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Matthia 05-28-2019 04:02 AM

yes i did it after 1.5 years took me way too long

for some reason I didn't get the "Congratulations! You reached level 100!" message after updating ranks, but that's not even the deal,

Anyways here is a recollection of all my big scores that pushed my own ass from 99 --> 100

starting with the lowest, but most hilarious omni

I have to say that I'm probably never going to AAA the junk wall ever again

my second blackflag 100+

AAA is still doable



i literally re-bf-ed this

idk why

look at all these scores, ok but actually these are all jokes, literally i haven't even shown you the real shit

First score with over 100.00 equivalency

improved by 1 boo later on lmao

First difficulty 100 AAA (Proud of)

Highest score of all

finally the score that took me to the 3-digits

I didn't think I would make it this far into an arrow game, first thought into the game was not being able to AAA a 42, but then I.. just ... 50... 60.. 70........80.........90.....how the heck..... 100. maybe this game was meant for me, maybe it was already the right type of game waiting for me. I had so much fun playing FFR with everyone, thank you guys! <3

MikeShinoda12345 05-28-2019 05:44 AM

Re: 100
These scores are way beyond me and it's ridiculous how after stuff like this you can still be #19 x_x

Way to go ^_^

EppuJoloZ 05-28-2019 06:32 AM

Re: 100
Congrats man, absolutely groundbreaking scores there! :D

DossarLX ODI 05-28-2019 06:51 AM

Re: 100
Congratulations! That's definitely an awesome achievement. :D

Sky Kitten 05-28-2019 08:45 AM

Re: 100
Congrats! That is an amazing achievement. :)

icontrolyourworld 05-28-2019 11:55 AM

Re: 100
congratss yo!!

WhatWhat123 05-28-2019 12:06 PM

Re: 100
we out here poppin 100+ songs bro bro
these are some hella good scores though, good job dude

Antori 05-28-2019 12:06 PM

Re: 100
congrats on lvl 100!! :D

FirstMaple8 05-28-2019 01:27 PM

Re: 100
holy shit nice improvement

mrpreggers 05-28-2019 01:35 PM

Re: 100
i clapped for you IRL i was so excited how stupid

Gravity Kitten 05-28-2019 02:59 PM

Re: 100
congratulations but now what

V-Ormix 05-28-2019 03:37 PM

Re: 100
damn when i seen the 100 title I was like i kno what this is good job

rushyrulz 05-28-2019 04:05 PM

Re: 100
how the fuck are people so good at Staple on Smile

justin_ator 05-28-2019 11:43 PM

Re: 100
This is nuts nice work

Lycostria 05-29-2019 12:06 AM

Re: 100
Now that's a big accomplishment haha. Congrats! Hoping to see you climb the ranks even more than you already have been doing!

Blackskull305 05-29-2019 01:17 AM

Re: 100
Well played pineapple man. To go from 0 to hero in 1.5 yrs is insane!

MikeShinoda12345 05-29-2019 03:30 AM

Re: 100

Originally Posted by rushyrulz (Post 4675697)
how the fuck are people so good at Staple on Smile

Warm up with a bunch of trilly + rolly stuff and then whore the song until you get a run where you don't rush too hard
The file's mostly a bunch of walls but they're not that tricky, so if you read them or figure them out, then you just need to trill your way through them without falling behind or burning out
A lot of finger independence stuff and it can be tiring but it's surprisingly straightforward

Matthia 05-29-2019 05:45 PM

Re: 100
thank you all once again,

by the way I will still be playing, in fact I might have the potential to AAA cold kurarok, husigi, and winter wind etude at some point, so I'll see what I can do

ps also trying to figure out system doctor ending patterns

gold stinger 05-30-2019 01:45 PM

Re: 100
3 levels until god status

Dinglesberry 05-30-2019 03:46 PM

Re: 100

Originally Posted by Matthia (Post 4675747)
ps also trying to figure out system doctor ending patterns

jack hard and OHT while jacking even harder

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