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kjwkjw 01-15-2017 01:26 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
Posting to let everyone know I am currently taking nominations for something called the PAD MMKK (moe moe kyun kyun) tournament.

Essentially it will be a single-elimination tournament of characters from PAD where voters pick which character they find more "moe" (cute in an endearing way) in each matchup. I use this term quite lightly though; the event will be closer to a "favorite character illustration" tournament.

I have currently received a few nominations from a Discord group I'm in, but we need more! If you would like to contribute, please send me a PM on FFR or a direct message on Discord (kjwkjw#7226) with up to 5 cards you would like to see for this tournament by Monday, January 30, 2017.
Please note that I may stop taking nominations prematurely if I reach a set target -- first come, first serve!

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Any card on PADX (http://puzzledragonx.com) at the time of your nomination is fair game -- if I can search the number and see the illustration, you're good.

2. You can nominate up to 2 different evolutions of the same card (if the cards are on the same evolution tree in PADX, they are considered different evolutions of the same card). It is preferred that you avoid even 2 so that we can have a bit more variety in the tournament.

3. Please send me the full card names or the numbers of the cards so that there is no confusion among cards with multiple versions or evolutions.

Looking forward to the picks of our FFR PAD players!

Chocille 02-5-2017 05:07 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
ye got this yesterday

tosh 02-7-2017 01:56 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
Finally got around to attempting arena 1 on my non-iap JP account.

Kinda glad I don't have to think about this again.

choof 02-25-2017 11:06 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
started playing again
yolo pulled a bunch during water gala because I just kept having good luck
i&i, two karins, orochi, and muse. muse should be replaced soon but hey at least everything I have are gods

tosh 02-25-2017 04:24 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
gj pulling my white whale (Karin).

Pulled Tsukuyomi on JP. The new reincarnated uvo is pretty nice. Finally hit 100 mil damage with a single sub.

Riotpolice 02-25-2017 06:24 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
I won the game.....

.....By quitting...


rushyrulz 02-25-2017 06:33 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
rio outa nowhr

also waifus&dragons

choof 02-28-2017 07:47 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
my luck has been insane
it's like gungho knows I'm playing again and is trying to seduce me

had the insane yolo luck, I just pulled a blonia and sherias. I just need a dragon/phys blue sub and I'll have a blonia team lmao

tosh 03-10-2017 01:10 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
So the other day I pulled a Diana on JP, so I felt like trying to see how much damage I could get with its 4x dark atk active. Poor, poor Gigas.

In other news: I solo'd Mech Hera the other day with DAthena. Wasn't too bad.

FreezinIce 03-10-2017 10:23 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
wish they would have went the New Years Tsukuyomi route and gave her revo some more tankiness instead of making her a cannon made out of glass shards but eh...

4 time extends tho.

choof 03-10-2017 11:18 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
I stopped playing again because I knew it would take up my money
I'll probably do a casual no-rem

DarkManticoreX2 03-11-2017 01:45 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
My Krishna team can finally reliably take out arena 1 now. Yay! Progress

FoJaR 03-11-2017 10:47 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
who is on your krishna team? that is what i am running these days with A.Cao, A.Ares, R.Minerva, Yamato Takeru.

in other news, just got 300k+ monster points, what do i buy?

DarkManticoreX2 03-11-2017 04:51 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
My Krishna team is running dual Krishna leads with

Enthusiast red dragonbound Gadius (for unbindable bind clear)
The norn verdandi (she has 5 time extend latent awakenings) and helps a lot vs water
Patriot warrior Sanada yukimura (for fire rows/fire orb creation and heal Obs creation)
And an interchangeable 4th slot for whatever the dungeon needs. (Tsubaki/baldin/chiyome/Napoleon)

FoJaR 03-13-2017 08:53 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
yeah i need an unbindable bind clear and juat got a gadius. I'll have to do that

FoJaR 03-21-2017 04:53 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
do i just buy radra?

Gradiant 03-21-2017 05:20 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons

Originally Posted by FoJaR (Post 4537122)
do i just buy radra?

If you've got at least one board change along with gods that cover all colors including annoying blue/green, then sure
A Kanna or Ariel for light tpa spike damage also helps

choof 03-21-2017 06:10 PM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
my radra team's gonna look like

I'm getting the beast in a bit

got my account back

Chocille 03-22-2017 12:11 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons


now that i get folders next patch, i can pretty much sort em all in that one folder :)

Gradiant 03-22-2017 02:02 AM

Re: Puzzle & Dragons
Oh shit, didn't realize that was you on the pad subreddit

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