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hey im lindsey im 13 krazy, outgoing, dumb =P , pretty, girly, boyish, emo, prep liar!!!!!, im completly out of wack! i have p.a panic attacks=[ but im strong. have no pets =[ love music like alot!!! ROCK N ROLL!!! yea im loud, but can be soft and gentle..... im nice.... somtimes... im a drama queen (dont deny it)... live in da woods, single not really luvin it but i'll survive,"im a surviva". so thats me and as crazy as i seem i always pay close attention 2 my peeps so if u wanna join my posse go ahead! if u dont!!! =[[[[[[[[ then.... ur missin out... (vote 4 me and i'll do the same)and i have the most sweetest bf of all time named shane i love him sooo much!!!
shoppin, muddriden when i get 2, bein wit my friends(tyler april cassie) bein with shane, music!!
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fever pitch,bridge to terabithia,clueless,bringe it on all or nothin,skeleton key.
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~sheneen~ writes...
at 10:15:02am on 3/2/08
I saw them in concert last summer!!! It was amazing!
MCR rules dude writes...
at 6:02:47pm on 3/1/08
that sounds good but i wuz going 2 ask a boy 2 the winter formal but the same day he asked another gurl asked him and he said yes so that crushed me so if cody did ask i wood say yes i need a bf
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 2:22:00pm on 3/1/08
lol thnxz but my name isnt that pretty haha
xxxxXDarknessXxxxx writes...
at 12:00:00pm on 2/29/08
:O thank you so much ^^
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 11:38:28am on 2/29/08
ur name is awesome though my name is blah haha
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 11:28:04am on 2/29/08
I'm layla
whats ur name?
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 11:25:47am on 2/29/08
no : [
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 11:21:36am on 2/29/08
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 11:17:59am on 2/29/08
thnxz omg i love your sn
i love fairies! haha especially dark ones
awesome bg btw
MCR rules dude writes...
at 8:05:41pm on 2/22/08
lol thank god cuz i wuz a lil freaked out
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