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badman7772 12-7-2020 09:21 AM

badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
Welcome to badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

By signing up, you agree that you've read the rules and what's required for you to enter.

In this tournament, there will be a few twists and turns that will make this experience a little bit different, yet more pleasant.

-There will not be song choices made by me. Instead, they will be based on the difficulty level chosen, giving you the ability to pick ANY song with that difficulty level and playing it for your tournament song! That's right! You pick the song! If you wanna do all jumpstream files to try to win? Go for it!

-To score in this tournament, you must get the least amount of Raw Goods possible, and the lowest number of Raw Goods will win the tournament! This will ensure that shorter/longer songs do not provide an advantage, and that you don't feel intimidated because of note count. If it's easier for you, then by all means play it!

-Because this is a "Tournament of Darkness" you must either use the "Dark" mod OR the "Hide Receptors" mod. Failure to use either one of these mods will result in your score not counting. Dark mod has actually had some surprising results, and players that have played in one of these tournaments way back when are actually still using it to this day!

-Feeling rusty and need a pick-me-up? After I place you in a division, you may inform me that you wish to move to a different division. Anything lower than your placed division will result in you not being eligible for any top prizes, but you will still be eligible for a participation prize!

-You may also enter this tournament using only ONE other account, and you must describe how that alt account will intend to play. (i.e. one-handed, semi-pettanko, etc.) If rates or additional mods are committed, those mods should be in every submission to keep the fun and integrity of the experience. Alts are only eligible for a participation prize.

Here's how to enter:

-You must have at least 500 games played and 100 unique songs passed. Exceptions will be made based on my discrepancy (using alt account, D8, etc.)

-Simply post in this thread stating you're "in" or that you wish to sign up.

-If you wish to be in a division below where you've been placed: Please let me know BEFORE round 2 starts. (For example: If you decide to change from D6 to D5 in the middle of round 1, you must let me know that you wish to do so, and you must submit a score for D5's song before the round ends.)


Q: When will the tournament start?
A: The tournament will start on Monday, December 21st at 11:59 PM EST

Q: When will signups close?
A: Signups will officially close as soon as round 2 starts. This will allow players to sign up during round 1.

Q: How many rounds will there be?
A: There will be six (6) rounds.

Q: How long will each round last?
A: Each round will last four (4) days.

Q: What division will I be in?
A: You will very likely be in the division specified in your Skill Rating. However, I will be looking at your scores to ensure a fair placement. I understand that borderline placements are NOT easy to place and can either make or break someone's experience. This is why I'm giving the opportunity to go down to any division so you can at least be comfortable during this tournament.

Q: Which scoring are we using?
A: Scoring will be based on the number of Raw Goods.

Q: Can I submit late scores?
A: Yes. However, you get a 2.0 raw good penalty on the late score for each day that it's late (maximum 8.0 raw goods). You can only submit scores for the current round and one round prior (only if you haven't submitted a score for that round yet.)
*Final round scores may NOT be submitted late.

Q: What happens if let's say I don't submit for round 1 and it's now round 3?
A: Your name will be completely dropped from the tournament and any credits you have earned in the tournament will be forfeited.

Q: How do I submit a score?
A: All scores must be posted in this thread. If it's not posted in the thread, it won't count. Also click the below spoiler.

Your scores should look something like the below image. If your image size is huge, you should use spoiler tags.

The easiest way to submit a score is to do the following steps.

1. Take a screenshot by clicking the above button.

2. Save .PNG file to computer.

3. Upload image to an image hosting site. After that, you'll want to get the direct image IRL. To do this, right-click the image and click "Copy Image Address"

4. Add "IMG" tags to the URL or click the following button below and paste the URL in the text box.

Alternatively, you can download ShareX and you can do this a LOT faster than the steps given above.

Q: I have a score from before the round started. Can I submit that as my tournament score?
A: No. All submissions must have been played during the round.

Q: Can I skip rounds in the tournament?
A: No. You must submit PASSING scores for all rounds of the tournament.

Q: Where can I keep track of progress and scores for the entire tournament?
A: This Spreadsheet Here.

Q: Can I donate to the prize pool?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What can I donate?
A: You can donate any number of credits simply by sending credits to me and stating in the message or in this thread that you donated. If you wish to donate a non-credit prize, please PM me or send me a message on Discord.

Q: What's your Discord?
A: badman7772 #7446

Q: Can I get a Raw Good chart for each judgment?
A: Yep.
Good = 1.0 goods
Average = 1.8 goods
Miss = 2.4 goods
Boo = 0.2 goods

Q: What FFR engines can I use?
A: Either R3 or Legacy engines may be used, since they at least show that Dark mod was used. If you choose to use the Legacy engine, you must post how many raw goods you've gotten by using the above chart, or I will not count your score until you do so. This unfortunately means that Velocity engine cannot be used for this tournament.

Q: Will there be sponcons in this tournament?
A: For now, no. However, this may change if the credit pot gets big enough. IF I decide to make sponcons happen, they will be FFR sponcons.

Q: I still use Flash or an Adobe Standalone version. How will this impact my experience?
A: Flash will be retired after December 31st, 2020. As far as I'm aware, this will not impact standalones AS LONG AS you don't install the optional Windows 8.1/10 update that removes Adobe Flash Player from your computer. In addition, your browser must be on an older version for Flash to keep working if you play on browser. More details will come as I get more/updated information on this, but definitely be ready for if your Flash player stops working.

If you use R3, it's highly suggested that you download the Adobe AIR version. If you need help with configuring this let me know or hit up the developer channel on the FFR Discord Server.

Q: Can I submit a score on an alt account using my main account?
A: Yes you can.

I'm also pretty sure you know about cheating and blah blah blah. Get caught and you'll be DQ'd with no prize and possibly be sent to the shadow realm. I'm sure this is original now. LOL!

Total Prize Pot: 1,400,000~

Players that donate at least 5,000 credits to the pot will be eligible to customize their name text/color/background in the spreadsheet, similar to how it was done last tournament! :D <3

Top 3 qualifying players in each division will receive a top cut prize. All other players will receive a prize for completing all six rounds of the tournament. Tournament prizes will be equally distributed, meaning for example D1 receives the same top cut and participation prizes as any other division.


People who donated so far! <3
CammyGoesRawr: 196,544
Cryolien: 123,456
Ultimate Mike7: 107,777
Sploder1.2: 83,350
sploder12: 69,420

Thehidden0ne: 60,000
Pizza69: 52,051
Arbliterator: 50,000
TheLegendOfPie: 50,000
TheSaxRunner05: 42,069
radioamor: 30,000
liloppio: 25,000
ULTIMEGA: 25,000
Dys: 20,000
HBar: 10,000
FFP_D0pey: 9,000
Mkdasher: 6,969
xBBx Takedown: 5,000
kainivy: 1,133
MarcusHawkins: 3
FlynnMac: 2
Topboy797: 1

Due to the holiday week coming up and players possibly not having time to play during Christmas, I have decided to drop the first round VERY early. You will still have until Friday, December 25th at 11:59 PM EST to submit a score. Here are your round's difficulties.

D1: 16
D2: 30
D3: 44
D4: 51
D5: 63
D5.5: 71
D6: 80
D7: 87
D8: 94

Let's get our feet warm this round. Hopefully we'll see a lot of AAA's!

In case you still don't understand how this works: You pick ANY song on FFR (no alt engines) with your division's above difficulty and use it as your tournament song. Your raw good count will be recorded in the spreadsheet. You want the least amount of raw goods possible!

Registration will still be open until the end of round 1, so if you wish to participate, state that you're signing up here, and if you feel like you know where you're gonna get placed, just go ahead and submit a score that division's difficulty, or whatever division you wish to be placed in (given lower division prize policies.)

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun! :)

Remember! Dark mod or Hide Receptors mod is required! If you do not use either one of these mods for your submission: It will not count!

SponCon: L E A D M E I N T O E V E R L A S T I N G W T F D I D Y O U J U S T D O ? ! ? !

Pass a song using your division's assigned level using the following mods.

-Hide Receptors

All participants that submit will win 2,000 credits, coming out of my pocket and not from the prize pot. Least I can do for you guys this holiday season! :)

-You must already be registered in the tournament to participate. If you register now, you may not participate. I'm such a nice guy. :D
-If you submit for your main and alt (granted both accounts are in the tournament), you may elect to have all credits sent to one of those accounts.
-This SponCon will last until the end of Round 1, which is Friday, December 25th at 11:59 PM EST

Round 2:

D1: 22
D2: 35
D3: 49
D4: 57
D5: 69
D5.5: 77
D6: 84
D7: 90
D8: 98

Time to throw a few curses in this time around. I also can have a dark side sometimes.

This round ends on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST

Round 3:

D1: 28
D2: 43
D3: 54
D4: 63
D5: 73
D5.5: 82
D6: 88
D7: 92
D8: 101

Time to step up your game. It's not like you can go to the HBar to feel relaxed before attempting this round either.

You guys can tell me if you wanna see something like this every round from now on, using a random username.

This round ends on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

Round 4:

D1: 34
D2: 47
D3: 58
D4: 68
D5: 78
D5.5: 85
D6: 91
D7: 95-96
D8: 102-103

Welcome to your doom! MyNameIsNothing and I will be glad to assist you today!

This round ends on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

Round 5:

D1: 37
D2: 50
D3: 61
D4: 70
D5: 80
D5.5: 86
D6: 92
D7: 97

This tournament is like a game of golf. Hopefully you avoid the water hazard28 and get the lowest score possible!

This round ends on Sunday, January 10th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST


I want to ask everyone a very important question. Should we give SquidwardWithNoNose a nose? If so, you may draw a nose on his avatar and submit it for 1,000 credits! If it gets used as his avatar, I will give you another 9,000 credits! This will come out of my pocket and not from the prize pool. Squidward will also owe me a steak dinner for helping him out. You will have until the end of Round 5 to submit your noses so we can vote during Round 6.

PS. It has to be PG13 for you to get any credits. I suppose you can DM me on Discord the rated R ones if you have quite the colorful imagination.

Round 6:

D2: 51
D3: 62
D4: 71
D5: 81
D5.5: 87
D6: 93
D7: 98

I did mention in Discord that there would be a nice twist. You may play any song with your assigned difficulty OR HIGHER! In addition, starting now, you may improve any ONE score from a previous round, but you get only one submission so make it count. You may use a different song, but must be the difficulty assigned for that round.

Late scores will NOT be accepted, as the tournament will conclude at the end of this round. If you do not have submissions for all six rounds by tournament's end, you will not receive any prizes.

This round ends on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

It's time to vote for a nose! You may vote for ONE of the noses submitted below. You may not vote for yourself. The nose with the most votes will be used as SquidwardWithNoNose's avatar and will get the full 10k total credits!

psychoangel691 12-7-2020 11:36 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

Hakulyte 12-7-2020 11:49 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
"in" for sure.

FlynnMac 12-7-2020 11:51 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
In! Hopefully I can play as it's about my whole winter break :D

FFP_D0pey 12-7-2020 11:53 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
i guess ill in. I also donated 9k cause like i dont use credits

MyNameIsNothing 12-7-2020 12:24 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

sploder12 12-7-2020 12:57 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

Zoobin4 12-7-2020 01:15 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
Wait so this means I'll never be forced to play powerflux? IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN.

_STROUT_ 12-7-2020 01:16 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
sounds neat im in ~

Matthia 12-7-2020 01:38 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
Hide Receptors?

In :D

badman7772 12-7-2020 02:15 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
Gonna update stuff later and also add another question that came up about nerf's/buff's during rounds if they do happen. I don't have an official answer to that, but the only thing I can think of right now is this.

If you're assigned an 83 difficulty, and that said 83 you want to submit gets bumped/nerfed: If your ss says 83 on it as in you got your score while it was 83 difficulty, it counts.

This is subject to change. We'll be getting heads up before the difficulty changes actually happen so we can be ready for what's to come. I'm still figuring out EXACTLY how this will be handled should the situation come up.

Sanjixcon 12-7-2020 03:21 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

kadef 12-7-2020 03:29 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
In :) Glad to see you doin another one

axith 12-7-2020 04:41 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
in please

SubaruPoptart 12-7-2020 04:48 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
I'm hella in :)

Arbliterator 12-7-2020 05:13 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
I'm in, highly considering using the black noteskin for this one. :)
Just sent 50k!

hazard28 12-7-2020 05:31 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
Count me in sounds fun

HBar 12-7-2020 05:31 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
I’m in, donated 10k

badman7772 12-7-2020 05:32 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION

Originally Posted by Arbliterator (Post 4752321)
I'm in, highly considering using the black noteskin for this one. :)
Just sent 50k!

Greatly appreciated!

PS. I did mention in the OP that sponcons MIGHT be a thing this tournament. However, if they happen they will be FFR ones, but other engines may be incorporated.


Originally Posted by HBar (Post 4752323)
I’m in, donated 10k

Also greatly appreciated!

Pizza69 12-7-2020 05:43 PM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - WILD CARD EDITION
in, i can't remember if it was your previous tournament of darkness that started me using the mod or if i was using it even before that but it's cool to not have to change settings lol. will probably also use black noteskin for thematics here. hype~!

alsoalso i donated 52051 credits. very precise number

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