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FGO's Anihilated
Posted on: June 15, 2013, at 09:08:27pm

Think these are in order.

1. The Adventures of Lolo
2. Frictional Nevada
3. Gunkienen Tarusuigin
4. Sleepmix Strikes Back
5. Unicron Barbeque (sniped first AAA to this)
6. Love and Justice
7. Ehhen Doyadosu? Tenhujiman
8. Jamais Deux
9. Ultrasounds!
10. 2-9
11. Halcyon [Xi]
12. Time to Eye
13. Ah Shwe Ba
14. Wraith
15. Nomina Nuda Tenemus (idk when or how I got this)
16. A Kidney Stone (omg a dossar file AAA'd)
17. Chipscape
18. My Fxxkin Desire For You
19. Sokuseki! Nouchoku Music System (sightread)
20. mutant corecore
21. All I Want To Do Is Touch Your Powerpoints
22. Shitsubou Choco (sightread)
23. The Bird's Poisoned Bathwater (sightread)
24. Hero Reconsidering
25. Pollyanna
26. Tsugihagi Construction
27. The party's starting! (did this one cold somehow)
28. Casino fire Kotomi-chan
29. Zombie Sunset
30. MANIERA (this is like an 86 so w/e, zombie's harder)
31. Cold Heart

Highest AAA: 86 (Zombie Sunset)

Almost There [3-0-1-3], 2g after streams. Lagged the bullshit.
Schmollbluk [4-1-1-1], awkward patterns near beginning.
La Campenella [8-0-0-0], My stamina sucks for this.
Breakbeat Acid [0-1-0-1], Laptop double triggered twice near the end.
Jamais Vu [11-0-4-1], Extremely good for me.
Magical 8bit Tour [6-0-0-3], Amazing.
Rotary Slicers [0-0-1-0], Lagged on a roll so it dropped an arrow hit.
Mourning The Lost [1-0-0-0], Framered jacks bullshit.
Jamais Vu [7-0-1-4] lolrip
Canary Part 5 blackflag (weird ass rolls)

1-0-0-1 Rave fucking 7.

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  2. holy rave 7