for me.

The show Corporate on Comedy Central shouldn't have been cancelled it describes how I feel every weekday.

Best Track: All We Have
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 07-13-2021 12:57 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 859: Escapades by Gaspard Auge

I was on Spotify looking for old classics because I was feeling real low on the brain chemicals and wanted some nostalgia and upon a search I went "wait, what the fuck, there's a new Justice album this year? Why the fuck hadn't I heard?"

And then I looked online and saw that no, this isn't a Justice album, this is the debut solo album of one half and as far as I can tell the other guy doesn't make any appearances whatsoever. That is certainly not the same so fuck you Spotify. You got me cautiously excited for nothing!

I know only like 2 people read this shit so to whoever wants to mock my love of the French House duo, FUCK YOU I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING CROSS AND I'LL EVEN DEFEND WOMAN. I can't say I enjoyed that 2011 one at all though. Anyways, I really came into this with my expectations too high, but then I relowered my expectations in my head and... yeah this is still mostly sucky or mediocre. I have to say that at certain points it even sounds... cheesy? And it's not like Justice never sounded cheesy but here it's just kinda like, it sounds almost like production music, but in a lame way because I like quite a bit of ExtremeMusic.com music a lot more than this. There were some hits, but they were few and far between.

Still though, this gives me hope I can see this guy live which will then beat Uffie for closest I've seen to Justice live. Probably won't be as good of a show though, maybe because I'll definitely be far more sober. I hope.

Best Track: Belladone
Rating: 4/10

aperson 07-13-2021 01:15 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
I will die stanning Cross

rayword45 07-15-2021 12:47 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 860: Survivor's Guilt: The Mixtape by KennyHoopla & Travis Barker (Album Choice: T-Force)

T-Force IDK how many pages if any you've read of this thread (should be zero) but if you had you could've probably guessed I wouldn't have liked this.

Also I'm not shocked that Travis Barker was involved in Blink-182, but he was part of The Aquabats?!

Best Track: It's 20 minutes, you can figure that out yourself
Rating: 3/10

T-Force 07-15-2021 12:51 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
You'd be correct. Props for giving it a shot.

Poison- 07-15-2021 04:20 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp

Originally Posted by Poison- (Post 4757272)
The Paper Kites - Roses


rayword45 07-15-2021 09:37 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 861: Prosthetic Boombox by Cola Boyy

I decided to take a high stakes risk and let Spotify recommend me something, and I got extra excited when I saw The Avalanches contributed, and this still sucked.

Best Track: Fuck you
Rating: 3/10

rayword45 07-20-2021 10:30 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 862: Dark In Here by The Mountain Goats

Y'all know that I have a deep personal affection for this band. The Sunset Tree I blasted a ton during senior year of high school because I was going through some personal legal bullshit, even though that album is about an abusive stepfather and not... whatever I was going through. And recently I've been playing Tallahassee WAY too often because of... obvious reasons that I shouldn't state.

This album is just okay though. It's pleasant, the lyrics are what I'd expect of this band but there just isn't that passion, that desperation that is why I love the lo-fi years of this band so much, or the emotional relatability of the two albums I just listed before. This is just fine, pretty background music with poetry above it.


Best Track: Lizard Suit for its chaotic free jazz ending
Rating: 5.5/10

I like it 07-22-2021 01:19 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Ego death - aleph

rayword45 07-23-2021 03:46 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 863: Together in Static by Daniel Avery

*sigh*.... why am I still doing these? This wasn't as good as his earlier ones.

Best Track: idk
Rating: 6/10

rayword45 07-28-2021 11:20 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 864: Space and Time by Justine Skye

This artist was funnily enough one of the very first concerts I ever went to, because of something called "High School Nation Tour" that brought (at the time) a bunch of no-names to high schools across the nation... If the name of the program didn't make that obvious. Drake Bell performed at a bunch of those tours and at the time I was bummed that he didn't decide to come to my school but considering recent events... Yeahhhhhh haha I'm glad I didn't a picture with that dude.

Anyways, the last thing I heard about this artist before finding out she released something this year is that she accused Sheck Wes of a bunch of abusive behavior, which is extremely easy to believe, and then nothing, and then Spotify randomly recommended this to me. Aaaand, it's okay. I remember when she performed I didn't like any of the people performing but she was definitely the best by far, and considering she was like 18 at the time (just a little bit more than 2 years older than me WOW) my memory says that she did a good job. This album is basically just pretty average pop R&B stuff all the way through, it's pleasant to listen to, no real clunkers, no real bangers. I've actively listened to this album 3 times now and each time has felt like passive listening, if that makes sense.

I think I'm finally escaping the biggest source of my depression guys, check back here for updates!

Best Track: In My Bag
Rating: 6/10

rayword45 07-28-2021 03:25 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 865: Roses by The Paper Kites (Album Choice: -Poison)

It's better than the last album I reviewed, and I found myself hypnotized by the depressingly dreamy aura they're clearly trying to go for at several points, but there were also several points where I was just kinda bored. Still, I'd call this pretty decent stuff, if not super memorable to me.

I really feel bad for anyone expecting a quality analysis out of me.

Best Track: Lonely
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 07-30-2021 12:42 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp
Day 866: .​.​.​And Again Into The Light by Panopticon

I used to listen to this band and Isis and Neurosis a bunch in high school but never reviewed any of their albums bc... IDK I forgot to. And I haven't really listened to any of them in years. Are they all similar? I think I remember them being similar.

Anyways, I usually do not trust RYM Metal recs but I actually really enjoyed this, all 71 minutes of it. I guess my predisposition to sludgy stuff outweighed my disdain for post-rock bloat. And it helped me focus on my job today.

Thank god it's Friday.

Best Track: The Embers At Dawn
Rating: 7.5/10

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