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Loverofstories 07-21-2016 08:51 PM

my poem: Only in this time
"Only in this time"
by: loverofstories
One day Olivia was visiting
a divine Arabian palace
and what she saw before her
was a beautiful battle staff
she reached out and grabbed it
heading outwards towards the palace
gardens, she saw a beautiful brown
squirrel and then she caught it
her friend Sophia arrived and handed
her a golden coin, - soon after
they arrived at a succubus named
Fallen-from-heaven - with beautiful purple wings
long blue hair, long nails, she wore a golden vest
and a pink skirt... and they purchased a beautiful
red Sheikh, Olivia put it on and ran away
into a beautiful large pool of water
glistening in the sunlight
Far away a man was plotting to steal their Sheikh
he wore a brown turban, and a robe, heaving
over the shoulders and wrapped around the waist
dressing down to the feet
he knocked the staff against the ground
Olivia and Sophia headed towards the palace
they saw a beautiful blue bird, they
totally become immersed in the experience
the man repeated "imam buddha" which
time traveled him into 10 minutes ago
at the time Olivia was purchasing the Sheikh
he ran towards her and attempted to grab it
Olivia shouted "oh shit!", and she attempted
to throw it to Sophia, but he waved his staff
to activate telekenesis and got the item in
his hand, he immediately waved his staff, and then
immerged a super powerful
fireball so large it could hit them both
they dodged it, and he returned back to his time
Olivia looked in her bag and realized it wasn't there
anymore - they travelled far into the palace depths
and saw a man taking a Sheikh out of a bag
a tear dropped from her eye, she repeated "it's mine!"
they quickly ran down, she pulled out a powerful
enchanted object and activated a fireball by pounding
it into her other palm
Sophia repeated "these times with their rules
have such terrible consequences, it seems
we are lost in the ocean, losing everything
we have", to narrate the circumstantial of this life
in split seconds he time traveled and knocked
her hand with his staff to knock off the fireball
he then returned to the time
Sophia screamed "oh no!", she then cast a terrible
torment spell with a rune from her hand
it incinerated him terribly, and his foot fell off
but a terrible thing activated, which intends
to ward off an attacking character, then the explosion occurred
to the size of the palace, excluding one room
with a door powerful enough to stop it,
she died from the blow
he summoned a power, so powerful, shield
using a charm, he didn't suffer a single ember
Olivia ran up the steps to the room
that is safe from the blow, but to no luck
she found it was locked
the explosion was approaching, she looked
for a key, and found one in the kitchen,
just under a pot, she finally ran towards
the stairs again and climbed up
beautiful portraiture was on the wall
it was a sword, blue in hue, made of steel
the divine king held in his hand with
a smirk on his face
she reached the door and inserted it in
the lock, it knocked back and forth a few
times, but it finally got in
she went inside losing a tear and slammed
the door as fast as possible
the explosion reached and was nullified
by the door and the wall
she dropped to the bottom and repeated
to herself "oh my god"

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