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What is Flash Flash Revolution?
Flash Flash Revolution (or FFR) is a music-based rhythm game that runs through Adobe Flash and an Internet browser, making it a full-fledged online music title that requires no downloads or fees to play. Players can choose from hundreds of songs from a number of genres produced by popular signed and independent artists. Each game level has a corresponding pattern of arrows that corresponds to the current song being played. The pattern of arrows scrolls from the bottom of the play field and players must hit the corresponding arrow when it meets the stationary arrows located at the top of the play field.

With proper timing, players earn points and keep a performance meter filled and aim to not let the meter empty before the song ends. If a player allows the meter to completely empty, through missed key entries, the game ends.

If you've ever played a game like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Beatmania, or In The Groove, you should feel right at home here.

Do I need to register to play FFR?
Visitors to the site are not required to register in order to play games, however, by not signing up, you will miss out on a ton of features made available only to our users. Registered members receive the benefits of a personal, customized profile, extensive game play statistics, unlockable in-game content, online multiplayer features, use of community forums and more.

All of these features can be yours without even breaking a sweat. Registration is fast, free, and easy we will never sell or give away your e-mail address to anyone for any reason, so you've got nothing to lose - except for a boatload of neat features if you don't sign up.

How do I get started playing FFR?
1) Click the button labeled "FFR the Game" at the top of the screen to get started.

2) After the game loads, you will see the Main Menu.

3) The big wheel on the right side of the screen is the genre selector. Click the left and right arrows to highlight different genres of music, and then click the highlighted genre icon when you've found a genre you want to play. Please note if you are a new player, there will not be any songs in the Purchased or Secret genres yet.

4) When you open a genre, a grid of twelve squares appears at the left side of the screen. You can scroll up and down by clicking the arrows to the right of this grid. Click the name of a song for more information (this appears at the bottom-right of the screen) and when you're happy with the song, click it again. As soon as it finishes loading, it will start - so be ready!

What are some good songs for FFR beginners?
The best way to find songs for beginners (or any difficulty) is to use the song list in game:

The Dance Genre is a good place to start as well. Some songs you could start with are:
Free Space (FFR Edit)
Baby Don't You Want Me
Bomb the Base
Come With Me

As you progress through the levels, you will also find there are a few hidden skill token levels that are suitable for beginners as well.

Where should I put my fingers when playing FFR?
Play styles boil down to a matter of personal preference - do what feels natural to you. The most common play styles are:

One-handed Styles
"One-hand": three or four fingers on one hand only

Two-handed Styles
"Four-finger": one finger on each key
"Three-finger": index and middle finger on your main hand, index finger only on the other
"Index": both index fingers covering all four keys

Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Try them all to feel what works best for you, and then pick one and stick with it to improve your skill. Most people agree that one-hand is the easiest way to start off playing FFR, however, it tends to be the most difficult with which to achieve the highest scores.

More advanced players comfortable with the game can also use a keyboard's num pad or almost any combination that is set in the in-game keymapping features in the settings menu of the game.

What do "Perfect!", "Miss!", etc. mean?
Every key press during game play will yield a result:

"PERFECT" = An arrow was hit it at exactly the right moment, the game's best rating.
"GOOD" = An arrow was hit slightly off its timing, but was still accurate.
"AVERAGE" = An arrow was hit early, just barely considered accurate.
"MISS" = An arrow passed through the stationary marker at the top of the play field, a complete miss.
"BOO" = Given when a player presses a directional key while an arrow is not at the stationary marker.

Perfects, Goods, and Averages add to your score and performance meter while Misses and Boos subtract from them. Perfects, Goods and Averages also increase a player's current combo of successive hits by one. A Miss resets the combo counter to zero while a Boo does not affect the current combo.

How do I get a high score?
When aiming for the highest player performance possible, the biggest thing to focus on in FFR is keeping a high combo. Your combo is increased when you get Perfects, Goods and Averages, but resets to zero when you get a Miss. Boos do not affect the current combo. At the conclusion of the song, the player will receive a score bonus equal to 1,000 points times their maximum combo during the completed song.

If you clear a song with zero misses, the song has been cleared with what is known as a full combo (FC). If a song has been cleared with no Goods, Averages, Boos or Misses (all Perfects), the song has been cleared with what is known as a AAA (perfect) ranking. Registered users are able to keep track of how many songs they have full comboed and AAAed in their profile and level ranks listings.

For registered users, after a song is completed, the score will be compared to all users registered on the site, giving the player a site-wide ranking on that specific song. Achieving a AAA on the song will place the user at the song's number one ranking. Performance is also key in achieving requirements needed to earn the game's various skill tokens. Skilled players will find access to a wider range of songs through being able to perform well on specific songs.

When a player achieves extremely tough requirements on difficult songs, an advanced scoring system, known as FFR Tier Points are also accumulated.

What Do the Difficulties Represent?
When you click on a song title inside of a music genre, that specific song's information will then appear in the lower-right corner. The difficulty of a song's arrow patterns are determined by a number of slashes. The following list details each difficulty you will find in the game including the difficulty label shown with the in-game information:

1 - Easiest
2 - For Beginners
3 - Very Easy
4 - Easy
5 - Standard
6 - Tricky
7 - Difficult
8 - Very Difficult
9 - Challenging
10 - Very Challenging
11 - For Masters Only
12 - For Gurus Only
13 - ?

FFR Terms And Definitions
Blackflag, staircase, trill, 4-frame jack ...

While it might sound like a foriegn language at first, much like other dedicated video game communities, FFR carries a library of terminology unique to Flash Flash Revolution.

Full Combo (FC) = A song is completed with the maximum combo possible; i.e., no misses

AAA = Also known as a Full Perfect Combo (FPC); every single arrow in a song is successfully hit with a perfect rating; no goods, no averages, no misses, no boos.

Blackflag = Completing a song with all perfect ratings aside from one, single good. A perfectionist's worst enemy.

For more advanced terminology, complete with screen shots, visit The Official FFR Picture Dictionary by rushyrulz.

What Game Play Options are In FFR?
Upon loading the FFR game page, players have a great number of unique features implemented to enhance, personalize and provide a unique game play experience.

Quality setting: Directly underneath the large "Genre Select" text at the top is a small circle icon with a "q" inside of it. By clicking on this icon, you can toggle the quality settings of the game. If you experiencing runtime issues such as lag while running FFR, we recommend you try running the game on low quality.

Scroll direction: To the right of the large "Genre Select" text are a number of icons representing in-game scroll direction options:

1) Multiplayer scroll: Donotes that the game is in online multiplayer mode.
2) Left scroll: Selecting this option will make all arrows scroll from the right side of the screen horizontally toward the left.
3) Right scroll: Selecting this option will make all arrows scroll from the left side of the screen horizontally toward the right.
4) Reverse scroll: Selecting this option will make all arrows scroll from the top of the screen vertically toward the bottom.
5) Standard (default) scroll: The default scrolling option (used automatically if a different scroll method is not selected). All of the arrows scroll from the bottom of the screen vertically toward the top.
6) Diagonal scroll: A unique scroll method that has the arrows scrolling from the top corners of the screen to the opposite bottom corners in a diagonal pattern.

Characters: Along the bottom of the menu screen are a row of rectangles next to the label "Characters." While characters do not directly impact game play, you can choose one of 12 characters that reacts to your game play results on the song results screen.

Settings: On the main game menu, in the top-right corner is a tab labeled "Settings." By clicking on this tab, a new display window will open, giving players access to a number of game play options:

     Speed: Modifications that change the rate at which the arrows scroll during game play. The default setting is 1x, with an option to input your own speed. Obviously, by selecting 1.5x, the arrows' scroll rate is then 1.5 times faster than normal, 2x scrolls two times faster and so on. While having the arrows moving faster might not seem like an advantage at first, with a faster speed, the arrows are also spaced out further so the patterns still remain in sync with the music. This extra space allows most players to recognize patterns of close arrows better and usually improves performance. Experiment with the speed settings to find one that works best for you.

      Effect: Modifications that affect the scrolling patterns of the arrows, usually adding even more difficulty to the game. The default setting is "Off," which scrolls the arrows in a straight line in the direction selected by the player from the main menu. "Dizzy" rotates arrows 180 degrees as they scroll up - left arrows will scroll up facing right (you still have to hit left as the arrow matches the stationary area), up arrows will scroll up facing down (still hitting down), etc. "Tornado" has the arrows scrolling in a wavy pattern - Each arrow will veer left and right in position as it scrolls. "Mini" reduces the size of the arrows, making it harder to match the arrows up within the stationary area.

     Appearance: Modifications that affect the view of the arrows as they scroll, once again, usually making the game harder to play for extra challenge. Visible is the default option and does not activate any of the appearance modifications. With the "Hidden" modification activated, the scrolling arrows will disappear from view halfway toward the stationary arrows. With the "Sudden" modification activated, the scrolling arrows will be invisible from view until they are halfway toward the stationary arrows. "Stealth" makes all arrows completely invisible, making the player rely on memory to remember where all the arrows in the level are located. "Blink" repeatedly flashes the arrows back and forth from visible to invisible as they scroll.

     Autofail: With all fields set to "0," autofail is disabled. However, by enterting values into the various rating fields, you can trigger the game to automatically fail the song once certain rating requirements are set. For example, a member shooting to earn a perfect score on a song can place a "1" in the good, average, boo and miss fields. Thus, if a player gets any other rating and fails to get a perfect score at any point in the song, the player will automatically fail at that exact point in game play, regardless of the status of the performance meter. Players who are trying to obtain certain ranks, goals or skill tokens are encouraged to use autofail.

     Mirror: Just what it sounds like. If mirror is on, the file will be a mirrored image of the original file.

     Masking: Masking will allow you to turn off some graphics on the game. Multiplayer masking will turn off the arrow display for your opponent if "Arrows" is selected, or the whole display including combo if "Full" is selected. Combo masking will turn off your combo indicator in game. Accuracy masking will turn off the accuracy indicator (Perfect, Good, etc).

To leave the settings menu, click on the tab labeled "Settings" once more to close the window.

What are credits?
Credits are a sort of in-game "currency" used in FFR. They are obtained in correlation with a registered player's overall score, however, a player can not earn more than 60 credits per song in standard play. Users can also increase their credit count by wagering credits in challenge play, by participating in official FFR events or by having them transferred from another user.

Currently, credits can be used in one of two ways:

From the main menu, players can purchase additional songs for play in Flash Flash Revolution. There are many songs, which, when purchased, deduct from your current credit tally, placing that particular song permanently into the Purchased genre of the song wheel.

Your current credit tally also adds additional songs to the Secret genre of the song wheel. The following songs are unlocked by accumulating the indicated amount of credits in the paranthesis. Remember, the song availability depends on your current tally, so if a wager, purchase or transfer puts your tally below the indicated number, you will lose that song until you can build the necessary amount of credits back up.

The Secret Song list and requirements can be found in this thread.

The shop menu also allows you to transfer any amount of credits you may have to another registered member on FFR. Within the FFR shop menu, enter the user name of the member you wish to send credits to along with the amount of credits. Make sure you spell the user's name correctly and do not attempt to transfer more credits than you currently have. Upon clicking on the icon marked "Transfer," the action will be processed and the results ("Success" or "Failed") will be displayed. You may also transfer credits and purchase songs using the FFR Shop Page on the site.

FFR Tokens

How do I Play a Real-Time Multiplayer Game?
Registered users are able to compete in real-time online matches against other FFR members. Not only does the mode offer up some competition, but multiplayer standings are recorded per user via a displayed rating, which allows players to find an opponent of similar skill - the higher the multiplayer level, the better the user is in real-time competition.

To play a real-time multiplayer match:

1) Load up Flash Flash Revolution as normal, making sure you are logged in.
2) Underneath your game play stats, you will see three circular icons (Multiplayer, News, Help). Obviously, you will click on Multiplayer.
3) In the bottom window, you will see the program attempt to connect to the server. When the indication "You are now connected to multiplayer" appears, press the green "Go" icon.

This will bring you to multiplayer lobby where a real-time user chat is featured on the left, the list of users in the lobby in the middle and the list of available game play rooms on the right. You can either click on the name of a multiplayer room to join an already-created room or click on the "Create a Room" tab to create a room of your own for others to join.

If you are still having trouble connecting, see this thread. For more information and detail on using FFR's multiplayer mode, visit the FFR Forum's Complete Guide to Multiplayer.

How Do I Participate in Challenges?
Challenges allow registered members to compete with a specific member without the need of being online at the same time. By issuing a challenge, your opponent will be notified of the challenge the next time they play FFR. To issue a challenge:

1) Load the FFR game page as normal, making sure you are logged in.
2) In the lower-right-hand corner of the main menu, click on the tab labeled "Challenge."
3) Enter the required details in the entry fields. Be sure to correctly spell the name of your opponent and do not wager a credit amount that exceeds your total. You may also send an optional message with your challenge.
4) Click on the icon labeled "Issue Challenge" to activate challenge game play.
5) Select your desired challenge song and play through the game as normal.
6) The challenge will end when you either complete the song or fail the song, upon which your results will be recorded and forwarded to your opponent as a challenge.
7) Your challenge will remain in pending until the opponent either accepts and completes his or her game play or declines the challenge. When a challenge has ended, you will be notified via e-mail.

You will know if you have been challenged if your challenge tab on the main menu has an animation which flashes "Pending" over it. You can view the challenge by entering the challenge menu and clicking on the arrow beneath the "Challenges, To You:" heading. A window will pop-up displaying the details of the challenge, allowing you to accept or decline the challenge. Upon accepting the challenge, you will immediately be taken to game play to play the challenge song.

Where Can I Find the Music Featured in FFR?
Flash Flash Revolution or its staff or members will not directly provide mp3 files of the music featured in the game unless they are provided express permission and means to do so. However, a vast majority of the game's music artists feature downloadable works on their official Web sites. Our Flash Flash Revolution Song List features every available song in the game along with a link to the artist's Web page, which most likely, but not always, offers downloadable mp3 files. By viewing a song's level stats, you can also stream the in-game mp3 and listen to a level's music any time you wish.

How can I contribute to FFR?
With such a large community, we encourage our users to become involved with the very game they play. There are two main ways users can contribute to the game, each providing a major staple to FFR:

Musicians can provide FFR with a permission to use their music in the game. Artists may do so by simply making a post in the FFR forum's Song Permissions sub-forum and providing a link to where their music is hosted online. Every single song in Flash Flash Revolution is used with the premission and knowledge of the original author. Providing a permission does not in any way grant FFR ownership of the property and when the song is added to the game, the artist is given front-page exposure including a link to the artist's Web page.

Step file artists can use Stepmania to create a DWI file for the use of adding a brand new level to FFR. Members can pick a song the site has permission to use (FFR song permissions) and follow the rules and guidelines in Goldenwind's FFR file creation guide. When the file is ready for submission, zip both the DWI and mp3 files in a Stepmania-ready song folder and e-mail the file to ffrsubmissions@gmail.com, after which the file will be reviewed for quality assurance. For any questions or specific concerns on step file creation, visit the FFR simulator file forum.

Please make sure to review this thread before submitting a file.

Signing out problems in FFR
This is sometimes seen with Internet Explorer (IE) users and is a cookie caching bug which we hear about from time to time. When you hit logout, you will come to a page that says:

" All cookies cleared!

* Return to the page you were previously viewing
* Go to forums index "

From this page, hit either Control R (refresh) or a (Control F5). That should force a good refresh and when you go to the main page, you should see you are successfully logged out.

What is the link to the COPPA information?
The COPPA form can be found here: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/register.php?do=coppaform

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