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the sun fan 08-15-2019 10:41 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar (Post 4693470)
When I flip green I hope every one of you feels bad about it

Lar, I was recently in the same position you were in
You know what I did?
I accepted the lynch, gave reads, and knew it wasn't personal

This lynch is literally free, and if you flip green, I will not feel bad
and its got nothing to do with you or how you played
and everything to do with how the game has progressed

the sun fan 08-15-2019 10:44 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
If u still don't understand, the wolf, if it is not u, has given town an extra lynch
to not use it on u would be a mistake given that there wasn't a nightkill last night

now, town has 3 chances at finding the wolf, instead of 2
seems like a pretty good situation to me

Xelicopter 08-15-2019 10:47 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar (Post 4693470)
When I flip green I hope every one of you feels bad about it

like all seriousness

if I am in that group at all

you should know i won't feel bad


for like, most anything

MixMasterLar 08-15-2019 11:25 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Don't Insta me and let me have the chance to get reads out and do some work and in return I promise to be a good sport about it.

Legit tho I'm town so you need to keep on keeping on in establishing a lynch order

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 08:50 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Rereading now

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 09:32 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Most of Day One either doesn't seem to matter of is filled with towns/people who replaced out. A few things that caught my eye so far:

In relation to SunFan and Jessie

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4691677)
Hmmm, a couple of wolves distancing themselves from one another, got it.


Originally Posted by Xiz (Post 4691703)
Know this post raises an eyebrow for me. HMM

When asked why by Enquisit:

Originally Posted by Xiz (Post 4691725)
May be how out of all things Psycho could have talked about, it was that. Feels weird for her character, or forced. Could be wrong. But still raises the good ol' eyebrow.

This and my fued with Funny are about the only serious things in the first half of the game and that whole Lar v Funny ordeal reads like a waste of space now.


Originally Posted by roundbox (Post 4691763)
the double vote on enquisite is raising my eyebrows considering its their first game
seems like easy pickings

This looks better on the reread.

Also some wolf/wolf interactions:


Originally Posted by cloud wine (Post 4691762)
Have you played with enquisite before?


Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 (Post 4691766)
No I haven't. It's their first game. I was just thinking that it could be possible that they aren't posting very much because of wolf coaching.

Which Roundbox calls out


Originally Posted by roundbox (Post 4691770)
didn't you post a ton in your jtwg though?

I've never really bought too many claims about wolf coaching since there's no real way to prove it

why do you think they'd be told not to post?

And Shadow God's response has a little more of a defensive tone in it


Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 (Post 4691775)
It's not that they're being told not to post. I think they just aren't sure what they're doing and they might be getting a lot of help for move forward as a new player. That's how it appears to me at least

I don't think 3 wolves make this conversation happen, and it makes me feel like Roundbox is never a wolf. We'll see if this feeling last but honestly it looks pretty solid with hindsight

Also Antori drops a reads that no one had to beg for within like his first 5 posts


Originally Posted by Antori (Post 4691776)
so far most gut feelings i got are that i wanna lynch xelicopter
-my reads on xelnya are 99% of the time wrong but it's something to go off, but i get the feeling that he's more active than usual and that's to hide something, could also be that they're just enjoying the roleplay but it's also the first time i see him roleplay like this, there's just something weird in it
-i'm getting hints of town MML play with his posts and his decision to vote inactives even though i disagree with it it's still something a town mml would do in my head
-the sun fan is doing usual the sun fan stuff by being good player that points out important stuff and votes people i dont suspect at all and somehow turns out to be correct always
-i didn't get much from the other players, psychoangel's wolfin post seemed fine to me i didn't i didn't think much of the jessie and sunfan interaction and i'm down to vote jessie or not doesn't change much in my book
-i dont know how to read shadowgod i admit that much so i'll not think of it until he becomes a main wagon cause otherwise i would just probably be flipping a coin behind the scenes lol
-zenith is a pink lion um yeah next person
-cloud wine is doing stuff, it's good i guess i can't tell it's my first game with him so i'm not happy with lynching him since i'm still trying to solve him
-funny is acting abit proactive and it's nice to see wouldn't lynch but it's someone i'll keep an eye out for, maby im just thinking too much into it
-i dont know how to read roundbox i'm sorry dont hate me most stuff they do just goes past me as normal except for his votes and we haven't had any votes on his side yet
-i like how relaxed dabackpack was for d0 it makes me wanna relax aswell so when i was going through thread i didn't read into him alot i'm just happy he's not reading into me instead
-i hope other players dont get nuked

wolf read(i'm not taking these simple reads seriously(but maby i am(but maby not(nobody knows))))

....they are still not super good.

Normally town Antori has to be prodded for reads so I wonder if this is him over thinking wolf or if he's evolving his game.

Knowing that at least 2 wolves are posting pretty recently his last bit about hoping half the game doesn't get nuked doesn't seem like him lamenting that his partners are gonna get trashed, and that skews him a little positive

Still reading day one. Here with my neighbor who he gets a CT Scan. Have to help him out with stuff but there's a lot of downtime so I'm sure I'll get through the whole game today

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 09:32 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Roundbox looks town before we reach d0's EoD

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 10:15 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 (Post 4691811)
Iirc he did this in the last game, and he got destroyed we all figured out he was a 3p sk. I really don't think Antori is so unlucky as to roll that two times in a row though.

Known wolf defending antori, saying his play is similar to scum play but defending him all the same?
But I read that game in real time and I don't know if I even agree that it's similar Antori play though.


Originally Posted by Antori (Post 4691834)
i'll agree it's a tiny bit forced i wouldn't of made it if i could but people need reads list so i had to drop what i had

I'm....gonna leave this here. At the time I defended it but right after Shadows defense it kind of reads differently. Is that just on me? you decide

Then DBP happens


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691917)
funnygurl lock town

This was correct


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691919)
svaz lock town

This was correct

Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691921)
roundbox town

Yet to be seen, but worth pointing out and also (sorta) ties into something in a bit


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691922)
this is not a good post, reads like a naked sheep on sunfan

In response to Shadow God who he ends up voting for and is a wolf


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691924)
this is interesting to me

probably towny but could reveal antori-MML team

In response to me defending Antori.

We then get into a fight about my unvote, who the aggressor was in Lar v Funny, and my disapproval on him waiting until the 11th hour to try and solve everything.

He concludes


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691959)
this thunderdome is prolly t/t



Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691962)
The lack of activity from most people makes me think that this is t/t

wolves sitting back watching a mislynch in process

Myself, Funny, Hate, Roundbox all fairly active. He actually makes this post as Roundbox is still giving thoughts. If he is right about wolves sitting back watching that makes Roundbox look good.

He then votes a wolf


Originally Posted by DaBackpack (Post 4691971)

We get final votes

Originally Posted by Charu (Post 4691983)

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 10:17 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

DBP Comes in, calls 2 town's lock towns, calls me just a town, and endorses Roundbox. He then states that the other wolves are in the d0 inactive doing EoD

Do we sheep DBP all the way? I was already thinking Roundbox was town so I'm willing to.

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 10:58 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
First half of Day 2 is a bunch of fucking cleared town's talking amongst themselves and it's so obvious the wolves are playing UTR it makes me want to throw up

First post by someone in question...

Originally Posted by Xelicopter (Post 4692102)


...and it's to disagree with the nightkill when it was a pretty obvious nightkill both at the time and way more now. Imagine being the wolf and seeing DBP come in and start wrecking house like that. Dude was a goddamn machine.

Most of Xel's post this phase are either jokes or don't add much.

Next post by a person in question (obviously not counting me, for clarity' s sake I will be referring to me ad a confirmed town since there's no reason to care about any of this if I flip wolf) is like halfway through the phase by Pyschoangel, and it's her first beefy post of the game.


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692137)
My bad on being absent EOD, I totally screwed up the phase timing. I've read up to page 11 so far but wanna drop some stuff now then continue so I don't screw up again like I just did and lose a ton of quotes lol.


Will do!

I mean really most of it had be general chatter about random life things, site things et c etc. It was the first thing that stood out as "well maybe could be a wolf move" but it wasn't all that serious either. Been a long time since I've been in a wolf game and I was never that great at it lmao.

I'll likely be giving Enquisite a pass for the phase because of this post unless something really suspect comes up.

Here I suspect it could possibly be a situation of oh someone accused one of my buddies let me hop on that train to look less suspicious. But I've still got a lot to read yet.

That last bit is about Shadow talking about Antori.


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692148)
hmmm I don't really have too much else right now after reading the rest. I need to look through each individual person.
shadow was kind of funny to me because he'd asked where Harford county was even though he and I had talked a TON to the point of talking about a meetup so he definitely knew I was in Maryland, lol. It felt like a forced way to make conversation and I wish I'd gotten to call that out earlier but oops.

sun fan is pretty town read for me right now even though I always think he's wolf cause of old games, lol
hate had eod vote on a wolf and hasn't seemed too suspect yet to me
MML has seemed pretty actively trying to solve the game to me so far and DBP ended up moving away from him by EOD

That's all my thoughts for right now, I'll be watching how this day unfolds O_o

Bit on Shadow is all hindsight readings and Kayla didn't even vote. Could be an attempt to make it seemed like she had more of a pulse on the game then she really does. Not a huge fan


Originally Posted by Enquisit (Post 4692154)
why would this jessie person do that

we have all the info we need

This comment along with the Cocoa vote when a wolf could have joined me in voting zenith pretty much clears the slot in hindsight

More town talking to town and shit.

Pyschoangel checks in


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692217)
It's quiet....

too quiet....

Antori finally post his only post of the day, an hour before Funny hammers at SunFan's request


Originally Posted by Antori (Post 4692286)
morning i'm woke

Annnnnnnnnd final vote count


Originally Posted by Charu (Post 4692324)




Assuming SunFan was on to something about the wolves just sitting out, Cloud_Wine/Precarious makes no post this phase, neither does Roundbox, Antori made one and I'd say Pyschoangel and Xel are probably tied content wise, but Xel is around a hell if a lot more.

Roundbox spent the phase driving and could have probably made EoD if not for the hammer. In rereading the thread i think right now he's probably still town and it's extremely unfair to lump him in with Antori and Could Wine

the sun fan 08-16-2019 11:04 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
why was funnygurl an obvious nightkill "then and now"
I disagree with both of those conclusions

the sun fan 08-16-2019 11:04 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
ah, my b, I got the days mixed up
yeah, DBP was an obvious nightkill don't mind me

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 11:13 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
TL DR most of phase was confirmed town being town. Insta probably robbed us if seeing who would actually try to make a solid EoD. Antori makes one post and checks out not commenting on anything (which is sus) and Pyschoangel's shadow God read deals with a bunch of stuff not really game related and is all hindsight anyway with no prior backing (which is more sus to me)

Subaru gets a solid town slot that i can't read as anything else rn

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 11:14 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Doctor visit over sooner then expected, driving now. Will continue later this afternoon

the sun fan 08-16-2019 11:19 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar (Post 4693516)
a solid town slot that i can't read as anything else rn

how did u get here?

the sun fan 08-16-2019 11:32 AM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
There is water underground
Into the blue again
After the money's gone
Under the rocks and stones
There is water underground

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 12:08 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4693518)
how did u get here?


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4693520)
Letting the days go by
Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
There is water underground
Into the blue again
After the money's gone
Under the rocks and stones
There is water underground

First off I just listened to that song; its one of my favs

Second, Enqusit's vote on Dragon with the power of hindsight. Kinda of....what I said in my big post?

Back and continuing to read

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 01:32 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

This day phase there was a lot of SunFan, Xiz and Roundbox taking shots at each other and it all reads as three towns with no leads trying to make reads. I'm there for half the phase drunk and I miss EoD because I lost track of time playing Overwatch. I don't quote a lot of what happens because it all either is at now confirmed towns or are proddings that lead to dead ends. Maybe I've just convinced myself at this point that Roundbox is a miss but I can't read any of his post as deep wolf.

Xel is consistently around even though he doesn't do much but get angry with Antori and I think that's a good look for him.


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692472)
nah its totally fine; shooting town is not that big of a deal there

funnygurl will cry when I say it but it was a fine shot imo

Proof I was not the only one who assumed Funny was the shot, since the idea that I am becomes such a sticking point


Originally Posted by Antori (Post 4692474)
guys why did you insta so early bruh i didn't even hit my daily post count

This is followed by a bunch of nothing followed by a bunch of near nothing.


Originally Posted by Xelicopter (Post 4692504)









1. the sun fan
2. Xiz
3. MixMasterLar

4. roundbox
5. SubaruPoptart
6. XelNya/Xelicopter
7. HateandHatred
8. Antori
9. jessiebessie
10. Precarious
11. psychoangel691



Xel outs his role and actually contributes to the game in a pretty significant way here. I intentionally hold on to the fact that this could be faked or he could roll this as wolf and is trying to gain town cred, but looking back we know that he kills Antori the next night phase if he's wolf every time and probably holds off making a claim altogether. WolfXel legit has no business making this post ever.

I think at this point I remove Xel from the possible lynch candidates

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692678)
Sorry, literally crashed out on my couch from not sleeping well lately. Still kinda getting used to the game again as well. I mentioned before that Antori was suspect to me, I still feel that way. I have to dig through posts, and all the youtube ones don't help there ya know >_O lol

xiz always wolf

This is a pretty weak comback for Psychoangel. She was around for the start of the day but basically posts "whoa" and this is what we get hours in.

The Xiz bit at the end is a shitpost and there's a long bit where Xi gets riled up about it that wastes everyone's time.


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692681)
Gonna start way back with shadow and go from there.

Spent a lot of time pushing on Enquisite (subaru now) feels like a cheap way out. Could be a distancing technique but I feel more like it was just an easy way to get a townie kill and be like but but they were being inactive blah blah

Antori I was already suspect because of another post I'd mentioned earlier I have to find it again but this only makes me more suspect.

On to the next person

Her first reads of the day basically repeat herself from the last phase, talking about Shadow God being on Equisit. Antori read is standard Antori read

I'll just put the rest of her reads under spoilers for reference since I don't have that much to add to them


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692683)
Haven't played with jessiebessie before so not sure how they generally play. A little sad to see they haven't posted since the 10th being that these seem pretty solid to me. Not thinking any of this was a big ploy or anything so town lean on jessiebessie

So as of this post

jessie - town lean
subaru - town lean
antori - wolf lean

continuing on


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692685)
Admitted wolf right here, must be wolf

Hmm.... the whens it gonna be my time, I think it is your time.

I get the reasoning but this feels really off to me.

I dunno how you call yourself the towniest when you've not really been contributing a whole lot to conversations on people.

I really want to point out that hate just so happened to perfectly land both wolf votes with no other votes? (Unless I totally overlooked it) Really really feels like a "watch this guys I'm gonna be on both wolf kills so I look least suspect" but in reality with lack of contribution this looks highly suspcious to me.

I mean I aint even mad at being voted but care to actually say something? Ask me something? Rather than trying to go for an easy townie kill due to "lack of activity" please give me something to debate on


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692686)
I mean out of everything from Xel really all I've got to look into is this claim here. I feel it unlikely to be a fake claim for now.

Percarious I can't really say anything on yet because little to no info avail. Hoping to see more there soon.

Just gonna keep putting my list down so I don't lose track.

Sun Fan - still evaluating
Xiz - still evaluating
MML - still evaluating
roundbox - still evaluating
Subaru - town lean
XelNya - FUCKING WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL (town lean for time being)
Hate - wolf lean
Antori- wolf lean
jessie - town lean
Precarious - not enough info


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692687)
Actually antori

dropping this here for now I wanna hear more from this person


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692688)
Solid questioning on shadow

Here also finding hate's vote odd, thinking seems simliar to mine.

I don't love the super confident feeling of "very much not" but another that aligns with what I've been thinking so far.

I really like this being pointed out here, I'd probably have completely missed it. How would MML know which was the wolfkill in this situation? I do still have to read MML's posts so perhaps it's explained there and I just don't know it yet, so take this with me having no info from MML's side currently.

Attempting to put some thoughts into everyone in the game. I can't really say anything as of right now stands out as super suspect from roundbox for me.

Sun Fan - still evaluating
Xiz - still evaluating
MML - still evaluating
roundbox - town lean
Subaru - town lean
XelNya - town lean
Hate - wolf lean
Antori- wolf lean
jessie - town lean
Precarious - not enough info


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692689)
I'm gonna need a little time when it comes to Sun, Xiz and MML with all the posting. I figure there likely has to be one wolf in there somewhere and then one between antori or hate though. Just because it'd be really odd to me if there weren't at least one super active wolf, lol.


Originally Posted by Antori (Post 4692709)
dont vote me please i know i look bad cause o voted neither of previous other wolfs

if it's necessary we can do rolecall only one mafia left

So this slip

Charu would tell me never to trust slips and I really wasn't present enough to catch this but

Yo that's kind of a slip I'm not sure Wolf Antori could really make

Anyway, Xiz and Psycho get to go at it.


Originally Posted by Xiz (Post 4692718)
Bumping, because this is super sus.

Traction was gaining on me from round box and sunfan, psycho claimed this then when asked why by sunfan she backpedalled and still hasnít given a reason as to why.

If I end up dying today, my dying wish is for town to lynch psycho. (Hey round box this mostly for you since your always keen about doing that)


Originally Posted by Xiz (Post 4692721)
I donít think I can kill pop tart this game.
Donít think I want to kill xelnya.
HnH Iíll sheep Greg for, town


If psycho is town, I donít see A MML/Ant connection so precarious perhaps, roundbox is a ? For me so I guess him next but like him atm

Psychoangel shots back, most of this doesn't seem to matter in hindsight but that last point she makes---


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692781)
Wait what? What did I backpedal on? I've never even voted you, only vote I've made is antori because I'm pretty sure there's a wolf between them or hate. I was making a joke at Xiz always wolf, haven't even made a decision on you yet but feel now like you're taking the cheap way out on me.

Not doing anything? Oh... ok

Like yo, at this point it took her 3 phases to do reads. The criticism is fine, even if it's a bit unfair because of the OT stuff

But then this happens:


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692785)
Yeah I mean I can't sit for hours back to back on the game here, I went through the easiest people first. People like you MML and Xiz are harder for me to read and have much lengthier postcounts.

Though I just read Xiz's and frankly talk about me doing nothing but majority of Xiz's post lack any real content to them. Lots of pressure on me for really silly things. Early game for what? Posting chit chat like everyone else? Then now because I'm not active enough? I mean, there's several others who haven't been in here so why so much on me vs them?

Xiz has literally been in a 3 way with Sun and Round most all the phase, you can go ISO Xiz's post if you want (This post is long enough as is) if you don't want to take my word for it but this is just not matching up with how Xiz has actually been playing the phase.

How he played d0 and d2? yeah. Xiz's d0 especially sucked balls but here this doesn't come off as "Took you a minute yourself to get going" But more "NO YOU!!!!1!!"


Originally Posted by psychoangel691 (Post 4692800)
I don't fully understand the mechanics, always been a pitfall of mine in these games. I also haven't really played -that much- TWG overall and last game has to have been years ago that I actually got to play. I don't even remember now.
Everyone is p much suspect to me all the time because I mean comon as a wolf your whole goal is to deceive. I try to think of actions people may take to try to be last wolf standing. I know as a wolf I never hesitated to throw a fellow wolf under the bus to look town, so why wouldn't I suspect others to do the same?

Xiz as I noted above seems to overall be playing a lazy game thus far (I don't recall old play so maybe it's normal) but the knee jerk reaction to me making a joke makes me suspicious. I probably wouldn't jump on killing Xiz today, but I'm definitely not putting him in my yep defo town pile.

I actually do not like when players make obvious excuses on why they are not sure or confident on things. More Xiz is lazy talk.


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692824)

Neither then I but look where we are now.


Originally Posted by Xelicopter (Post 4692828)
ok character breaking srs post again

but not knowing english isn't an excuse to play the game how you're playing it

I know what your fucking role is

stop playing intentionally bad out of frustration, and formulate a real read

because what you're doing is counter intuitive to the sheep read you're going for like

think in context to how town views you (side note: they think you're scum)

even if roundbox is scum we literally cannot lynch the slot when you're doing what you're doing right now

The only way I can see Xel make this post as a wolf is if Antori is his partner and Xel is really pissed

Which if that where true (it can't be at this point) Xel would either just buss and laugh or never claim he knew Antori's role.

I just feel like this is town Xel I'm reading

And now, for the reads of a wolf


Originally Posted by Precarious (Post 4692979)
mml--generally aggressive, focused tone. Feels town
suspects roundbox, but notes driving
sort of taking charge early. Good tone overall, but the "I'll hold you to it" to Xel feels a little...something. Not sure.
Slightly defensive when voted, but seemingly annoyed with believing Xel does sync better with above.

xel--is a helicopter. Gimmick is a little difficult to read, but feels engaged tonally?
Claims JOAT. Has a roleblock left. Half-and-half reads.
Gimmick is entertaining but really hard to read physically. Gets into it with MML.

Xiz--"rip Svaz." Don't care for these sort of woe-is-me postmortems
requests reads from Sun. Interesting with no reads of their own listed. ISO and check previous.
On check, seems overly sheeping of sun fan. Only caveat is that wolf-Xiz seemed more engaged and towny when I played with him last, so coasting
could be alignment-neutral. But I don't care for it.
Keeps pressing sunfan for extra info, despite offering nothing and outright sheeping. Strange. Is trying to understand it though? Still sus.
What the actual fuck is going on here?
"Disappointed we're not mind melding." What is going on? Why is he sheeping sunfan so conspicuously? Deliberately blatant?
Acutally posts his own reads...and they're solid?
Then sheeps onto Kayla. *VOTES* (3)
Then immediately switches onto MML with actual reasoning (reverse engineering). *VOTES* MML 1.
Claims to have tracked sunfan (to roundbox). Sunfan confirms this.
Is more engaged now, playing more like Xiz I know. That Xiz has always been wolf though.

sunfan--requests n2 actions. Reasonable in setting, alignment-neutral.
Town reads: jessie, sven, subaru. Jessie and Sven mechanically, Subaru due to D1 interactions with wolf-ShadowGod
mml--"tier 2". Thin afterward.
Thinks Zenith kill was weird.
*VOTES* Kayla based on "nonsensical" NK. Apparently her meta?
Switches *VOTE* to Xiz, based on the tracking convo. Although the track was accurate.
YouTube. Lots of YouTube.

Subaru--feels new. Hard for me to parse so far. Claims an N2 vig shot. After questioning from sunfan, did NOT shoot funnygirl? Means they shot Zenith.
Shot because Zenith had a vote and was thinking "what if." Tone seems honest.
Lots of newness stuff. Probably town, hard to believe they could keep this up while having info elsewhere.

psychoangel--mentions deaths last night. Same as Xiz but it bothers me less because it doesn't simulate sadness I guess?
Wakes up having missed a wagon on them and then dissipated I guess.
Some quick reads, then really leans into Hatred. Slot has been correct, but not really corrobated it. Sort of has a point, but hard to argue
with the results.
Then votes Antori.
Continued activity. Seems to be engaging.

Hatred: Laughing at events--apparently town losses at night. Opposite of usual crocodile tears, actually reads kind of towny.
*VOTES* Kayla (2) with no justification. Is this their style?
Interesting response to Kayla. Don't know how to read this slot.

Antori--self aware about inactivity.
Post 2: too self aware.
Does sort of push massclaim though. Kind of weird in role chaos.
But next post feels new-ish. Tone clashes here.
Self-preservation content stands out.

Roundbox--very traditional playstyle with direct content responses to posts. Don't remember their meta, but townish on face.
Lots of decent-ish content. Feels slightly remote, kind of like my style.
Also "Bruhs" though.
Reads seems standard, maybe too safe.
Tone loosens up?
Tone is all over the place. Feels vaguely newish in statements occasionally, also has posts understanding the game.

Susses Xiz and Antori. Will go on to vote Antori and then vote Xiz when confronted to vote between the two of us later. Pretty consistent for a wolf actually.

He makes another reads post


Originally Posted by Precarious (Post 4692993)
Okay, here's where I am.

sun fan--town. Feels like past town-sunfans tonally--a sort of semi-certainty tinged with aggression. Actual game events make town read pretty solid.

Xiz--wolf? The sheeping Sunfan early was weird, but settled into a much more active, analytical posture later. The problem is, this is wolf-Xiz in every game I've played with him. Enough fluff and odd stuff to be distracting, then solid play to bring it back home.

MML--aggressive at first, then sort of faded in my attention. Remained fairy aggressive, but less confident in a way. Weak town lean.

roundbox--town-ish, but feels a bit too generic in style. Later posts are better because they feel more organic. Overall profile leans town.

Subaru--ultra new. Not 100% convinced, but 90% probably--it would be hard to do this as a new wolf.

Xel--unreadable and emotionless like all machines. Null leaning town based on engagement and actual logic.

HateandHatred--sort of a weird slot. Very self-aware. Reading these players is hard. I don't really like the style, but the results lean town.

Antori--opposite of subaru. Lots of newness actions mixed with actual game-awareness and self-awareness, compounded by self-preservation actions stated explicitly. Starts posting without actually saying anything. Probably a wolf.

jessie--town based on prior actions. Not a lot recently, but headspace seems solid enough.

psychoangel--most interesting slot to me. Lots of early heat, but response was pretty measured. I don't like that people got off of their votes so easily, but probing seemed both pertinent and slightly frustrated. Town lean.

and later on still, actual votes


Originally Posted by Precarious (Post 4693050)


Originally Posted by Precarious (Post 4693055)
But Xiz, since he's the better option of the two that could happen.


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4693061)
that one is for you, Xiz
roundbox deserves death for that vote

To be fair to Roundbox, he has been reading me town all game and would have to contradict a shit ton of himself to vote me there. Also your case on me was weak

How weak?

Glad you asked


And as a bonus, here's SunFan's entire progression on me


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692449)
I think my top towns are, in order, jessie, sven and subaru
I don't /think/ any of them can be wolves

jessie and sven for more obvious reasons, and subaru for the way that Shadow_God complained about that slot on the first day

lar is kinda by himself in the second tier. the way he complained about cocoa probably purposely not posting as scum didn't feel like it was w/w and he's kinda running with that idea today a little bit. Just doesn't feel like he was partners with cocoa (I also would expect him to vote for cocoa over zenith initially if he were partners with Cocoa)

after lar, we get real thin with antori

antori still kind of has some solviness to him; I think the early insta cut him off from getting around to his content, and that might be the only bad thing that happened from the early insta, I'd have a strong opinion about him by the end of today most likely

of the remaining names, I think none of them have done anything super-townie; it wouldn't surprise me if any of them were wolves or towns or w/e

I don't feel super strongly about any of them being wolves, but my gut pushes me towards Kayla and Xel

Kayla because she hasn't really done any solving of her own that I can recall and Xel because he did a 180 on the insta yesterday or something; I'll have to look but it was weird when I saw it

roundbox was afk y'day, he could be anything

cloud wine didn't post y'day, he could be anything

xiz is just blindly sheeping me after his two scumreads on d0 were two towns, he could be anything

where I'm @

claims today should help me feel better/worse about the POE


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692538)
I believe Xel is kinda townie for his last 2 posts
I believe that Xiz is town despite an abysmal use of his ability last night
I believe sven is still town although he's gonna have to start posting more
I believe jessie is always town because I have a functional brain
I believe that Subaru is way, way, way too good at faking how a new town vigi would react here if he is a wolf

add me in and that's auto

I'm down to mow down the rest, ending with Lar because he's actually doing stuff

and I'll say it once and then move on Xiz since I'm still pretty bothered about it
its not a compliment to track me there, its an insult


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692739)


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692743)
Jim, I've decided that if ur a wolf
I dont want to deal with it today


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692777)
anyone not doing anything is a wolf
someone doing something is town

I can kill kayla or roundboy or prec


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692784)

lynch the rest, I think


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692889)


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692890)


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692891)


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692898)
Everytime lar is a polite boi hes a woofer


Originally Posted by the sun fan (Post 4692900)

I mean, Sun always town but shit dawg don't act like I'm being unreasonable about this

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 01:34 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Roundbox fits in with the Sun and Xiz group discussions pretty naturally

Antori's slip and the fact I have seen him implode this hard as town make me believe he's probably a miss.

Xel almost never plays these plays as wolf.

SunFan can be right, but SunFan can be wrong

MixMasterLar 08-16-2019 01:51 PM

Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]
Lets see who all is in the game currently

1. the sun fan - Doesn't bus two wolves first two phases ever. ever if he wins as a wolf doing this he wins by me respecting him too much and I will have some words to say in post game. He's remove from the lynch pile forever

4. MixMasterLar - Has a pretty cool Let's Play Channel where he and his friends all play games together and shot the shit. Has some more media projects coming down the pipeline as well. Check the sig, click subscribe if you haven't and enjoy the vids.

5. roundbox - Tone is right, is pretty active when he isn't driving. He's a good wolf and could fool me but I'm pretty sure he just isn't this game. Call it gut, but with nothing mechanically bad with his play then tone is all I got to go off of. DBP also locked him in town, and while I hardly think DBP is perfect it is nice to know that someone who was on the ball didn't see something I'm not right now.

7. SubaruPoptart - Slot honestly gets locked town for the Dragon vote and while I think he could play much better I will have to concede that he needs to be removed from the lynch pile

9. XelNya/Xelicopter - He doesn't claim and get angry at Antori as wolf. Removing him from the lynch pile.

11. Antori - I don't know how much I want to read him for that 1 wolf oops it's 2 slip. I don't think it's in his range to fake that. I know Charu is probably screaming over that logic though. He'll have to forgive me. I could read him scum because of that doctor but I forgot to target derp plus he's still alive right now, but I think as wolf I myself might decide to keep him for the mislynch so I still just feel like he's town.

17. psychoangel691 - I wasn't particularly impressed with their posts.
Also someone (Xiz? I'll be lazy and not doublecheck) pointed out that chaos votes where more her style.

She also doesn't really play and wouldn't know current meta, which explains the....unusual night kills that happen post-DBP. The one thing that makes her seem town is the claim, but I don't think that's gonna have a lot of weight when I flip.

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