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noname219 12-15-2016 01:03 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
My favourite might be the latest PUP record. Haven't listen to a lot of new stuff but I liked Car Seat Headrest, Vektor, Deakin, Trap Them, Weezer, Oathbreaker, Oranssi Pazuzu and Bowie.

Others were alright or slightly disappointing. Nothing I've heard was horrible except that Corey Feldman record, which was honestly, only good for a laugh.

rayword45 12-19-2016 08:52 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 356: Horse Jumper of Love by Horse Jumper of Love

After 6 days, I decided to stop #NoPorn2.0 because I'm going to have my own room very shortly. Seemed like decent enough justification, I'll start again when I go back to school.

In the search for the best of 2016 (yeah I'm definitely not quitting once I reach my long-belated goal), it's actually somewhat surprising and even embarrassing I haven't listened to this one yet considering the fact I almost went but unfortunately failed to see these guys live on at least three separate occasions despite being too goddamn lazy to listen to any of their songs. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Very laidback album, doesn't sound derivative, performances are confident and this thing is just about the perfect length at 26 minutes to not get boring. This isn't one I'm gonna pull out often though, as a matter of fact I'm more excited to think about where they could go in the future than to listen to this one again. With the exception of highlight Bagel Breath these guys are just too content with maintaining a single image.

I'll be fair and say pretty much every local bands I know didn't have the strongest of debuts anyways.

Best Track: Bagel Breath
Rating: 6/10

MarcusHawkins 12-19-2016 09:10 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
AAH only 9 more to go! Keep it up, you're almost there!

rayword45 12-19-2016 09:44 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 357: Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper (Album Choice: Well, I know several people told me to listen to it)

Another one that's long overdue. I'm done now, so let me tell you, this right here is a perfect example of failing to live up to the hype. After thoroughly enjoying both Acid Rap and Surf, and after at least fifty people telling me this album was his "best yet" or something similar, I found myself bored to tears by the constant gospel influence here. This is certainly a notch better than 10 Day and his earliest releases but that's barely saying anything. Gonna cherry pick the best tracks out of this one and go back to psychedelia where I belong.

Best Track: Angels
Rating: 4/10

ilikexd 12-20-2016 03:43 AM

Re: Read My Reviews

Originally Posted by rayword45 (Post 4502773)
yo guys can you recommend me some of the best and worst 2016 albums?

best: sleep cycle

choof 12-20-2016 01:25 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
sleep cycle isn't the best album of the year but it's fucking good
elseq is still my top pick for the year

IamMe90 12-20-2016 07:13 PM

Re: Read My Reviews

Originally Posted by rayword45 (Post 4505071)
Day 357: Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper (Album Choice: Well, I know several people told me to listen to it)

Another one that's long overdue. I'm done now, so let me tell you, this right here is a perfect example of failing to live up to the hype. After thoroughly enjoying both Acid Rap and Surf, and after at least fifty people telling me this album was his "best yet" or something similar, I found myself bored to tears by the constant gospel influence here. This is certainly a notch better than 10 Day and his earliest releases but that's barely saying anything. Gonna cherry pick the best tracks out of this one and go back to psychedelia where I belong.

Best Track: Angels
Rating: 4/10


i thought the gospel was way too omnipresent and uninteresting on this album. that being said, i was disappointed by acid rap too; didn't really think it lived up to all the hype i heard about

rayword45 12-22-2016 08:57 AM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 358: Teens Of Denial by Car Seat Headrest (Album Choice: noname219)

Why did these guys generate a buzz? Let's see.

yo getting good grades for the first time ever is MAD weird

I haven't found any reason for these guys blowing up other than "they're good" so okay then. They ARE good. These are good indie rock songs, with lots of fuzz, noise, and anthemic choruses. Strangely, the most boring tracks were the shorter ones, including the opener. I thought H Jon Benjamin was featuring on The Ballad Of The Costa Concordia but I suppose not.

I expect this one to grow on me. It's really not a wower first go around but it is VERY consistently catchy which is rare. Will update rating later.

Best Track: Very close tie between Vincent and The Ballad Of The Costa Concordia
Rating: 6.5/10

rayword45 12-24-2016 06:22 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 359: Bottomless Pit by Death Grips (Album Choice: Anthony F.)

Did I make that album choice joke before?

Merry Christmas. Is anybody actually offended by the phrase "Merry Christmas"? I have a fuckton of super PC friends but I've only witnessed people self-censoring, never actually getting offended by the word Christmas. I see far more people getting offended by the absence of the word Christmas than vice versa.

Death Grips has always been mood music for me in that they can hit the spot when the time's right but I have no desire to listen to them 99.7% of the time especially considering how same-y they can feel. My brain is slowly detaching from reality so now's as good a time as ever for this I suppose.

This album is their most melodic release yet, which I like. Zach Hill has always been my favorite part of this band (NO LOVE DEEP WEB is my favorite release) and he shines for sure, but I've never been this impressed with Morin who really managed to make this sound fresh. Can't say I'm any more or less impressed with Ride this time around. Also can't say I'm expecting to pull this one out with a lot more frequency than other Death Grips albums.

Almost definitely not going on my year end list.

Best Track: Giving Bad People Good Ideas
Rating: 6.5/10

rayword45 12-29-2016 10:26 AM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 360: Requiem by Goat

First listen and I'm not sure what to make of this one. I enjoyed it but I don't have much to say... I'm gonna try this one again later.

Tried again. Eh, it's good and trippy. I'll probably like this a lot more if I listen to it tripping. Sober, it's too long and wanky. I'll give this one a few more shots.

Best Track: I Sing In Silence
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 12-29-2016 04:58 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 361: Lil Boat the Mixtape by Lil Yachty

This guy is a meme, right?

These songs all sound the fucking same to me, 808s and autotuned mumbling like pretty much every other trap rapper. It's pleasant to listen to, but incredibly tiring for 45 minutes. The lyrics are as boring as anyone else in this genre that isn't part of Rich Gang, although it's pretty damn funny to hear such spiteful words like "then you turned around and fucked the crew" or "fuck you you fucked me over" sung in such a nonchalant fashion.

Oh yeah, he is a meme. One Night (Extended) is alright. The last track is actually fantastic.

I listened to this on a boringass train ride. Wrong atmosphere.

Best Track: We Did It (Outro) (Positivity Song) (Fuck This Title)
Rating: 5/10

rayword45 12-30-2016 07:08 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 362: Värähtelijä by Oranssi Pazuzu (Album Choice: Polymorphia/noname219)

This album should've ended with Vasemman käden hierarkia. That right there is a fantastic example of an excessively long atmospheric track done right. Great use of repetition. The whole album seems to peter off after that though, after five great tracks. Or maybe I'm just tired. Eh, fuck it, I'm horrible at judging black metal although this barely seems like it at times.

Best Track: Vasemman käden hierarkia
Rating: 7/10, 8.5/10 if it ended where I said it should

rayword45 12-30-2016 09:11 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 363: New English by Desiigner

All of the negative things I had to say about any other trap release applies here to the farthest extreme, except for any complaints about the album being too long.

Most of these songs don't even feel like songs, they don't so much start or end rather than just pop up and exist for a brief period of time. I don't think that sentence made sense, let me try again. These songs don't have beginnings or ends, they legitimately seem like demos or samples for a radio commercial or something. As a result, the whole album seems more like a longform mashup than an actual release.

And it's not even a GOOD mashup. Trap can get same-y but these songs legitimately sound the same. The delivery is always the fucking same, the beats are nigh indistinguishable, the lyrics... okay I don't know the lyrics but I'm not trying. When a track called Interlude 2 is infinitely more interesting than everything else preceding it, you done fucked up.

Panda is still a fun fucking song to dance to though.

Best Track: Panda
Rating: 2.5/10

rayword45 12-31-2016 12:58 PM

Re: Read My Reviews
Day 364: RTJ3 by Run The Jewels

Up until today I've been loath to listen to any Run The Jewels releasess purely out of laziness. That was a fucking mistake, this is FANTASTIC so far.

I wish I had more to say. I wish this was 365. This is what I wanted when I listened to Death Grips. Never once over the course of this hour did a smile leave my face. This is some life-affirming shit.

Best Track: A Report to the Shareholders / Kill Your Masters
Rating: 9/10

rayword45 01-6-2017 01:23 AM

Re: Read My Reviews
Waste of a post, I'ma just warn you guys that 365 is gonna be uncharacteristically long and, somehow, uncharacteristically self-indulgent. Yeah, I don't know how I managed that one. But like, 2 people are gonna read the number anyways so whatever.

Coming tomorrow (AKA tonight) or Saturday.

Spenner 01-6-2017 05:29 AM

Re: Read My Reviews

And kudos on the dedication jeez louise.

rayword45 01-7-2017 03:06 PM

Re: 365 Reviews Done
Day 365: elseq 1-5 by Autechre (Album Choice: choof)

This is it guys. The bigun. Hey choof, you still owe me a review of It Just Gets Worse.

Yeah I'm not quitting after this, I have nothing better to do with my life. Well, clearly I have something better to do otherwise this wouldn't be coming 18 months late. Or maybe I'm just a lazy sack of shit. Eh... It's 1:00 A.M. and I'm gonna try to at least get through the first 3 EPs before calling it a night and finishing this off. These 365 reviews are like a chronicle of my mental descent. Even the so-bad-they're-terrible reviews like the Scientist albums and Analord 09 hold a special place in my heart as demarcations of certain points in my life. The latter I specifically remember writing while skipping school inside a MassArt bathroom because fuck going to AP Biology. That was a shit class, I didn't get the AP credit so I had to take a science course in college.

Going off that, I originally wanted to review user48736353001 as the big one... Yeah fuck that shit I don't think I'm ever gonna get through the entirety of that. While I listen to this one, I'm gonna reminisce a bit. Don't worry, I PROMISE I won't waste the entire review with dead self-indulgent air like usual. I'll separate the masturbation from the bad-but-legitimate music review.

I started NoFap as an experiment on January 3 because my bartard (I love you bro) friend convinced me to give it a shot. He swears by it like he swears by etizolam. 4 nights in, the only effect I'm truly noticing is multiple dreams, and they're very retarded dreams, shit like old high school spats turning into dance battles. I question my own psyche sometimes. And reading through these first few reviews of the challenge... Dude I have fallen for some ugly-ass chicks, inside and outside. Not specific to summer 2014, that's pretty harsh and I don't mean it there, I just mean in general. Fuck I have terrible taste in a lot of things. Ah well, opposites attract, right? That's why I get so much pussy. I was an angsty ass 16 year old back then and now I'm a numb, repressed, drugged up 19 year old, although I still have the exact same sense of absurdist hipster humor. Life is good, man. Those last two sentences came out way more depressing than I intended. Wait, HOLY FUCKING SHIT I started this challenge before I even had ever been drunk let alone try drugs that aren't weed. Wow perspective is insane. I bet if I looked at my posts on this website from 2007 I'd wanna kill myself.

3 years later, my favorite genres are still pretty much the same and I'm surprised I didn't list any electronic genres as favorite because they definitely were back then. Maybe it's because you're all weebs and I knew I would get a bunch of bleep-bloop recommendations anyways. There's a fuckton of albums I never revisited, maybe some warrant a revisit. Then again, a fuckton do not.

I'm gonna take a break after curvcaten to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. It could just be the lack of sleep but reading through this is making me feel all kinds of ways. Also there are a lot of reviews, including A Day At The Races, where I gave glowing reviews yet never returned. I'm not fixing that particular one right now I just need the bombast in my ears.

This song reminds me of Clone High for some reason. Okay, being dead serious, I am SO GLAD I am not as much of a loser as I was that summer. Jesus Christ, I don't feel I've changed much at all but I hate my slightly younger self so much. It's funny, because I talk pretty much the same way except I'm probably dumber now. Or I'm just as dumb but slightly more self-aware.

I am fully convinced the guy who recommended Believe to me is going to die one day of something stupid and drug related (good thing he'll never read this, I'm a bitch). Serves him right for recommending that album, just kidding I hope he turns his fucking life around. Man, I've only hung on to like, 7 or 8 friends from high school, really. It's only been 6 months from graduation, but this is also affected by my high turnover rate for friendship. In reality, the friends I've lost fucking suck and I am always right, but it sure does induce longing to think about that time period. Those time periods. Lemme peep these 2013 reviews real quick.

Ugh, that was terrible. That's enough of a picture of me for me. The other day, I managed to get the 5 people in a hipster restaurant to laugh by complaining about the hipster radio station playing Neutral Milk Hotel. I don't get it, I'm not funny and that wasn't funny, that was sincere. That 2013 shit was from when I was just starting my old job (which I had to leave in August because college). I miss my old job. I miss having a job. Even the prospect of an unpaid internship is sucky because I am a broke bitch.

"I need to experience this in some outdoor festival or gathering or something, preferably surrounded by MDMA (which I would NOT take)." - Me in my review of Vision Creation Newsun. That album is still fantastic but seriously, who the fuck did I think I was back then? I really don't remember my identity back then much because I hung out with people with entirely different interests than me. Oh yeah, I was a hipster who did crazy shit for laughs. That... still describes me. I really have no idea where I am going, do I? Hey, I remember the exact moment of this 4-album streak! I have fond memories of that family camping trip, but I'm bothered that I seem to remember only uneventful events instead of, like, the drama that I was so addicted to. Oh yeah, BabyMetal still sucks ass. HOLY SHIT MY FIRST TIME LISTENING TO BORIS THAT'S HOW I FOUND MY ROOMMATE. Weird way to find a roommate, but it's been working out well enough. Thank you noname219, I owe to you a large part of my college identity as a... Why the fuck am I considered "street-smart"? I'm not street-smart I'm just surrounded by rich white kids and brain frying hippies who probably shrivel up at the sight of a cop car. Why did I bold a username? I'm keeping that bolded. Looking a little further, I am so glad I was right in my predictions that college would be better than high school. Fuck high school that place fucked me up bad mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Well, not so much physically but FUCK BLS. I wanna go up to my most hated teachers and administrators, brag about my now full point higher GPA, and blow weed smoke in their faces. In reality, that would accomplish literally nothing, but a boy can dream, can't she? I just ran across an old photo where the College Board (based on test scores) told me to apply to all the Ivies as well as Colby and Brandeis, man fuck were they thinking? That GPA would've gotten my ass called up then beat by the admissions officers.

I notice that the word rif***e was once censored because of the word "***" being place inside. Dude, there has to have been like a thousand words that got censored because of that. When I was 13, I thought I was asexual, but then I discovered I was just repressed. I'm on 2015 in this thread of self-indulgence and occasionally music now. What happened that year? The only real stand out memory is going on a boat for New Years. Damn was that one of the best experiences of my life, only to be topped this year. Life is good, I self-deprecate too much. Wait, I used to hate TRAP? Dude I was a boring fuck most of junior year!

I've chronicled a shitton of my life on the internet, but most of those memories have been lost to time, hosting issues and database purges. And good on that, this is cringe enough. Damn I come across as pretty self-important, even pompous. That Drake review, ugh. Not the whole thing, but the intro is at least... ugh. Holy shit, I started this challenge before going to my first real concert! I started this challenge before ever actually getting anywhere with a girl! I started this challenge before I had any legal troubles! Well, none of those were actually that long ago, but still, time flies. Interesting to see my first impressions of some of my favorites and some things where my opinions changed drastically (damn, that Solid Gold review had some tracks replaced with Return The Gift versions by mistake). Meanwhile, I've remained the same angsty fool inside, I should probably see a therapist. I just realized that the point where I stopped and started again within this shittier section isn't very well specified. I didn't write this all at 1:00 A.M but oh well, assume I did.

The imagery some of these old reviews conjures up in my head makes me long for times that were objectively shittier. Well, not really, I'm missing the good times like listening to Porcupine Tree in a sweaty-ass Puerto Rican car, but then I remember that those good times were surrounding by poopy times. Oh yeah, that Shaggs review... Man, what the fuck. Wait, I made it PAST halfway within 365 days? Really? That's surprising to me.

"Regardless, I'll push on, let's aim for the end of the summer, and failing that the end of 2015." lmfao

That Saralee album review makes me more depressed than the Shaggs one since it's slowly coming true. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose. And this is the point where I'm gonna stop with the self-reflection... Man, I'm a mess.

Okay, why the fuck did these guys tour in 2015 and drop this so long after? I can recognize feed1 from that night, but that's it for this first EP. That's the best track of the first five for sure. The rest is still very good, but a lot of it seems to drag on quite a bit, especially c16 deep tread. Remember how when I reviewed Oversteps I commented on the song names? Yeah that still applies here, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP? Being obtuse for obtuse's sake is not something I can get down with if I can't say things out loud. Regardless of these complaints, this is a damn strong EP... or album. These really shouldn't be called EPs. I'm definitely gonna at least return to feed1 and 13x0 step, probably the whole thing.

elseq 2 is a little bit more acid. Is this just gonna be 5 mini-reviews following a bunch of bullshit? Probably. This first track makes me wanna dance, and it makes me long for New Years again, until it meanders around the halfway point. Why? Is this supposed to be a solo? An analog synth solo? This just sounds like ASS. It's not interesting the way Gantz Graf is with the seemingly random sounds, it's just equal parts boring and grating. Yeah I'm an Autechre pleb. I can't listen to this as a 4 hour album, it's just not gonna happen. I'm gonna treat it as such for the sake of the review but it really already feels like separate EPs. That first EP was great, this one started strong but then it devolves into nothing but fart sounds. Well, c7b2 also has a little bit of taste to it, but it mostly sounds like the same old wankery.

Each EP has its own flavor it seems. This is barely an album then. Regardless of that fact, eastre is fucking phenomenal drone. I think the flavor of elseq 3 is repetition. mesh cinereaL is great... whatever. Abrasive and atmospheric stuff, reminds me of what I wanted Tri Repetae to be. Not much else I can say for this third disc except I'd place it between the first two in terms of quality and enjoyability.

This stop-start shit is great. These staccato sounds are great. I'm not gonna separate my opinions of discs four and five into separate paragraphs. Minus elseq 2 which I can safely say I'm not a fan of, I think this is gonna be a great accompaniment to some acid trips. Funny, the acid disc is the one I don't want touching my acid.

Okay, yeah I had to seperate the last two discs into two seperate paragraphs because they're so utterly different. elseq 5 is the minimalist disc, or at least minimalist by my standards of what I expect Autechre to be. Remember, Gantz Graf is my lifeblood. On that note, all five tracks here are wonderful, especially freulaeux. I kinda expected a more explosive ending than oneum provided, but it's still gorgeous.

Okay, and that's it. I'm done. 365 motherfucking albums. I could've just done one of these but I had to do something kinda grand at least. The problem with rating this one is that most of these are really good EPs, but they don't really add up to a cohesive whole. If I were to rate these in order, it goes 8, 5, 9, 7, 8.

Fuck it, I'll just give it an 8. This was a clusterfuck trainwreck.

Best Track: eastre or freulaeux
Rating: 8/10

rayword45 01-7-2017 03:08 PM

Re: 365 Reviews Done
I warned y'all it was gonna be self-indulgent.

dAnceguy117 01-7-2017 05:19 PM

Re: 365 Reviews Done
lmao rif***e

rayword45 01-7-2017 05:31 PM

Re: 365 Reviews Done

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