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~Zero~ 04-3-2021 11:39 PM

GG Nebulous (Pad Pack)

With the release of our first pack, GG Quarantine, back in September we were able to shake off the rust and get back into the stepping groove. We would now like to present our newest pack, GG Nebulous. We've been working on this pack for the last 7 months trying to make it better in every way possible compared to our previous back, and I feel we have accomplished that.

The pack contains 16 files, all contain full difficulties either Beginner to Expert or Challenge with ratings ranging from 1 - 18 (using the newest DDR scale). For players more familiar with the ITG scale that would be 1 - 14. In terms of stepping style the pack is reminiscent of old-school R21 charting with a little bit of new ITG tech stuff sprinkled around. The pack includes 1 mod fully modded song, along with 2 other songs which have flair mods sprinkled about to hopefully introduce newer players to the world of modding (these mods work best when using Stepmania Outfox). I hope you all enjoy!


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