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DossarLX ODI 03-20-2018 06:13 PM

2018 January/February Set 2 (complete)
Acid Rain
Balloon Fight
lolharp5000 v2
Rape Castle
The Day The Sun Exploded

Note: These files are not on the public engine. Some discussion is happening related to uploading regular batch sets.

DossarLX ODI 09-1-2019 02:00 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 2
DarkZtar is picking up Set 2.

psychoangel691 09-28-2019 03:47 AM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 2
Set has been re-assigned to Gradient

psychoangel691 10-2-2019 03:57 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 2
Acid Rain (Prawnskunk): [ 5.5 / 10 ]
Intro could really use a cut so the player doesn’t have to wait 20 seconds to get into anything
32.360: Could use notes here as you’ve stepped other occurrences of sounds like this in rest of file
There’s a lack of jumps to any notes with strong emphasis in the whole file, which makes the few that do happen like at 35.250 or 111.877 feel like you never meant for those to be there. There’s also several jumps in the break section at 122 which is a section that was in the least need of layering at all as it’s quiet filler.
Not a whole lot of variations in patterning like in the section at 162.481 where the 2242123 repeats for quite a bit or every instance of sounds like at 138.625 only being 12341234
Comb through this again looking for missing notes like the sections at 87.550, 92.720, or 103.925, just to name a few around a picked out spot in the file
Overall, there’s some neat things going on like the colored notes to emphasize glitched sounds, but there’s plenty of missing notes considering the sounds layered, along with the lack of jumps except for the few that are very questionable because of the rest that are missing. It leads to the file feeling empty and with no variation, which for a file that’s 4 minutes long is very needed. Intro and ending cuts would help very slightly with that due to the 20 second intro and 11 second outro filler

Balloon Fight (Deamerai): [ 9* / 10 ]
1.455 - 2.801: Feels strange not playing the 12ths to the melody but rhythm to the drums is right so it’s okay.
17.264: missing note
17.348: missing note
17.768: should be jump based on current layering
21.281: should be jump based on current layering
( * ) 21.620 - 26.666: all beats in this section noticeably off of waveform, should be shifted down so first beat on 21.635 and last beat on 26.680. Some would probably think the file’s fast enough that it’s negligible but a super fast fix for this would make a noticeable difference in accuracy there.
Pretty short but sweet overall with very solid layering, reminds me of a junior version of Adventures of Lolo but with much better audio quality haha

Lolharp5000 v2 (Deamerai): [ 5.5 / 10 ]
If you were going for a harder version you certainly did it, but it unforutnately comes not from patterning different rhythms (minus the altered streams near the end) but through sheer overlayering that ends up feeling very inconsistent when taking filler patterns between jumps/hands into account.
9.337: Even feels similar to the original in terms of patterning, ignoring putting notes according to the ascending/descending pitches and just making more jumps.
Inconsistent yellow notes to (hihat?) like one missing at 16.912, there being one at 17.362, not sure what 19.762 is, missing one at 20.062, there being one at 20.662, missing at 21.262. File would have to be gone through again looking for these.
The ‘solo’ at 51.337 is nice as it rhythms the sounds correctly compared to original file with the 12ths added in with the 16ths.
Overall, it really just feels way too similar in terms of rhythms to the original file but with almost everything being added jumps and hands with inconsistency between which ones are used. Leads to it being very messy to play.

Rape Castle (Prawnskunk): [ 8.5* / 10 ]
Damn solid file.Was hovering between this rating and a 9, but the two sections below were a bit jarring so rating ended up siding lower.
In terms of layering, when a new section is introduced and the jumps changed it sort of caught me off guard, but in each area the layering made sense so that’s great.
( * ) Only two things stood out to me as ‘wrong’ and that would be 46.995 - 47.679, where the 12ths don’t match either the electronic sound pitch changes nor the drums. Either one would be fine to layer (the pitch changes because of previous trill or the drums due to their prominence)
( * ) The second thing would be 96.983 - 97.773, where I have no idea what these 24ths are going to. The initial (34) to the ‘blech’ sound I get but the remaining ones don’t match background electronic sound pitch changes nor the ‘blech’ echo. Once the rhythms in those two sections are cleaned up, file’s good to go.
Merely a suggestion in that the 4ths from 160.074 - 165.757 could use jumps to the bass kicks. Would provide a bit more consistent layering especially with it being right near the end of the file, while also not bumping difficulty much at all.

The Day The Sun Exploded (Prawnskunk): [ 9.5 / 10 ]
Intro (1)’s being patterned like that so there’s no need to emphasize with jumps is pretty good.
10.322: bursts obviously last longer than those three notes but I’ll agree with that decision as 4+ notes there would clutter into the non-burst patterns
23.087: 64ths here also not accurate but I can also agree with that decision. Accurate layering there would be a bit of a difficulty spike.
42.461: Right to left patterning in this tiny set of 48ths would better fit the descending notes in melody
39.453: Be careful with how you use this, I guess ‘cameljack’, patterning in this 3-note set of 32nds, because in this case it creates a bit of an anchor on (3) which makes the 24th stream as a whole not as smooth to hit. This happens in the other 24th streams as well like the anchor on (2) at 78.442, or the anchor on (3) at 82.132.
89.272: 32nd stream will certainly trip some players on up on their sightread due to the rest of the streams in the file being 24ths, but man is this section smooth to hit
All in all: the layering was spot on, couple smart decisions like doing the 3-note rolls in intro and outro as you did or stepping the bloops as 3-note rather than 4+-note bursts, which while both may not be 100% accurate, overall lead to better playability and smooth difficulty. Streams also very nice to hit aside from the few instances where the 3-note 32nds in the 24th streams lead to there being a slight anchor.

gold stinger 10-2-2019 05:20 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 2
9.5 / 10, das hot

Gradiant 10-2-2019 05:33 PM

Re: 2018 January/February Set 2

Originally Posted by gold stinger (Post 4699965)
9.5 / 10, das hot

It was pretty damn good haha

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