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rayword45 06-22-2015 05:25 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 183: Gomba Reject Ward Japan by Five Starcle Men

Decided to listen to this upon reading. Equal parts Ween, Residents, Black Dice and DXM. Atonal, structureless, bizarre, stupid music. Me likey.

Best Track: Stutterer
Rating: 7.5/10

rayword45 06-27-2015 09:13 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 184: The Sacred Mushroom by The Sacred Mushroom

For an album with an incredibly badass band name, an incredibly badass album name (being titular and all) and an INCREDIBLY badass cover, this is some really run-of-the-mill white boy blues rock. Not enough psychedelic flair, heavy tones or crazy distortion for my completely tasteless tastes, but it doesn't suck as bad as Eric Clapton. Very little does.

Best Track: Catatonic Lover
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 06-28-2015 10:33 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 185: High Violet by The National (Album Choice: Gus V.)

It's BINGE DAY! Or, well, I hope it's binge day. I usually get derailed on these days and do only 2 or 3 albums. But it's a rainy summer day. I have very little to get derailed with. These guys are pretty well known in the realm of modern indie rock. Most modern indie rock is pussified to all hell, but some of it is pretty decent. Hopefully this falls into the latter category.

This band doesn't sound particularly wimpy, but they certainly have all the ingredients to be the most sissyish band ever. Man my English in this review is TERRIBLE.

This band doesn't sound sound particularly gutless, but they certainly have all the traits of another 21st century emasculated guitar pop band. Slow tempos, smooth glacial guitar licks, subdued drumming with lots of toms and almost no cymbals, milquetoast chamber pop songwriting, and the cherry is the most bland art-school album cover I've ever seen. Saving this band from being too spineless is the baritone singer. And just barely.

Have I mentioned before that I never care about voice? That's a lie. I hate The Smashing Pumpkins.

And then sometimes a cool voice can save really shitty music. I don't think that's the case here (these guys are way too inoffensive to be truly shitty), but a cool voice is a plus I suppose.

I have that argument all the time though. If Neil Young had any other voice, he wouldn't be freaking Neil Young and I don't care if it would be technically "better" because where did the soul go? And then we have bands like The Mountain Goats and Silver Jews and the mothereffing Jimi Hendrix Experience. Anyone who says that Jimi Hendrix's music would be improved with a better singer needs their ass kicked.

Oh yeah, the album. Meh. Passable. Will never listen again unless I walk into a particularly chic hipster restaurant on throwback night.

Best Track: Lemonworld
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 06-28-2015 11:33 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 186: It Just Gets Worse by Anal Cunt

I rarely do these reviews while reading lyrics. I have better things to do than focus on some garbage angst-filled poetry which probably includes more painful rhymes than baby's first book. Exceptions to this would be most rap albums, a great deal of folk albums (though certainly not all of them) and then there's bands like Anal Cunt. These guys are, for the most part, nothing but tuneless noise and tasteless lyrics. Like early Cows if the Cows woke up to a nice Ambien and cocaine macchiato and also hated the world. Their only purpose is to enjoy the refuge in audacity, and to do that you have to read their lyrics. Thus I chose their indubitably most offensive album, and I'll be reading DarkLyrics the entire time.

Actually yeah I've heard most of this album, just not as a complete package. I'll probably listen to a second Anal Cunt album after this because I have nothing better to do. Or maybe some GG Allin.

Musically this album is utter garbage. The blastbeats all sound the same and the guitar is muddy and sounds like the tremolo picking of one bass chord (they probably used that guitar tone to mask the fact that they had no bass player). The vocals are the only saving grace... Or not. I mean, they're just as objectively awful as the rest of the music, but they're FUNNY. I don't really care how twisted I am, but they are especially hilarious when you understand the vocals, if only because of shock value.

Also, when an actual riff appears (I Convinced You To Beat Your Wife On A Daily Basis, I Paid J. Howell To Rape You, I Lit Your Baby On Fire, Into The Oven), they're actually pretty good riffs. With a better bass tone and less ridiculous vocals, this band could be your life! Or just, you know, okay to listen to.

To note as well, one strong point of the lyrics is that many of the songs have ridiculous endings, which makes them all the more amusing (See I Lit Your Baby On Fire, I Ate Your Horse, I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant)

And when the lyrics get REALLY dark (I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of The Subway, I Made Your Kid Get AIDS, So You Could Watch It Die, Connor Clapton Commit Suicide Because His Dad Sucks), there's a certain appeal to such horrid nonsense which makes those songs rise above the others.

Last note, this album will give you a headache by the halfway point. Just read the lyrics, feel guilty for laughing at the lyrical nasties, and then go to sleep.

Best Track: Musically, Into The Oven. Lyrically, THEY'RE ALL WINNERS!
Rating: 2/10

rayword45 06-28-2015 01:32 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 187: Perdition City by Ulver (Album Choice: csd/Casey D.)

I was gonna listen to Tri Repetae but after the musings of Seth Putnam I need something lighter and softer than Autechre. Thus, I took the logical route and chose a black metal band.

Well, actually, these guys only released a couple of black metal albums and this particular album is electronica but whatever. Here we go.

This is EASILY the best album I've listened to today. Dark, moody, groovy, bassy, jazzy, emotional, cathartic and above all BEAUTIFUL, this album has the right traits for either a palate cleanser or a deep listener. I don't need to write much for this one.

However, sometimes, the vocals and vocal samples get really corny. Dead City Centres for example. Still a damn fine album and a definite keeper.

Best Track: Porn Piece Or The Scars Of Old Kisses
Rating: 8.5/10

rayword45 06-29-2015 01:42 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 188: Hunting High And Low by A-ha (Album Choice: Phillip S.)

I have a fairly long list of songs that give me post-traumatic stress disorder attacks. Yellow Submarine brings back haunting memories of bible camp. Livin On A Prayer makes me think of elementary school douchebags (also it's an awful song). Don't Stop Believin terrorizes me with flashbacks to lonely people and bar karaoke.

Not every song on this list has a story. One song with no story would be Take On Me. That song just sucks. And it's the first song on this album.

Luckily the rest of the album just breezes by. It's ridiculously 80s but ridiculously inconsequential.

Best Track: And You Tell Me
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 06-30-2015 09:48 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 189: Los Sounds De Krauts by Colour Haze

I think I've made it pretty clear that I hate most jam bands, but Colour Haze is the most explicit exception to the rule, seeing how they're incredibly jammy in the studio as opposed to Ween or Akron/Family.

This album is wonderfully structured and makes great use of the immense song lengths (two songs over 17 minutes!) and the double CD length. Also the opener is my new favorite song of theirs, beating out previous champ Aquamaria.

I have no complaints to file.

Best Track: I Won't Stop
Rating: 8.5/10

rayword45 07-1-2015 03:59 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 190: Mother Mother by O My Heart (Album Choice: Tokzic)

Terse and honest, that's the goal. The horrible album cover, genre description and first 10 seconds of this album gave me some really depressing expectations. I don't like most generic indie pop like OK Go so I had no reason to hope for better.

However, the first few songs were actually pretty damn good. Nothing to drop dead over, in fact everything sounds vaguely derivative of bands like The New Pornographers, but these guys can write a song.

Unfortunately, they get too precious. In almost every way possible. Harmonies go way too high, instrumentation becomes superfluous while dense (What the fuck is this? A banjo in a 3 chord power pop song?), misspellings in song titles are trite, unnecessary reverb and chorus applied liberally, you name a crappy small time mistake and they've probably commit it.

They're pretty good songwriters, they just need a little more restraint. An EP on a more stripped back setup would suit these guys fine.

Best Track: Burning Pile
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 07-3-2015 11:33 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 191: Dopethrone by Electric Wizard

Seminal stoner
Surprisingly never heard
Sleep is better band

Best Track: Dopethrone
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 07-3-2015 07:41 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 192: Since I Left You by The Avalanches

It's telling of something that this album isn't even remotely high on my list of "Wait, what do you mean you've never listened to that album?" albums.

I just don't know what.

What I do know is the fact that I've heard naught ONE song from this album is a testament to how utterly lame the clubs I go to are.

Best Track: Frontier Psychiatrist
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 07-9-2015 07:54 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 193: The Specials by The Specials

I felt like exploring some different genres, even though this is pretty punk-feeling and I listen to a fair amount of punk. I hate Sublime and reggae typically bores me though that's only marginally related to ska. This album gives me the urge to review more DDR music.

The production on this album seems horribly limp. Bass sits uncomfortably on its own feeling unmixed, leaving the treble frequencies to overpower everything. Vocals are often buried in the mix under too-quiet instruments. And emptiness just fills every space. Did any of that make any sense?

There are some good tracks on here, undeniably, but like many albums, the production makes it hard to enjoy the album (Hello there, Avey Tare). The second side is the stronger of the two sides. I don't have much to argue for that except Stupid Marriage, Too Much Too Young and Little Bitch all kick ass. Especially the last one I mentioned.

Also this album has way too many misogynistic undertones.

Best Track: Little Bitch and that is not just nostalgia
Rating: 6/10

rayword45 07-10-2015 02:08 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 194: Everybody's Rockin by Neil Young

I still haven't listened to Rust Never Sleeps, Sleeps With Angels, Time Fades Away, Harvest Moon, Psychedelic Pill, the self-titled debut, or even Zuma for that matter.

But I like being different, so I went straight for the second-most maligned album in the Neil Young discography, not counting Arc because that's stupid.

And this album turned out to be hilarious! Completely listenable! Adequate! Better than Harvest!

Funniest album I've listened to in a while.

Best Track:Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes
Rating: 7/10

Crazyjayde 07-10-2015 03:17 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Can't find the time myself for much of anything new but I've been listening to Ulver and Colour Haze recently. Crazy satisfying to meddle in.
Did I ever recommend you anything? I found some good recs through your thread and I'm thinking I could give the favor back.

4mat - Nadir (2014)
Alameda 5 - Duch tornada (2015)
Akufen - My Way (2002)1
Built to Spill - Keep It Like a Secret (1999)
Clark - Totems Flare (2009)
Innercity Ensemble - II (2014)
Jesu - Jesu (2004)
Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs (2005)
*Shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo (2011)
Terminal 11 - Tracing Structures (2015)

So what did you think of Grandaddy anyway?

PS: Also your Solace rating on RYM reads 1/5 instead of 4.5/5.

rayword45 07-12-2015 07:32 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 195: Solid Gold by Gang Of Four

This is a better record than Entertainment.

I like my punk dark, shoot me.

Best Track: What We All Want
Rating: 8/10

rayword45 07-13-2015 10:11 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 196: Pansoul by Motorbass

So I just left a party, walking home, and the first thing I think of is "goddamn that was some awful music" because WHY would you put Of Monsters And Men on a party playlist? Who do you think you are? Arrogant hipster white boys make me disappointed with my generation.

So continuing on, I'm walking home with a friend. It's pretty same dark outside, so I wanna put on some music. I notice this album on here and wonder "Wait, when the hell did I get THIS?" before remembering I was on a 84 hour House freakout a few months ago. Never actually listened to this one.

I put it on while walking and HOLY SHIT is this some good music! It's danceable, yet dark and murky. I felt like I was dancing in the Paris underground clubs, but really I was just visualizing and looking like an ass in the street. Good, good album. I need more dark house I'm on a binge.

Also I started reading On The Road (should I capitalize a book title? I mean bold?) and this works perfectly as a backdrop. This actually is the worst goddamn "review" I've ever written. This would get me an F in a music theory class.

Best Track: Flying Fingers
Rating: 8/10

rayword45 07-19-2015 10:44 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 197: Untrue by Burial (Album Choice: Contrapasso)

As much hate as I give Christgau, lord knows he's a true lifer. Decades of music reviews, and he purportedly listens to every album he reviews 5 to 10 times.

5 to 10 times! I'd be damned to go past first impressions.

That doesn't excuse his thesaurus-happy shitpile writing but he's better than I in that aspect. One time listening is especially dubious when, like in the case of this album, the setting is questionable. Public transportation hurts my ears enough.

Also he has way more money than me. But whatever, good album.

Best Track: Shell of Light
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 07-24-2015 09:22 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 198: Currents by Tame Impala

These are the shittiest headphones of all time. Also Cause I'm A Man is the only single I bothered to listen to and it sounded like vaporwave. So I guess lofi would be a benefit, I suppose?

It's not a benefit. This was the worst idea ever. But good album, I dig the new stylings and whatnot.

Also Six Flags needs to stop smelling like child vomit.

Best Track: Cause I'm A Man (#nostalgiajunkie)
Rating: 7/10

Shadowcliff 07-29-2015 11:50 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Eye Contact by Gang Gang Dance

rayword45 07-31-2015 06:20 PM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 199: Tangram by Reso (Album Choice: Jonlovesddr)

I never actually put this recommendation in my spreadsheet. It took me like 12 minutes to find out who recommended me this album. This music is called brostep? What the hell is that shit anyways? The only time I remember listening to brostep was on YouTube and it was dire, dire stuff. That is definitely in my bottom 5 genre names, alongside djent, shitgaze, PBR&B and coon song. Only the genre names for the record, not the actual music.

Well, including the music of coon songs. Fuck coon songs.

Oh yeah, this music. It's not bad at all. I didn't necessarily expect the worst but there's as much D&B (Dave and Buster's?) in here as dubstep influence as well as some chill moments. The chill moments are the best.

I think this is the first dubstep release I've reviewed (that sounds like dubstep). For a first of a genre I'm not keen on, this ain't bad.

Best Track: The first chillwave track
Rating: 7/10

rayword45 08-2-2015 10:43 AM

Re: Meh, let's do it again, this time for a year
Day 200: How It Should Sound, Vol 1 and 2 by Damu the Fudgemunk (Album Choice: L.B.D.D)

I chose a nice long album for my 200th review. Unfortunately I don't have much to say. These are some nice organic beats, full of warmth and smoothness.

But you don't need 27 beats in one album. A keeper but for cherry picking only.

Best Track: You Know Who!
Rating: 6/10

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