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badman7772 08-30-2020 01:08 AM

badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
Welcome to badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness


By signing up, you agree that you've read the rules and what's required for you to enter.

In this tournament, it will be a traditional cumulative tournament with as many divisions as seen fit, but with a twist! You have the choice to be in either your placed division, or one division below your own. If you choose the lower division, you will only qualify for the participation and MAYBE sponcon prizes, and top prize credits you WOULD have won will be passed down to the top players in that division that chose NOT to move down.

Here's how to enter:

-You must have at least 250 games played and 50 unique songs played. Exceptions will be made based on my discrepancy (using alt account, D8, etc.)

-Simply post in this thread stating you're "in" or that you wish to sign up.

-If you wish to be in 1 division below where you've been placed: Please let me know BEFORE round 2 starts. (For example: If you decide to change from D6 to D5 in the middle of round 1, you must let me know that you wish to do so, and you must submit a score for D5's song before the round ends.)


Q: When will the tournament start?
A: The tournament will start on Sunday, September 6th at 12:00 AM SERVER time.

Q: When will signups close?
A: Signups will officially close as soon as round 2 starts. This will allow players to sign up during round 1.

Q: How many rounds will there be?
A: There will be six (6) rounds.

Q: How long will each round last?
A: Each round will last four (4) days.

Q: What division will I be in?
A: You will very likely be in the division specified in your Skill Rating. However, I will be looking at your scores to ensure a fair placement. I understand that borderline placements are NOT easy to place and can either make or break someone's experience. This is why I'm giving the opportunity to go down one division so you can at least be comfortable during this tournament.

Q: Which scoring are we using?
A: We will be using RAW scoring for this tournament.

Q: Can I submit late scores?
A: Yes. However, you get a 50 raw point penalty on the late score for each day that it's late (maximum 200 points). You can only submit scores for the current round and one round prior (only if you haven't submitted a score for that round yet.)
*Final round scores may NOT be submitted late.

Q: What happens if let's say I don't submit for round 1 and it's now round 3?
A: Your name will be completely dropped from the tournament and any credits you have earned in the tournament will be forfeited.

Q: How do I submit a score?
A: All scores must be posted in this thread. If it's not posted in the thread, it won't count.

Q: Can I skip rounds in the tournament?
A: No. You must submit PASSING scores for all rounds of the tournament.

Q: Where can I keep track of progress and scores for the entire tournament?
A: This Spreadsheet Here.

Q: I qualify for a top cut prize, but I was the best player that didn't go down a division. How many credits would I win?
A: I will add up all top cut credit prizes won by the players that chose to go down a division, then distribute them equally to the top players that didn't move down.

1st: D7 player (80k)
2nd: D7 player (60k)
3rd: D6 player (40k)
4th: D6 player
5th: D6 player

140k credits won by D7 players will be passed down to the D6 players, so the real distribution would like this:

3rd: D6 player (46,666 + 40k)
4th: D6 player (46,666)
5th: D6 player (46,666)

*credit numbers do not represent actual figures of what will be given out. i'm broke anyways.

Q: Can I donate to the prize pool?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What can I donate?
A: You can donate any number of credits simply by sending credits to me and stating in the message or in this thread that you donated. If you wish to donate a non-credit prize, please PM me or send me a message on Discord.

Q: What's your Discord?
A: badman7772 #7446

I'm also pretty sure you know about cheating and blah blah blah. Get caught and you'll be DQ'd with no prize and possibly be sent to the shadow realm.

Total Prize Pot: 1,500,000~

Top 3 qualifying players in each division will receive a top cut prize. All other players will receive a prize for completing all six rounds of the tournament. Tournament prizes will be equally distributed, meaning for example D1 receives the same top cut and participation prizes as any other division.


So I'm sitting at 50,000 credits right now and with my current situation, the only time to really host a tournament for me is around this time. I know staff is worn out from doing the OT and I feel like players (especially D6+) are still hungry like hippos. You do NOT have to donate if you don't want to.

If you DO donate at least 10k credits though: I will make your name in the spreadsheet any BG/text color you want alongside a custom color/text for your scores because my choice of colors might suck to you. LOL!

People who donated so far! <3

CammyGoesRawr: 300,000
axith: 200,000
Devilchilly: 141,069
_Zenith_: 150,000 (for sponcons)
mkxc3: 123,456

Ultimate Mike7: 90,007
SK8R43: 90,000
laserguyman: 50,010
MarcusHawkins: 50,009
TheSaxRunner05: 50,000
themastergrant: 50,000
SubaruPoptart: 30,000
sploder12: 37,192
beeattack: 25,000
kainivy: 20,000
ULTIMEGA: 20,000
The Ice Cream Queen: 10,000
_Fluttershy_: 7,772 (lol)


Sponcons are side challenges that happen during rounds of this tournament. Sponcons are 100% optional, but you MUST currently be in the tournament to submit for them. You will earn the number of credits specified for completing a sponcon, but there may also be a competition to see who gets the most points, lasts the longest in something, etc. to earn additional credits.


-Each submission must have an Operating System timestamp as well as proof that you are logged in as your username on FFR.

-You can submit as many times as you want, but only your best score will count.

-Cheating is strictly prohibited.

-All Sponcon credits will be handed out at the end of the tournament alongside all main event prizes.

Round 1

D1: Distorted reality
D2: Solar Force
D3: Laser Shooter
D4: Miniboss
D5: Nightfall (Original Mix)
D6: Exothermic (Overheat Remix)
D7: Shattered
D8: _.Pulse

*D8 I know how possible it is for all of you to AAA this whole tournament. To make this interesting I will add an additional twist. If you AAA your song on rates. I'll give you an extra 100 points for every 10% rate you add (1.1 for 100, 1.2 for 200, etc.). In addition. If you play your song on rates, add the bonus points, and it exceeds the AAA mark for 1.0 rate, you may also submit that score. This applies for D8 only.


I've been feeling quite lucky lately. As an urban legend once said: "The one who gets a five-of-a-kind will always be a champion." In this sponcon your mission is to defeat the evil Bill in a game of Yahtzee! and claim your confidence that you can do anything in this tournament!

Submit your victory over Bill for 1,000 credits! Whoever rolls the house-high will have their winnings ten-fold!

This round will end on Wednesday, September 9th at 11:59 Server Time

Round 2

D1: Time Bomb (feat. Veela)
D2: Blue (Ashix Remix)
D3: Tokimori Uta
D4: Mozart on Crack
D5: Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix)
D6: Rave 1
D7: Anima
D8: Happy Arnold=)


I guess Yahtzee was a little stressful for some of you. Bill does cheat after all, but those who beat him proved that cheating doesn't always result in victory. I suppose we can try to modify what we have to do to have an advantage over the opposition...or not?

In this sponcon your going to play your tournament file using the Random and Scramble mods. A passing effort will net you 2,000 credits! If you AAA your song, you will win 3,000 more credits! If nobody in your division AAA's, then the highest score in your division that didn't AAA will also win 3,000 more credits!

-This is a FFR sponcon so submit this like you would a regular tournament score.

This round will end on Sunday, September 13th at 11:59 Server Time

Round 3

D1: Expedite
D2: Say It Right (Sanxion7 Remix)
D3: Supporting Me...
D4: Keep In Mind
D5: Bloody Tears
D6: Inspector Gadget [Powerglove]
D7: Lawn Wake XI
D8: Music -corrupted mix-


I hope you're having a great tournament experience so far! I just want to genuninely say that I greatly appreciate that you all chipped in almost 1.4 million credits to the prize pot compared to my only about 50,000. Thank you guys for letting me host this tournament for you guys while providing me feedback on a few things that may or may not have been pointed out. For this...Prepare for trouble!

In this sponcon, you're going to play Crazy Roll 3D! All you have to is roll the ball as far as you can while collecting the diamonds. Use these diamonds to continue playing if you hit a wall or fall off the platform into the bottomless pit. Score will be based off distance and not crystals collected. Submit a score of at least 500m and receive 2,000 credits! Top 3 players will win an extra 13,000 credits to total out 15,000!


That's right! TWO sponcons in 1 round!

In this sponcon, you're going to play Nanaca Crash!! Object is simple. Send him flying as far as you can by aiming and timing your shot! Submit a score of at least 500m and receive 2,000 credits! Top 3 players will win an extra 13,000 credits to total out 15,000! You can go thank Hakulyte and CammyGoesRawr for suggesting this, especially if you find yourself addicted...

Remember that you must submit proof of FFR login AND OS timestamp (bottom right hand corner of Windows usually) for these to count!

Hope you enjoy this round's treats! :)

This round will end on Thursday, September 17th at 11:59 PM Server Time

Round 4

D1: Bicycle Break
D2: Less Talk More Rokk (Mark Saunders Remix)
D3: Rise Up
D4: Christmix 2014
D5: Bubble Bath Aftermath
D6: Little God Ch@nnel
D7: The Ordeal Becomes Great
D8: Blackmagik Blazing


A lot of time was grinded in the two sponcons from last round. Perhaps so much so that some players may have forgotten what the end-goal was. It's okay though. I'm here to help you get back on track.

In this sponcon, your task is to submit a passing score on FFR on what your favorite song/stepfile combination and describe why you picked your submission. This can come from any of the other engines outside of FFR's if you so choose. Complete this task and receive 4,000 credits!

There won't be a competition this time. You've got a long song to play this round and you'll need to use your energy this round to conquer it.

This round will end on Monday, September 21st at 11:59 Server Time

Round 5

D1: Emotional Adventure
D2: Butterflies (Short Edit)
D3: Nintendon't
D4: Colibri
D6: Sayonara Cosmonaut
D7: _.Pulse
D8: Mishnu


I'll say it again. Your favorite songs from the previous round's sponcon were amazing! There was like, only one song that wasn't picked including my pick that was part of my eye-opening soundtrack from my good ol' High School days. I'll definitely say you all nailed it! Now to reward you with a very random Family Guy infomercial...but with a twist.

Bacon in a cup,
Bacon in a cup,
Bacon ehn uh cup!

That's right! In this sponcon you're going to play Put-Bacon (in a cup!) Your objective is to to literally have bacon strips land inside the cup (most of the time from the pan) to score a point. There is a very hefty learning curve to this though. Submit a score of 5 points or higher and you'll win 5,000 credits! The top 5 players will each win an additional 15,000 credits for a total of 20,000!

Oh and back to the picks. Name the song that wasn't picked by myself and other previous sponcon participants that I would have wanted to see picked. If you guess correctly, you win 20,000 credits! If you guess wrong, you have to wait until 5 different people post their picks in order for you to try again. Failure to follow this rule will DQ you from this sponcon. The hint should already be somewhere here, and don't ask for it. You won't need to post a score on your selection, just post your guess.

One last thing. Remember to post OS timestamps and proof of FFR login for the non-FFR sponcon. Haven't counted one without either of of these yet, and it won't start now.

This round will end on Friday, September 25th at 11:59 Server Time

Round 6

D1: The Wanderer
D2: Faces [Heavy]
D3: Sanctuary of pantheon
D4: Palace of Destruction
D5: The First Epidemic
D6: Rave 5
D7: oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix)
D8: Powerflux

NO LATE SCORES ACCEPTED! If you're still in the tournament, you must submit all six rounds to win any prizes (including sponcons). Top 3 players will win top prizes, and players who lowered down a division will have their winnings split to the real top 3 players.


First off, I want to apologize for last round's sponcon. It was glitch hell for everyone and I had no idea until after the round was posted. Now for the following presentation.

The tradition some of you may have seen coming. If you placed a bet that this was the sponcon, go ahead and claim your money. It's time to unleash the full fury of endurance (and a little RNG!) You've come this far. Now you have to hang on for the top spot!

In this sponcon, you will play the Helicopter game! It's very simple. Keep the helicopter going as far as you can.

Submit a score of at least 500 points to receive a prize of 6,000 credits! Whoever gets the high score will win an additional 44,000 credits! Good luck!

This round will end on Tuesday, September 29th at 11:59 Server Time

SubaruPoptart 08-30-2020 01:42 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
in. :)

For my scores, make it #452262.

badman7772 08-30-2020 01:52 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart (Post 4741622)
in. :)

For my scores, make it #452262.

You might want a BG color too. It might not go well with black. I just wanna make sure you have something that looks readable at least.

Also Thanks for the dono! :)

SubaruPoptart 08-30-2020 02:18 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Originally Posted by badman7772 (Post 4741623)
You might want a BG color too. It might not go well with black. I just wanna make sure you have something that looks readable at least.

Also Thanks for the dono! :)

o the background is black, ummmmb- a dark green for the background in that case :P

ruf323 08-30-2020 03:05 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
i would like to join.

Viisbyxa 08-30-2020 03:17 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
I'm in for my division, D4. Hopefully I remember to play every 4 days.

Matthia 08-30-2020 03:22 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Snupeh 08-30-2020 05:56 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Bolth mannn 08-30-2020 06:08 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
In, division lower lets goooo

axith 08-30-2020 06:12 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

Sent some credits too. #3fe5f4 on black will be good with me.

sploder12 08-30-2020 07:11 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

color #94efff with black background please.

danredge 08-30-2020 07:58 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
In i'm D4 n_n

Ipu Maipants 08-30-2020 08:55 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

SK8R43 08-30-2020 08:59 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
I'll participate, but I'll likely get in last lol
But I'll try for D5 since I can never seem to get past round 2 or 3 in an official. I don't need any prizes, just want to have some fun. :p

Lpoool 08-30-2020 09:26 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

themastergrant 08-30-2020 09:26 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
I’m in. I’ll take my current division and I’ll send 50k credits over later to add to pool

BigHayden1 08-30-2020 09:29 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness

radioamor 08-30-2020 09:31 AM

Re: badman7772's Tournament of Hopelessness
I am in and ready to (not) win.

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