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chardish 01-31-2005 04:07 PM

Play "The Werewolf Game"
Play The Werewolf Game!

The Werewolf Game is a very popular game on the forums here, but because it's such a tight-knit community and we don't want to bother other people with our antics, the forum is invisible.

It is a game of lying and rooting out the liars. There are a certain number of humans in a village whose ranks are populated by multiple werewolves. During the day, the werewolves are indistinguishable from normal humans. During the night, however, they kill off one human of their choice.

The werewolves know who each other are, but the humans don't. The humans' job during the daytime is to discern who the werewolves are and vote to lynch one of them. The werewolves' job is to pose as normal humans and lead them into lynching their own people by mistake. Of course, they must do this while themselves appearing as human as possible.

The humans' goal is to lynch all the wolves. The wolves' goal is to kill enough humans so that they equal the wolves in number €“ making it easy for the wolves to kill them all without fear of retribution.

The humans have a number of special roles to help them out during the game, such as a Seer who can determine if someone is a wolf or a human beyond any doubt, and a Guardian who can protect someone from the wolves at night. Roles, rules, and jobs are described in more detail inside the forum.

This is a forum that requires constant attention (if you join a game, you must be able to post every day) and a lot of enthusiasm. We welcome newcomers, though €“ don't hesitate to become a part of our game.

TWG is a game of deep, critical thinking and wits. It is never won by random chance. That is why this advertisement post is in Critical Thinking. Go if you're prepared to put some depth into your thought.

There are two games. TWG (The Werewolf Game) is the game for veteran players and people who were around when the game was first brought to FFR. The jTWG (Junior Werewolf Game) is for newcomers to become acquainted with the rules and strategies before they start playing with harder competition. It is highly recommend that you play a jTWG first.

Note that the forum has rules of behavior of its own. Read the rules. If you misbehave in the forum, your access might be permanently revoked.

If you're interested (and we hope you are!), sign up for the TWG Players user group by clicking here:


NOTE: Acceptance into the TWG usergroup may take up to 24 hours. Please be patient.

Happy wolfing!
-The FFR TWG team


devonin 03-21-2008 09:41 PM

Re: Play "The Werewolf Game"

Originally Posted by Brilliant Dynamite Neon (Post 2018378)
Hello. I'm sure some of you have been intrigued by that subforum up top titled "The Werewolf Game" and looked around. However, the forum as a whole may appear confusing. However, if you are tired of the same old dry forum games and need something more interesting and intellectually involving, The Werewolf Game could be just the thing for you.

What is the werewolf game?

Well, it goes something like this. The traditional werewolf game takes place in a village haunted by werewolves. One night, the werewolves decide to murder a resident of the village and the game begins. Afterward, the humans wake up with their dead friend and do what humans do best: blame someone. Aware that there are werewolves in their midst, they vote to "lynch" someone who they think is a werewolf during the day. Then they go back to bed when night falls, hoping the nightmare is over. As long as there are still wolves left, they will continue their nightly killings, only to transform back into humans during the day and go through the rounds of "who's the wolf" with the other villagers. The wolves can continue to whittle down the village until the number of humans equals the number of werewolves, allowing them to kill them all without fear of retribution. The humans aim to lynch all the werewolves before this happens.

So...what exactly is this again?

Okay, I'll give you the quick and dirty version. A werewolf game employs a number of players (at least 8, but usually 12 or more). About 1/4 of these players are werewolves, who know who each other are. The rest are humans. There is also a host or moderator who controls the game. The game cycles through two phases, Night and Day. During the night, the werewolves secretly decide on a human to kill by sending a Private Message (PM) to the host. Then day starts, and the person that the wolves picked is announced as "dead", eliminated from the game and disallowed to post further in the game thread. During the day, all the players vote on who to lynch and remove from the game. Then the game goes back to night, and the game continues as such until the victory requirements for either side are met.

Werewolves Win
when the number of wolves equals the number of humans.
Humans Win when they have lynched all the wolves.

It is rarely just humans and wolves, however. There are often special human roles, and sometimes wolf roles, that can be helpful to either side.

buuut, the most basic concepts:
Humans try to figure wolves out
Wolves try not to get figured out

Other notes?
TWG has been around FFR for a long time. There is a "junior" division especially for new players (jTWG) which was recently defunct due to lack of players.

That's where you come in.

If you are interested, please come to the forum and sign up for the latest jTWG. Be sure to read the beginner's guide (might be helpful if you find my explanation confusing, and also elaborates a little further) and some of the other topics.

We hope to see you there!

[/hey, if there was a topic in CT inviting people, this shouldn't be against the rules. Sticky? maybe. Lock? please no.]

EDIT: Also noteworthy is the fact the AIM is the main method of private communication in TWG, and it is crucial that you have one if you wish to play.

Bumping and updating for Great Justice!

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