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rayword45 06-20-2022 01:29 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
Day suck my balls: this Schnozz album

At first, I was like "wow goddamn this might be the worst album I've heard all year".

Then, around the middle where there was a song with virgin in the title, I started thinking "actually, this is kinda fun".

Then, a few minutes later, I went back to thinking "wow goddamn this might be the worst album I've heard all year".

This album REALLY had to sample all the worst of not-quite top pop hits from last decade like Tik Tok and Bonfire? Were people asking for a mashcore-esque remix of the worst era of one of the worst rappers today? Or Ke$ha? I say the latter without thinking of the real world atrocities she went through, just how bad her 2010 music was.

This album makes me wonder when generation Delta or Gamma or whatever will start saying "okay zoomer" the way I say "okay boomer" to people in their 40s today.

This album made me wonder if being on a cramped ass international flight was making me more cynical, and I mean, it probably is, but I think if I was at home in my bed I wouldn't even finish this shit.

This album made me contemplate the fact that what gets me pumped the fuck up in live music settings often sounds TERRIBLE when I'm listening alone and motionless.

This album really made me confront the fact that in under 3 months I can only half-assedly claim to be in my "early 20s".

This album made me wonder if the flight attendants were watering down my drinks because after 3 I enjoyed Licorice Pizza a lot more than sober but between 3 and 5 this album remained booty crust.

This album is asscheeks.

Best Track: pick a song from the latter half and it has a 50% chance of not being asscheeks, pretending the bonus tracks don't exist. Why does this 2022 album already have bonus tracks? Whose listening to the standard version?
Rating: 2.5/10

rayword45 06-20-2022 01:59 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
Day 974: Prey//IV by Alice Glass

100 Gecs for Millennials

Best Track: Animosity
Rating: 7.5/10

rayword45 06-20-2022 02:00 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
Okay I REALLY wanted to leave that as a 1 sentence review for the meme but I feel like considering the lyrical content of this album in conjunction with the controversy over her Crystal Castles contributions that would be borderline distasteful, or even disrespectful of the trauma she went through, regardless of the fact that 4 people tops will ever read this.

That being said, I genuinely don't want to talk about that controversy very much because I think that Glass deserves to be reviewed on her own merits here, because there's very little to say about that whole shitshow and because she's 100% her own artist with or without Ethan Kath, but obviously preferably without. So, instead, I'll just say this, as an abuse victim myself, I find people claiming they find the lyrical content of this album to be "triggering" to be completely valid, yes, but at the same time I think that this was 100% a cathartic release for the artist that she deserves to have and I feel as if just as many people will find content in here easy to empathize with (from a non-first person perspective to be fair) as others find it legitimately harmful to their own psyche. Maybe this should've been released with a disclaimer, but I certainly think it deserves to have been released.

So anyways, on to my own opinion! ...okay 100 Gecs for Millennials was legitimately only inaccurate as far as I'd rather call this Dorian Electra for Millennials, but as far as recorded music goes I prefer this to both. This is still very hit-or-miss, but (bias admittance alert) more personal relatibility to the lyrical content + a much less apparent desire to come off as "quirky" with the voice modulaters means I tolerate this a whole lot more. Now, don't get me wrong, for something so short relatively this has too much fucking filler and oddly enough feels borderline "safe" to me, but the majority of the tracks here I would describe as "moderately enjoyable", the rest split unevenly between "horrendously obnoxious" and "fantastic".

Genuinely though, where most people were complaining about the lyrical content, I think it actually made me more receptive to the completely unnecessary pitch shifting and recording-myself-using-Audacity-on-a-17-year-old-MacBook level clipping on display here. I wouldn't call this a masterpiece, I hope this isn't amongst my top 25 albums of the year considering how much of the album I genuinely disliked, but I think the emotional honesty of the lyrics really elevated this for me because solace in empathy and all that, right? It elicited something in me that made me feel like I've always been missing something with Crystal Castles but the truth is I still find this upon relistens to be way stronger than anything she dropped with Kath as a partner rather than a public enemy.

So, yeah, 6.5/10, thats my explanation, shove it up your butt.

rayword45 06-25-2022 04:56 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
I'm bumping that last one to a 7.5 because of how much I've been repeat listening to it and how much the lyrics keep hitting me, even if I don't love all of it.

Day 975: the newest Guerilla Toss album

I'll forever be glad I got to see them live on their Eraser Stargazer tour, the final album where they were weird, wild and noisy and not doing this far more accessible space age Devo/Talking Heads jam they've been doing ever since then.

That description of late period GToss, if I have to say anything, fits the least ever on this newest album, and I think taking a 4 year break from dropping a new full album was a good move on their part. This is the most polished thing they've ever released and the most tuneful, and the production is noticeably higher quality and more big-budget than anything they've done before. And if you're making psychedelic POP music, that's likely to be a benefit, especially a band that relies on electronic sounds as much as this one.

Something that I suppose caused me to sour over time on the last two albums from this band were the fact that they still seemed to be posturing as weird and daring when their music could be summed up as "sounding like The B-52s" (not my description hence the quotation marks). For the record, I love Love Shack and Rock Lobster but if I want that sound I have that band for that. This album is a full embrace of the fact that this is now, effectively, a pop band, and I think it's the strongest thing they've done in years as a result.

I still am not in love with this, probably a third of this album annoys me or otherwise leaves no real impression, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that they're never going to make Gay Disco 2.

Best Track: sug
Rating: 6.73771324/10

rayword45 06-27-2022 04:23 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
Day 976: MORE D4TA by Moderat

This was better when there weren't vocals. Also what's with the inconsistent leetspeak?

Best Track: All the non-vocal ones
Rating: 5.73/10

rayword45 06-28-2022 01:59 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums halp
Day 977: You Canít Kill Me by 070 Shake

This was slightly better in some parts than her last album, slightly worse in some parts, I think that makes them about equal.

Best Track: Cocoon
Rating: 7.5/10

rayword45 06-28-2022 02:01 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
also taking recs on what i should do for review 1000, i'll try to put actual depth into it, might make it 10 in one or something as a throwback to my 2013 july of 4th review

....holy shit i'm getting close to a DECADE of doing this shit

rayword45 06-28-2022 09:01 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 978: Big Time by Angel Olsen

She should've stuck to the synths.

Best Track: All Mirrors
Rating: 6.212887/10

rayword45 06-29-2022 05:56 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 979: Remember Rainbow Bridge by Croatian Amor

I almost never get to review trance music it seems like. This is probably more ambient than trance but whatever, DDR boomer represent! Well, actually, this isn't all that Bemani-like at all, but I've met more than enough snobs that hate every genre that isn't minimal-ass techno, minimal-ass deep house or anything that's nothing more than a 4/4 drum beat and, occasionally, the faintest synth line so anything with some semblance of variety is good in my book (although these people tend to make an exception for dubstep, but tell them you like breakcore or gabber and up those noses go, and I ain't talking bout white girl). This city needs more variety than minimalist genres and the occasional D&B.

"Objectively speaking" hahahaha fuck you there is no "objectively good" music and if that's what you believe you deserve chemical castration followed by physical castration.

When this leads more to the danceable side of things, I enjoyed it more. The more abstract pieces are nice, but don't do nearly as much for me. I wanna see this guy live now, prayers he ever decides to come to NYC.

Best Track: Paper Birds
Rating: 7.7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777/10

rayword45 06-29-2022 11:59 AM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
i suck at this

rayword45 07-7-2022 02:57 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 980: Sometimes, Forever by Soccer Mommy

When I've revisited her last 2 albums, I found them to be blander than I initially perceived. Yet whenever I go back to her lo-fi debut EP, I still love the aesthetic there.

This album, however, I can tell, or at least I HOPE, I won't grow to find more mediocre over time, because this is her lushest, dreamiest album yet, with a fuller sound than ever before but in a way that feels inspired, rather than just "generic singer-songwriter indie rock". I don't want to give too much credit to Oneohtrix Point Never here because I don't know how much he truly contributed but man the production here is truly on point. There were highs and lows because there are always highs and lows but consistent engagement is something I was definitely not expecting from a Soccer Mommy album and that's what I got. Genuinely very impressed by this.

I still want to hear more stories about how she's purportedly an asshole though simply because I've heard rumors about that shit so many times but NEVER with stories to back them up.

Best Track: Shotgun
Rating: 8.5/10

rayword45 07-7-2022 05:35 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 981: Forget Your Own Face by Black Dresses

Music like this really makes me want to embrace the "Millennial" generational tag because I KNOW I would fuck with this live heavy but recorded it's just grating.

I think this is their shortest album yet, and somehow it's still way too fucking samey.

Best Track: doomspiral, partly for being a tonal respite and partly because it feels more traditionally danceable
Rating: 4.5/10

rayword45 07-7-2022 07:10 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 982: Visiting Narcissa by Patricia Taxxon

None of these tracks had to be as long as they were. Neither the 4-5 minutes one nor the 30 minute ones.

Okay, that's exaggeration on multiple different levels but goddamnit I feel like this could've been a great album if it was cut down at least 35 minutes, maybe even more. At movie length this was a goddamn chore, even with a few bright spots and a TON of good ideas.

We have perms for this artist? Do we have songs in game? This doesn't seem like good arrow smash music.

Best Track: Her Garage
Rating: 5.42956285628562/10

rayword45 07-13-2022 12:45 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 983: Raw Data Feel by Everything Everything

I have yet to see the movie

Best Track: Meh
Rating: 5/10

robertsona 07-18-2022 12:37 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
faves so far: guerilla toss, thig beef, maybe Renata zeiguer (so subtle and quiet tho, and 2018 album>), Daniel rossen for sure, maybe Rosalia just for “saoko”, maybe kendrick

rayword45 07-21-2022 05:52 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 984: the new black midi

I don't need to say much about this album, but I'll say I enjoyed the first half of this album more than anything else I've heard from this band, it still felt a little too "art school" for me but it had the best guitar work they've ever done.

Then the second half was some weird free jazz bullshit. Oh well.

Best Track: Eat Men Eat
Rating: 6.5/10

rayword45 07-26-2022 07:57 PM

Re: Recommend me some 2022 albums +1000th album halp
Day 985: Palaces by Flume

This guy's live show I saw in 2016 remains a top 10 concert of mine.

This album was mid af. I hope he's still good live he eats ass he's cool

Best Track: joe mama
Rating: 5/10

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