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DossarLX ODI 03-20-2018 07:14 PM

2018 January/February Set 4 (complete)
Make Me Real
Quietus Ray
Story x Teller

Note: These files are not on the public engine. Some discussion is happening related to uploading regular batch sets.

DossarLX ODI 09-1-2019 03:00 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4
TC_Halogen will be picking up Set 4.

psychoangel691 09-11-2019 09:24 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4
Make Me Real {She} [DarkZtar]
Rating: [7/10] [+.]
- offset changed from -0.040 to --0.069 (-29 ms)
- layering feels a bit strange for the opening
- not a fan of this chart, but it is coherently done and with the exception of the opening, I understand the approach

Nhelv {Silentroom} [DarkZtar]
Rating: [6/10] [+?]
- offset changed from -0.760 to -0.794 (-34 ms)
- 15.121/17.850 - you accent this percussion later in the song with three 16th jumps, no reason not to do it here
- 35.019: missing note somewhere around here
- 36.270 to 58.102: percussion here kinda tones itself down a bit, but you still fixate on it pretty heavily which adds a degree of monotony to chart; on top of it, the interruptions in the flow to follow the extra sound effects are intrusive and force players to perform some occasionally extreme motions to keep things together
- 58.102 to 1:19.934: similar situation as the previous section; some of the structure makes for counter-intuitive accenting (59.978 has five consecutive jumps but barely any actual accenting power in the song, compared to previous jumps)
- 1:08.336: this needs more of a punch in terms of accenting; it’s the easiest part of the jumpstream to do yet it comes with an abrasive sound in the music
- 1:40.401: not 32nds
- 2:24.065: for all the opportunities you had to actually add a punch in terms of difficulty, you’re not allowed to simply throw this here and screw players over, do this kind of thing elsewhere so there’s a bit of an expectation of what could come associated with this kind of musical aggression
- layering for the most part is ok, but the chart itself drags and doesn’t take many opportunities to actually accommodate for the song in a way that brings out the finer details

Quietus Ray {Xi} [DarkZtar]
Rating: [7.5*/10] [+.]
- offset is good
- 13.060: the synth begins immediately; however, the notes are quiet - at the least you should grab the 8th note at 13.210
- 14.935: misplaced mini-jack
- 17.710: missing note
- 38.260: should be a triple, no?
- 39.610: oh my god you are going to deliver PTSD to every osu!mania player that has ever played Ichigaki’s chart for this because it is literally exactly the same pattern that gives people hell, hahahaha
- 42.160: missing violin note
- 1:01.510: really nice repetition there, this is a very aggressive but nice looking dismount into the next section
- 1:12.009: missing jump
- 1:18.085: missing jump
- 1:23.260: comes out to an extended 200 BPM 24th jumptrill, or more specifically, 150 BPM 32nds for something that in the grand scheme of things is pretty insignificant soundwise; perhaps you could drop this to a 32nd roll or an actual descending scale of 24ths (or a colored flourish that’s faster than 24ths/slower than 32nds?) - anything but this, because for most players this is going to ruin their playing experience after having played almost 75% of the chart
- 1:33.160: opportunity for some 24ths here
- file’s got a solid structure that could use some cleaning up
- CQ for the wall

Story x Teller {cosMo@Bousou P} [DarkZtar]
Rating: [5.5/10] [+?]
- offset changed from 0.140 to 0.115 (-25 ms)
- there seems to be a lot of missing percussion notes for the beginning, making the instances you do follow feel a bit… strange?
- lots of repeated taps that don’t go to anything, yet the kick that is not being layered in doesn’t have any attention paid to it which could be an opportunity to kinda outline your structure a bit more
- 16.148: I can barely hear this lower piano-note flourish, but I think it should be 24ths (though it might be better to just omit it altogether)
- 19.463/24.516/etc: this vocal sequence repeats, but you don’t take advantage of it pattern-wise later on (you could repeat the pattern, mirror the pattern, or repeat it with colors since the vocals are filtered, etc).
- 35.174/etc: there’s a missing piano note here, and a few others after
- 37.148: seven repeating up arrows don’t make sense here given the piano melody breaks off and the percussion has alternating kick/snare stuff
- on the note of 16.148: here’s another instance of that barely audible lower piano-note flourish so you’ve got some inconsistency including it in some spots and not others
- 48.990: ghost note and a quite uncomfortable one at that
- 54.358: change to [23] and [14] to keep the repeating right arrow motif
- 1:26.806: ruuuuuuuuuuude
- 1:50.411: similar repetition in notes for alternating kick/snare stuff feels kinda weird here; it is a little difficult to discern when the kick and snare are separated but four note blips don’t feel right to me
- 1:52.306: missing note for kick
- having that repeated right-arrow stuff a second time is cool for relevance, but you’re substantially increasing the probability of this file being approached away from your intended method because of people potentially choosing mirror to get off of that heavily anchored pattern orientation
- 2:21.674: missing jump for vocal
- 2:39.200: repeated notes? vocal changes notes and there’s also not four notes sung there (2:39.258 should not be there for vocal relevance)
- this file just… doesn’t feel right to me in a number of areas. The layering being constrained to vocals for a huge majority of the song doesn’t give the chart a huge amount of variety and there are numerous instances of missing notes, improperly accented sections and various structural issues that can be resolved

DarkZtar 09-11-2019 11:20 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4698195)
Finixe {Silentroom} [DarkZtar]
Rating: [7*/10] [+.]
- forcing a conditional queue for that 2-measure long split-handed jumptrill right at the end; itís hard enough being 222 BPM, but itís even worse in that itís very literally after everything else in the chart that has remote relevance in terms of difficulty, making it exceptionally infuriating to play

Gonna assume AJ wrote this before he saw the file I sent to Kayla for the hard batch, this was already resolved in that version.

psychoangel691 09-11-2019 11:22 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4
I'd mentioned to him that it had been re-sent but think he forgot, lol

DarkZtar 09-11-2019 11:25 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4
Rip. Will try to get around to fixes this weekend in any case.

TC_Halogen 09-11-2019 11:52 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 4

Originally Posted by DarkZtar (Post 4698203)
Gonna assume AJ wrote this before he saw the file I sent to Kayla for the hard batch, this was already resolved in that version.



in that case, CQ removed and rating is now 7.5, my bad D:

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