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10th Official Tournament Thought or whatever
Posted on: October 4, 2014, at 02:08:48am

Honestly lucked out being put in D4, after a round 2 or 3 (forget) exit in D5 last official. I think I have a good chance to place high in this tournament, even without needing to skill boost much.

I haven't played much fiffer in the past god knows how long, but I seem to be able to get reasonably consistent scores. My old weaknesses are still there and my old strengths are still there. We'll see how this goes.

Round 1 - Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness - AAA
Got the AAA on my second playthrough. Not a big fan of the file, actually found it boring. Can't have planet karmas for every round though right?

Round 2 - Flame Repellent - AAA
Cool file for round 2. Unlocked Scarhand [Standard] with this because apparently I hadn't done that yet even though I know I got a AAA on like Nebula [she] and Cosmic Orchestra to name a few. Had a few mindblocks on some of the streams. Also had an issue with my keyboard sliding around everywhere. Might be time for an upgrade...

Round 3 - Plousia - 3-0-0-0
Mindblocks all over the place. Didn't care much for this file. Tried to fix it to get the AAA, but just going with a score that should be safe to get to the next round.

Round 4 - Poinsettia - 13-0-0-1
Extremely dense jumpstream at a speed somewhat comparable to EHHS. Probably won't be able to improve on this much.

Round 5 - Electric Butterfly - fuck it
Nope. gg