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DossarLX ODI 10-19-2017 06:50 PM

2017 July/August Set 1 (Complete)
The following files can be played in Genre 6 (Classical) of the public engine.

Blue Army V2
Violent Arcade
Verse IV

DossarLX ODI 03-25-2018 09:33 AM

Re: July/August 2017 Set 1
Wayward Vagabond finished the primary judge task for July/August 2017 Set 1. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[7/10] Blue Army V2 {DJ Sharpnel} (DarkZtar)
- This may just me being super biased because i love this song so much but i would really like to see the intro stepped and cut to where you begin stepping in the song. The way sharpnel makes his music it’s really easy to cut and rearranged his songs so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. This is totally subjective and just something i would like to see but not at all reflective in the score. The only real “issues” i see with the file is the long anchored jumps that are more than 5 notes long. You see them a lot when you’re adding jumps to the vocals and towards the end of the file. Maybe see about rearranging those sections so that no jumps are anchored on a single note for more than 4 consecutive jumps. I know this isn’t doable for everything but there are sections where it’ll improve the flow of the JS like for example at 145.997. This could be rearranged to avoid that 8 note long anchor on 3.

[6.5/10] Violent Arcade {Final Sketch & rgLed} (DarkZtar)
- 22.548 maybe repattern that 32nd trill. And at 30.838 the 8th jump is a single note because i don’t hear the bass hit on it. Unless you’re also stepping that kinda scratchy noise as a double? 33.864 this is such a dick pattern lol. This is a hard file so sure go for it but man. At 40.509 i say don’t make that a 16th jack. Just make it a 4 instead. It doesn’t play well with what’s before and what comes after. 70.114 here’s another 16th jack that i think should be removed and shifted over to 4. 71.43 is another jack that should be removed. At 75.969 what are those 64ths going to? I can’t hear it. At 124.391 what is that trill going to? I hear the jump trill but i can’t hear what those 16ths go to. At 151.628 this roll is longer than what i’d say is okay for 228 bpm lol. Id go with a 48th note roll instead for a smoother transition into that 4th jump. Not correct but plays better. Overall the file is really cool but i think it’s on the rougher side and could use some more polishing. It’s a bunch of small things but there is enough small things that add up to make it not as solid as it could be. Like the entire repeating section thats stepped as 32nd stream isn’t great and the repeating sections where the synth degrades could use some work but that’s more on the subjective side.

[7/10] Glitchcraft {Orange Dust} (DarkZtar)
- At 107.620 you could get away with making this a 24th note right hand trill and i think it would play better as a continuing section rather than broken the way it is now. Now this is going to sound crazy but i think you should cut the song at 134.517 and have the rest of it be a glitchcraft part 2 that is unlocked after some req for part one. I say this because the second half of this file plays differently and is harder than the first by a good margin. Like cut out the slow section from 215 to 231.7 and step the rest and you have a solid second file. What you have now is fine but i think this song and file would play better as a part 1 and part 2 than as a single file as you have it now.

[8/10] Visitor {Virt} (DarkZtar)
- There are a couple of things that i would change but man this is just a super fun solid chart for this song.

[7/10] Verse IV {Zographos} (DarkZtar)
- At 29.878 you have that 16th trill leading into the jump trill but the 16th notes in the trill go to nothing. You did this in your other file too. Is this just so you have something leading into the jumptrill or? Starting at 37.449 you have mini jacks that i’m guessing are for tension but i don’t think they work very well here. I’d recommend removing them. At 74.737 you have hands to a snare + bass. But you also have a hand on an 8th previously that was a crash. In this instance for this section i say remove the hands, keep them as jumps and follow the melody so you don’t just have a trill there. The rest of the file is solid but i would really like to see these changes made as they kind of bring the file down i think.

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